Lions’ Erik Coleman calls time on injured reserve “torture”


Among the many problems in the Lions’ secondary last year was that safety Erik Coleman was lost for the season when he suffered a broken fibula and sprained ankle in Week Four. But as much as the Lions hated to lose Coleman, Coleman hated to sit out even more.

I missed football. I was able to watch last year and that was kind of torture, so being out there you don’t take it for granted. You have fun whenever you get a chance,” Coleman told the Detroit Free Press.

Coleman became a free agent in March but quickly re-signed with the Lions, and he said he expects to have the impact in 2012 that he wanted — but wasn’t able — to have in 2011.

“I feel young again,” Coleman said. “It’s fun, and it’s fun to be out there running around with the guys. . . . I want to help this team in whatever way I can. Of course I would like to be the starter, but I also love playing special teams. I’m a football player, I love playing the game, I want to win. I want to win a Super Bowl. So I’ll do whatever it takes.”

Lions head coach Jim Schwartz said Coleman had a strong minicamp, and the signs are good that this season he’ll spend a lot more time on the field, and a lot less time having to watch in street clothes.

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  1. Lions need all the help they can get in the secondary, plus he has to be better than Amari Spievey who was just horrible.

  2. Would of been nice if safeties Gerald Alexander and Daniel Bullocks weren’t busts or Boss Bailey, Ernie Sims, Teddy Lehman, Ikaika Ilama Francis, Teddy Lehman and Shuan Cody weren’t busts, gotta love good ol Matt Millen

  3. Oh and I forgot the most agregious Millen error selecting Jordan bleeping Dizon over Ray Rice

  4. imjinbrdgr says:Jun 23, 2012 8:47 PM

    “People who criticize Matt Millen just don’t understand football.” Matt Millen


    We all know about his propensity for selecting WRs high in the first round even when his team desperately needed to improve at so many (read ALL) other positions.

    We all know that he is responsible for giving head coaching jobs to two of the guys selected in this most prestigious Draft of Suck.

    But let’s dig a little deeper into just how this man managed to completely decimate the roster of my favorite football team.

    Something I posted in another thread awhile back – these are the 2nd & 3rd round picks made by this ***clown.

    2002 – 2nd Round, Kalimba Edwards, DE (OOL) – 3rd Round, Andre Goodman, CB (only 8 games played with 17 total tackles, 0 INT in 2010)
    2003 – 2nd Round, Boss Bailey, LB (OOL) – 3rd Round, Cory Redding, DE (3 sacks 2010)
    2004 – 2nd Round, Kevin Jones, RB (OOL) – 3rd Round, Teddy Lehman, LB (OOL)
    2005 – 2nd Round, Shaun Cody, DT (16 starts with 21 tackles in 2010) – 3rd Round, Stanley Wilson, CB (OOL)
    2006 – 2nd Round, Daniel Bullocks, S (OOL) – 3rd Round, Brian Calhoun, RB (OOL)
    2007 – 2nd Round, Drew Stanton, QB (did the friggin Dougie) – 2nd Round, Ikaika Alama-Francis, DE (0 starts, 8 total tackles 2010) – Gerald Alexander, S, (3 starts, 10 tackles, 2010)
    2008 – 2nd Round, Jordon Dizon, LB (hasn’t played a down since 2009) – 3rd Round, Kevin Smith, RB (0 starts, 256 yards from scrimmage 2010), 3rd Round, Andre Fluellen, DT (0 starts, 8 tackles, 1 sack 2010) – 3rd Round Cliff Avril, DE (8.5 sacks 2010)

    17 total picks in the 2nd & 3rd rounds. 0 offensive linemen selected. Only 5 of these guys are still with the team (Avril is the only solid contributor, Stanton is QB3).
    Do you wonder what ‘OOL’ means? OUT OF the LEAGUE!! That’s right, boys & girls 7 of 17 selections made in the 2nd & 3rd rounds turned into guys who could not cut it in the NFL. When Jordon Dizon washes out, that number will move to 8. When Fluellen & Alama-Francis wash out, the number will be 10.

    Don’t even get me started on his picks in rounds 4-7.

    Yes, I am speaking of the Crowned Prince of Pathetic, the Heavyweight Champion of Chumps, the Lead Conductor of The Symphony of Stink…

    I hereby present to you the only man capable of assembling a team that was so bad they could not even stumble into one freaking win in 2008 – the man who’s visage shall be etched into all four facades of the Mount Rushmore of Suck.

    Matt Millen, GM, Detroit Lions

    And no, I’m not bitter.


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