Irsay says deal with Luck is close, despite report of marketing dispute


Jim Irsay’s Twitter feed continues to periodically provide something other than obscure song lyrics and various trivia contests.

The Colts owner most recently has used the social-media tool to dispute a report from Len Pasquarelli of the Sports Xchange that his team and quarterback Andrew Luck have encountered a “stumbling block” regarding the marketing language in Luck’s rookie contract.

“One source with knowledge of the talks even suggested that Luck would ‘have to clear’ marketing proposals with the club,” Pasquarelli writes.

Says Irsay in response:  “As much as I respect my friend Lenny Pasquarelli[,] the ‘One Source’ is completely wrong[.]  We’re close on #12 [and] final details [are] unrelated 2 marketing.”

As to Pasquarelli’s explanation that the Colts believed Luck’s predecessor, Peyton Manning, was “overexposed,” Irsay also takes issue.  “It’s ludicrous 2 say we thought #18 was overexposed, he did a great job of focusing on football [and] “Branding” [was] incredibly positive Image 4 Franchise,” Irsay said.

And so Irsay concludes with the following observation.  “Someone is being fed a big breaky of BS this morning!”

Though we have no inside information regarding the sticking points between the Colts and Luck’s agent-uncle (or uncle-agent), it would be odd for the team to try to restrict his ability to earn money in off-field endeavors.  That said, we’ve heard in recent months that some teams have tried to secure for their individual sponsors a right to match any deals a player may do with a competitor.

If, for example, a team has a deal with Pepsi and a player receives an offer to endorse Coke, a team may try to secure the ability on behalf of Pepsi to swoop in and match the terms of the Coke offer.  Other than that, it would seem unusual and improper for a team to try to put any contractual limitations on the player’s ability to sell his own image, name, and time.

And so Luck likely will be free to endorse whatever he wants to endorse, including the use of images of his Stanford graduation to be included in a campaign for online courses aimed at teaching rich, middle-aged white guys how to type legibly on Twitter.

16 responses to “Irsay says deal with Luck is close, despite report of marketing dispute

  1. I agree with Pasquarelli about Manning being over exposed.

    I’m also not surprised that Luck and his agent are pushing back on the contract terms, either.

    I believe the lesson that should have been learned with Peyton (but obviously has not been) is: ‘When you start to treat a guy like a sacred cow, he starts to expect it’.


  2. I’m glad no one saw RG3 dressed like that at his graduation. There would have been a literary tsunami.

    I cringe at the thought of the names he would have been called. Despite what Irsay says, this great Luck experiment is not getting off the ground like we envisioned.

    After all, he is the only sure bet in the draft – right?

  3. Hmmm, it’s been two months since the draft. Cam signed within a week after the draft. What could possibly be the hold-up?

    ummm except for the part where there was a lockout and cam couldnt of signed a contract a week after the draft….but other then that, completely accruate statement

  4. Luck is definitely more NFL ready. But both him and RG play for such bad teams, nobody will likely be able to tell the difference by their production on the field (or lack thereof).

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