As they rest, NFL coaches likely aren’t sleeping well

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After months of toiling, from a lockout-delayed training camp through the preseason through the regular season through (for 12 teams) the postseason through the pre-draft scouting process through free agency through the draft through offseason workouts, NFL coaches finally have a few weeks to relax.

Or do they?

With a month or so of time away until training camp opens, coaches will be sleeping with one eye and/or one ear open, fretting that one or more of their players will find trouble, or vice versa, during the last chunk of the offseason in which they’re left to their own devices.

The good news is that a full two weeks have passed since Giants offensive lineman David Diehl was arrested for drunk driving, the third NFL DUI in nine days.  The bad news is that it’s inevitable that, at some point before camp opens, multiple players will be arrested.

As the first full weekend of the post-OTA offseason wraps up, none have happened yet.  But with more than a month remaining and the all-time high-water mark for the “days without an arrest” meter at 32, it’s only a matter of time.

So sleep well, NFL coaches.  Sleep well.

5 responses to “As they rest, NFL coaches likely aren’t sleeping well

  1. All in all there are roughly a couple thousand guys in the league….It would be interesting to take a sample of the same size with a different profession and see how DUI arrests and arrests period would match up to players….I think the results would would be surprisingly similar…People are people…There are a$$holes in every walk of life

  2. I live in a medium size town where DUIs are reported on TV or newspaper. In my town there are approximately 1000 doctors and although I’m sure some of them have had DUIs Using your ahole in all walks of life” logic there should be 1 arrested every couple of months. It doesn’t happen because the NFL mixes young guys many from poor backrounds, a lot of money and the stupidity of youth.

  3. Yes, and you could argue that the NFL should have less DWI’s due to their increased access to alternative transportation – Also they have more to lose and thus more incentive to be more careful.

  4. Oh but wait I thought Goodell had cleaned up the league and this stuff was a thing of the past. Seems like it’s worse than ever before. The NFL has become the NBA of the 90’s under Goodell’s watch. Just goes to show the harder you push the harder they push back.

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