Sidney Rice still working to get his shoulders ready


Sidney Rice continues to get his pair of new shoulders into football shape.

I’m feeling pretty good,” Rice said Friday, via Clare Farnsworth of the team’s official website.  “I’m going to continue this rehab and get back out as soon as possible.  I’m feeling better and better every day, and getting stronger every day.”

Rice’s right shoulder bothered him for much of the 2011 season.  When doctors were examining the right shoulder, they discovered a torn labrum in his left shoulder.  Eleven anchors were installed in each shoulder to stabilize the joint.

Rice said he was able to play with the shoulder injuries (especially since he didn’t know about the one in the left shoulder), and that it was a pair of concussions in a three-game span that shut him down for the last five games of the year.  Still, he decided to get the shoulders repaired, in the hopes of improving his effectiveness.

“[Y]ou need those shoulders to get up in the air,” Rice said. “You fall on the ground a lot. Things like that.  So you want your shoulders to be stable and in place.”

Rice, who parlayed a huge 2009 season into a big contract with in 2011 (despite an injury-shortened 2010), thinks that he can do big things for the Seahawks.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that this team is a much better team when I’m out there on the field,” Rice said.

While his humility may need 11 anchors (or more), his point is accurate.  Rice has the talent to be a great receiver, and he’ll make whoever wins the three-headed quarterback competition look better.

17 responses to “Sidney Rice still working to get his shoulders ready

  1. Always sad to see with talented players like Rice, but some players just seem like their bodies can’t take the abuse an NFL player has to be able to take.

  2. Sidney was hurt before his big year with Favre. Sidney cashed in and continues his physical challenges. I do wish him luck because I would’ve done the same thing-maybe. Odd thing is that the Vikings were offering him just below what he signed for with Seattle? However I am a bit sad for Seattle because they tried and bought a lemon-I have a feeling this time around you’re not going to make lemonade out of this lemon.

  3. sometimes i get a little envious when i see how much money football players make….and then i see a story like, this when a guy needs to have eleven “anchors” inserted into each of his shoulders because of injuries, and i dont feel quite as envious anymore.

  4. Hope you recover Sid. Whether you’re a fan or hater of the Hawks, you don’t wanna see a talented player sit on the sidelines.

    Plus, kudos to him for going through these surgeries instead of hanging up the cleats.

  5. All you Vikings fans and Seahawks haters out there can just shove don’t worry about the 12th man or the Seahawks,we will see how well rice shoulders hold up Nov 4 when the hawks smoke the Vikings, top 5 defense,top 5 rushing attack,and Flynn will produce here,we are quietly putting together a championship team up here in the northwest.

  6. I don’t think it’s fair to blame Seattle (and I’m a 49ers fan so I look for any opportunity to do so) for Rice’s decline. Sure their QB situation hasn’t been and continues to be unstable, but how many WRs have put up huge numbers in one or two seasons and then kind of fallen off due to injuries?

  7. Seahawks attempts at revenge on the Vikings for the Steve Hutchinson poison pill:

    They overpaid Nate Burleson

    They took TJack (hahahahah)

    They stole Sidney Rice

    The only one that I was worried about was Rice but the injuries have put that to a stop. Better come after Percy now Seattle!

  8. Rice is a class act and in all the interviews ive heard he’s very humble and well spoken about his injuries. last year they shut him down and it was for good reason. look at all the lawsuits going on. He will be ready, this is the nfl ang injuries are the norm here. depth is key and that will be critical for the hawks at this position.

  9. Dude already has added 13 pounds – of muscle, he is quick to point out and now weighs 212. Rice wants to report to training camp at 215 or 216 stout.

    He will be more then ready on day 1. Mark it.

  10. Seahawks gave Rice an 18 million dollar signing bonus to a guy that is injury prone. Bad business.

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