Broncos never offered Tomlinson a contract


LaDainian Tomlinson recently raised some eyebrows when he mentioned that he considered signing with the Broncos before ultimately deciding to retire. But it appears that signing Tomlinson was not a consideration in Denver.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post reports that the Broncos never made an offer to Tomlinson, although his agent did call the Broncos.

If the Broncos weren’t interested in Tomlinson, that’s no surprise: He’s 33 years old and gained just 280 yards on 75 carries last season for the Jets. As great as Tomlinson once was, every player reaches a point at which he doesn’t have much left.

For the Broncos, who have all of their running backs from last year’s team returning and also drafted running back Ronnie Hillman in the third round, there wasn’t room on the roster for an aging veteran.

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  1. My how the scale of the NFL would be different if the Chargers didn’t trade the first overall pick in 2001. Vick would’ve been a Charger behind Flutie and who knows what would’ve happened to LT?

  2. It does not really matter if a contract was offered. They could have had preliminary discussions, and LT decided against it, so they would never get to the point of offering a contract. Or maybe LT was lying just to show his loyalty to the San Diego fans.

  3. I’m really getting tired of everyone in the NFL lying, either the players or the organizations. Who is actually telling the truth anymore?

    Its almost making me not even care about the NFL anymore cause from all their blatant lies to us fans they are really treating us like we are idiots.

    Way to show respect to the people who keep you guys in business.

  4. The broncos decided against offering Tomlinson a contract when it was discovered the dedicated roster spot for unproductive running back was allready staunchly manned by Knowshon Moreno.

  5. I call big BS we all know Denver is trying to win it all as cheap as possible good luck haven’t worked before.

  6. Keep in mind Tomlinson was the 3rd down back last year and had 42 receptions for 450 yards to go along with those280 yards rushing. Not bad production for a 3rd down back especially considering is QB was Sanchez.

  7. Umm… just because there wasn’t a contract offer right away doesn’t mean there was no interest. Tomlinson may be 33, but he was still good for a few carries per game to spell a starter. Good hands to catch passes and a good blocker as well.

  8. I don’t see why the Broncos would want him. Willis at this point in time is a better runner and Moreno’s greatest strength is being a receiving running back. Who knows what Hillman is at this point but the man was a human highlight reel in college.

  9. The last thing we need in Denver is a washed up charger trying to jump on the Super Bowl bandwagon. We got too many charger fans like that already.

  10. LMAO, i said the same thing yesterday, how denver never wanted him & i was hated on for it, good thing those haters dont run a NFL franchise with their knowledge of the game, LT is weak now & denver already had mcgahee, moreno, & rookie they drafted out of SDSU!! LT said he almost signed……. yea ok!!! sounds like the movie fast n da furious when dude tells vin diesel after they raced ” I ALMOST HAD YOU” & vin diesel says ” YOU NEVER HAD YOUR CAR!!” well LT you never had a offer!!!

  11. The Broncos not offering him a contract is a surprise? I doubt any other team offered him one. You think Tomlinson is in any hurry to sign in June? Teams know this, nobody is going to rush out an offer at this point. The guy decided to retire, he didn’t retire because the Broncos didn’t offer him a contract, the folks using this as an excuse to knock Tomlinson just don’t get how things are done.

  12. You expect anything less from this guy? I’m sure belichick wanted him as well.

    Go away other LT.

  13. zinn22 says: Jun 24, 2012 6:50 PM

    Keep in mind Tomlinson was the 3rd down back last year and had 42 receptions for 450 yards to go along with those280 yards rushing. Not bad production for a 3rd down back especially considering is QB was Sanchez.
    Not good enough for the Jets to keep him. Maybe Verizon offered Tomlinson a 2 year contract, and he just misspoke.

  14. He would have been an upgrade in denver . All their rb’s are terrible , tebow carried them last year. Btw how old is mcgahee 30, not even a tebow fan but he is a better option at rb

  15. Let’s read between the lines shall we? Denver offered him a contract, he turned it done in effect saying ‘i wanna go out a winner not on this broncos train wreck’

  16. even at this stage in his career hes better than anything the broncos have. would be a great third down back with manning as qb. even if he doesnt run you cant ignore the fact that he has great hands, never fumbles and is a tremendous blocker. im not sure if i can say that about ant of the other backs in Denver.

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