Clady looking forward to more “conventional” offense


Broncos left tackle Ryan Clady doesn’t think his job will be different in 2012, but he now admits what everyone knows:  The team’s offense will be.

“It’s kind of going back to what we did before, for the most part, before [Tim] Tebow was the quarterback, just more conventional offense,” Clady said Saturday at Giants cornerback Terrell Thomas’ youth football camp in California, via Kevin Patra of NFL Network.

“It’s a little different,” Clady said.  “We will probably pass the ball a little more and [be] more of a balanced offense.  But I’m excited to see what is going to happen, and I’m excited for the future.”

The future entails Clady once again protecting the quarterback’s blind side, given the switch from the left-handed Tebow to the right-handed Manning.  And to the extent that the Broncos will be trying to keep Manning from suffering further neck injuries, it’ll be critical for Clady to keep opposing defenders away from Peyton.

And Clady is happy with the change.  “I like what we are doing now,” Clady said.

He’ll like it even more if the Broncos finish better than 8-8 in 2012, and if he does his part well enough to get a long-term contract from the team.

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  1. Uh . . . wasn’t Orton a right-handed quarterback?

    Seem to recall him getting hit quite a bit.

  2. I honestly believe that if I was Ryan Clady or JD Walton I would be fighting the new Manning twins for time with Seyton.

    Sorry but if I was the opposing D-cord going into the season I would come so heavy from the left with blitzes that my CB blitz from the right was missed. Must get a helmet on Seyton Manning to see how he reacts.

    How about a $10,000 bonus (not bounty) on the first shot to his face mask?

  3. When Peyton Manning signed with Denver did he realize that it’s 2012 and not 2009?

    Denver fans better hope Clady get’s some of his early career swag back.

  4. I love how these clowns on the broncos love playing in this conventional offense and don’t miss tebow. they will when manning gets hurt and they have hanie as their qb and do not make the playoffs. I will be rooting as hard for these guys to lose this season as I did for them to win last.

  5. Clady will have a much better year playing LT for a QB that doesn’t need to hold the ball for 5mins every pass like Orton and Tebow.

  6. as quickly as Manning gets rid of the ball, I”m sure he is loving the change.

  7. Like I said before.

    Denver will be 6-10 this year:

    Sep-09 PIT 0-1
    Sep-17 @ATL 0-2
    Sep-23 HOU 0-3
    Sep-30 OAK 1-3
    Oct-07 @NE 1-4
    Oct-15 @SD 1-5
    Oct-28 NO 1-6
    Nov-04 @CIN 1-7
    Nov-11 @CAR 2-7
    Nov-18 SD 2-8
    Nov-25 @KC 2-9
    Dec-02 TB 3-9
    Dec-06 @OAK 4-9
    Dec-16 @BAL 4-10
    Dec-23 CLE 5-10
    Dec-30 KC 6-10

    Manning, Clady and the rest of the Broncos will be watching Tebow and the Jets in the playoffs from home. Being as classy as they are, I’m sure they will all be rooting against Tebow.

    For all you Tebow haters out there, give me one example where Tebow has said one negative thing about any of his teammates in Denver? He hasn’t. Meanwhile they all rip the guy who took over a 1-4 team and got them to the playoffs and a first round win against Pitt.

    They won’t make the playoffs with Manning this year and unless they have a great draft next year or the next, Manning will retire in 3 years without making the playoffs in Denver.

  8. One of the most anticipated events in the NFL this upcoming season will be the first bone jarring sack on Peyton Manning.

  9. @rodaday
    That’s outcome of the season is in your dreams every night I bet right? lol yeah we’re going to suddenly suck after we won the division last year with Tebow, and now we have Manning….
    Are you high?

  10. @Broncofanatic7

    No dreaming here, just my honest opinion based on their schedule. Which games I have predicted as losses do you think they are gonna win? PIT? ATL? NE? HOU? NO? BAL?

    You’re a Bronco fan so of course you’re not going to agree, so that’s fine.

    Let’s see how you feel In mid October when they are sitting at 1-5.

  11. To you non broncos fans, you come on here and you talk smack but you’re afraid to put your sorry team out there so we (broncos fans) can fire back. You wish Peyton manning get injured so he and the broncos wont embarrass your team. Really? 6-10, I see you have it all planned out, what douche has the time to post the broncos schedule and how they’d dream it pans out? Tebow is gonna be the same tebow in new York, glad he’s gone.

  12. “One of the most anticipated events in the NFL this upcoming season will be the first bone jarring sack on Peyton Manning.”

    LaMarr Woodley gladly accepts your challenge.

  13. how do you see the Broncos losing to Pittsburgh? lol what.. Tebow beat Pittsburgh and even though I love him he was horrible..

  14. sorry bronchoke fans, but u guys are getting the 2012 model peyton, 4 neck procedures, one year away from the game, and still a big price tag , and alot of rehab yet to go, irsay knew what was up and did the right thing, sorry but yal wont be making the playoffs, u guys will wish u still had a mobile qb like tebow around, peyton lost his what velocity he did havem u guys wont even win yr division, happy feet peyton will throw plenty of ints to the opposite team this year

  15. @rodaday, what is your team? I think you’re suffering from brain damage and forgot that tebow is not QB in denver anymore. We have P-E-Y-T-O-N freaking M-A-N-N-I-N-G, do you understand now? Don’t hate, congratulate! You wish your sorry a$$ team picked him up so y’all wont be joke of a franchise, hope your team goes 1-15

  16. The Bronco’s should try and lock up Clady right now before the season starts – because as quick as Peyton gets rid of the ball, he will make Clady look even better than he already is – and the cost to resign him will shoot way up!

  17. Broncos is just tossing tebow under a bus,man they got peyton n forgot what the man did for them I guess thats how it go in denver.

  18. @broncosnative

    I am a Giants fan and we have the better Manning under center buddy. Maybe Eli will wear his ring to their next family BBQ so Peyton can have a look at it. 🙂

    I’m not hating on Manning man. He’s good but he’s not going to bring them to the playoffs. Just look at their schedule and tell me how they get to 10-6 or 9-7 or even 8-8. Not going to happen.

    I happen to like Tebow and I think his teammates have shown no class. Is he a great QB right now? No, that’s obvious. But he’s gonna get better and once he gets the rhythym and timing down in a pro-style offense, he’s gonna be another Steve Young.

  19. @rodaday
    Which teams that you predicted as losses do I think the Broncos will win? Hmmm let’s see here….
    Week 1 at home in Mile High against the Steelers who we beat in the playoffs with Tebow? Win
    I won’t go into detail on every game, because I just don’t have the time for that right now…
    I see us having probably 3 or 4 tough games this year, and they are: week 2 ATL, week 5 NE, week 8 NO, week 15 Balt. That being said I think we have a pretty good chance in every single one of those games. Broncos defense is much better than people think. The addition of Manning is HUGE. Even though you supposedly think that you have the better brother of the two just because he happens to have 1 more ring…. lol
    Football is a team sport, and Eli has always had a better supporting cast around him, and you know it.
    This Broncos team, is quite possibly the best football team Peyton Manning has ever been on. So just sit back and watch as we are 5-1 in mid October and I don’t see you trolling the Broncos articles on PFT.
    Peyton > Eli…. deal with it!

  20. @Broncofanatic7

    Ok so you have them going somwhere between 16-0 and 12-4, lets see who is closer come October.

    And just a small reminder, you don’t have Peyton in his prime, you have a 37 year old Peyton coming off neck surgery and out of football for 1 year.

    We have Eli who at 31 has 1 more ring than his brother and wil have 1 or 2 more before he is through.

    As for supporting cast, yeah your right, Peyton had bums like Edgerrin James at RB, Marvin Harrison at WR, while Eli did it with perennial all-stars like Steve Smith, Victor Cruz, Amani Toomer and Hakeen Nicks…lmao

  21. @rodaday

    Yeah I guess we will have to wait and see how the season unfolds.
    But I’m not worried about his neck at all, in the least.
    He has been cleared by numberous team doctors and he will be good to go.

    Just a small reminder… Elway won back to back superbowls at the same age Peyton is right now, it’s just a number.

    And yeah sure… Peyton had some good offensive weapons during his time there, but also had a crappy O-line, and a sub par defense.
    And yes… the WR’s for the Giants are all pro caliber… Nicks and Cruz are no joke.

  22. @rodaday, now after you threw your team out there, I can have my say. Not gone lie, giants are a good team and I picked them to win the superbowl after what the patriots did to my broncos. IMO, they are the only team in the NFC who can match up with the packers and that’s not likely to change this season. They should have no problems winning the division and Eli is in his prime. Now the difference between both mannings is one ring, whose to know the outcome had Peyton played last season. Eli however did have a better defense than what Peyton had in indy but now, broncos defense is clearly an upgrade along with the offense compared to last year. Peyton has only had 1 losing season with the colts and he hasn’t lost more than 6 games in all winning seasons so it is unlikely that change. Peyton can hang with the bradys, brees, rodgers, and so on, don’t think for one minute that the broncos will be blown out in any game this season. The steelers game in week one would give us an idea on how the broncos will be, #1 defense last year, big test for the o line

  23. @broncosnative

    Can’t argue with that, the Giants D was better than what Peyton had in Indy. The PIT game will definitely be a good test for them right out of the box.

    I’m not wishing the Broncos bad by the way, I’m just giving my opinion. Peyton is one of the best ever and I am sure he has something left in the tank. I just think that the O-line could be a problem and his WRs didn’t show a lot of separation last year and had some pretty bad drops. This was even before Tebow took over.

    I guess we’ll know who is right in a few months! Wish Opening Day was this Sunday!

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