Harvin now views 2012 as “contract year”


He wasn’t unhappy about money, but money could be the thing that eventually secures his happiness.

Receiver Percy Harvin gave fans a ride wilder than one of his long kickoff returns this week.  On Tuesday, Harvin said he’s not happy, but he wouldn’t say why.  On Wednesday, he skipped one of the team’s practices during a three-day mandatory minicamp.  By Thursday, however, Harvin was pretending as if nothing had happened, actually feigning surprise over the fact that people were concerned.

While it’s still not clear what made Harvin unhappy and what transpired to turn him around again, a source with knowledge of the 2009 NFL offensive rookie of the year’s mindset tells PFT that Harvin now regards his fourth season as a contract year — even though he still has two years left on his contract.

This suggests that part of whatever the Vikings said to make Harvin reconsider whatever it was that made him reportedly ask to be traded included a suggestion that, if he performs well and behaves this season, the Vikings will take care of him financially in 2013.

Of course, the fact that Harvin seems happy for now doesn’t mean that everything will continue to be fine going forward.  Though he never has been a full-blown malcontent, Harvin has enough of a history of alleged outbursts to make it reasonable to be leery that another one is lurking with the same degree of predictability as the migraines from which he once suffered on a fairly regular basis.

The Vikings and their fans had the migraine this week, courtesy of Harvin.  Now that it has subsided, it’s more than reasonable to worry about when the next one is coming.

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24 responses to “Harvin now views 2012 as “contract year”

  1. Maybe Percy didnt want to go to the 3 day mini camp. He probably had stuff to do so he talks about how he wants to be traded, so when he doesn’t show up its not a huge surprise versus missing the camp and getting in trouble. Just a thought

  2. It pretty much is, I’m positive that Zygi would have opened the checkbook to extend his contract after this season anyway.

  3. Harvin should’ve viewed it as a contract year anyway since the Vikings have a history of locking up key players as they enter the final year of their deals.

  4. I’m a Vikings fan. I say trade him before it gets worse and patch some holes while you can still get something for him. We’re rebuilding any way. Another solid draft with some additional picks and some veteran secondary help would make us far more competitive next year in a really tough division……and we wouldn’t have any more migraines. 😉

  5. Viking fans still have love for Percy. Heck, we still have love for the ultimate distraction (84).

    Say what you want about this or that, but come Sunday that man comes to play and plays HARD. The faithful in MN always have love for that!

    Give ’em H3LL Percy!

  6. I love watching this guy ball out.

    Also, awesome TD celebration. He just stops, puts his hands in the air like he’s making a ‘Y’ and has this joyous look upon his face saying, “It was me!! It was Percy!! I scored!!”

    I hope the Vikings pay him. He deserves a new deal sooner rather than later. I understand why people get angry when athletes whine for more money/new deals but we can’t honestly say we wouldn’t be doing the same thing in their shoes. Feeling undervalued sucks no matter what profession you’re in.

    With the way this guy plays, he’s smart to try to get this thing sorted out before he’s not the same player anymore because I’m willing to bet his career won’t be as long as other receivers of his caliber.

    He’s a mini-Adrian playing in the slot– he has no idea you can go out of bounds.

  7. What ever happened to the days of a contract being a contract? And when one enters one, they actually fulfill it?

  8. Yeah. Unhappiness is always resolved by cash. Mr. Migrane needs stop crying, play out his contract and hit the open market. A brotha needs to play lights out. You get paid for indisputable excellence and hitting the open market at the right time. Loose translation….shut up and play

  9. it was a very dumb move on his part. with 2 years left on contract & the only proven wr on current roster, he never was going anywhere & to act like a baby or attemt to hold out will only devalue him more to other teams in the future. he has no leverage at this time & realized it very fast

  10. the only thing is when u get paid millions. your suppose to do your best every down..

    saying this is a contract year? what does that mean?
    your gonna try harder than usual?

    I want to sign the guy that doesnt worry about his contract cuz he knows if he works his tail off hes gonna get paid regardless.


  11. First,
    He has already been paid 8.9 million dollars off his rookie contract going into his 4th season.
    As the 22nd overall pick of the 2009 NFL Draft, Harvin signed a five-year contract that had a core value of $11.05 million, with performance and playing-time incentives increasing the maximum value of the contract to $14.25 million
    That figure increased by $350,000 when Harvin caught more than 55 passes as a rookie (he finished with 60 receptions) and another $25,000 when Harvin was named the NFL’s Offensive Rookie of the Year.

    Each season Harvin has with 70 or more receptions triggers a $500,000 increase in his 2013 base salary. With two 70-plus catch seasons (2010, 2011) on his resume, Harvin’s base salary will increase to at least $2.55 million in the final season of his rookie contract.

    Harvin has an additional $793,750 in base salary escalation available, based on his playing time, receiving production and Pro Bowl selection status this season.

    Should Harvin maximize the remaining escalation available, he’ll have a base salary of $3,343,750 in 2013, that would bring his earnings (base salary plus workout bonuses) over these next two seasons to $4,313,750.

    Now that is not 10 million a year like it sounds like he wants but it’s not bad money for someone who screwed himself out of big money by deciding to get stoned before the NFL Combine when he only needed to not smoke for about 2 weeks to be clean.
    It’s his own fault.
    Also, the Vikings can franchise tag him.
    He is stuck with them for the next three years whether he likes it or not.
    9 million bucks for the first 3 years in the league is pretty good puffy.
    Quit whining and actually have a 1,000 yd season and double digit td’s then ask for more money.

  12. Ya know this guy wants da mooney. Its really about da moooney.
    He understands that one good injury in year three of his contract or more migraine problems and he does become expendable and others won’t want to deal with his issues either. Thus, go for the big payday and get your money now just in case.
    His agent has planted the just in case scenario in his mind and told him want to so and say.

  13. Since he came into the league, no wide receiver has more all-purpose yardage than Percy Harvin.
    Yet, he’s currently only the 63rd highest paid receiver in the NFL.
    Last year: 16 games and 87 catches for 967 yards and 6 TDs PLUS 51 rushes for 342 yards and
    2 more TDs = 1309 yards, 8 TDs.

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