Elway could be in line to own the Broncos, if he has the cash


The next time Broncos owner Pat Bowlen says, “This one’s for John,” Bowlen could be handing John Elway the pink slip to the franchise.

It came as a surprise when John Elway became the head of the Broncos’ football operations in 2011; it will be less of a surprise if he inevitably ends up running the entire team.  Mark Kiszla of the Denver Post says in response to a mailbag question that Elway isn’t on the hot seat — and that he’s more likely to be the next owner of the team.

It’s only one sentence, arguably a throwaway line.  But it merits careful consideration.

Bowlen has strong ties to Elway, who led the team to back-to-back Super Bowl wins to cap his playing career.  In 1998, Bowlen allegedly offered to sell Elway 20 percent of the team.  That sparked a lawsuit from former owner Edgar Kaiser, who claimed he had a right to match any such deals.

Still, to control the franchise Elway will need to come up with the cash to buy 30 percent of it, along with a coalition of investors to purchase the rest.  With NFL team values shooting to $1 billion and beyond, it could be a challenge for Elway to come up with $300 million.

Maybe he can get a loan from Peyton Manning.

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  1. Elway is actually a pretty wealthy guy. In 1997, he sold his auto dealerships for $82.5M.

  2. that business degree from Stanford may come in handy afterall. Elway also owns two upscale restaurants in Denver and still makes plenty of endorsement money. get the necessary dough to buy the team may not be as tough as it seems. most people in the rocky mountain region would gladly take up collections for him, if he falls short.

  3. sure elway sold his dealerships for a boatload but the ex-wifey took 1/2 that.
    i think it will depend on 2 things.
    1. how does the team do the next 2-3 years. they don’t come close to meeting expectations and he could be getting a pink slip period
    2i doubt he will be able to come up with that $$$

  4. If he can buy the Broncos, this guy did quite well with the cash he made while in the league.

    Especially compared to so many of these other guys we hear about who are broke and can’t afford child support or are declaring bankruptcy.

  5. This is going to be an unpopular opinion, but I don’t know if John has what it takes to call the shots. He did a pretty awful job in the draft this year. He made a big splash going after Manning but the jury is out on that one whether or not it was a good signing, he brought in no other difference makers in free agency for a defense would could really use some with Bailey being another year older, 2 second year safeties, and DJ Williams constantly being suspended. He’ll get a free pass because he is John Elway and he means so much to the city, but I question his GM skills

  6. No offense to Broncos fans intended, but is the franchise really worth a billion? I am also not sure if the stadium is publicly owned or is owned by the team which could make the value higher. While the NFL is the drug du jour with all of the publicity recently and looming potential lawsuits though the burst of the bubble may be coming soon.

  7. Yeah…. If he buys them he can change the mascot a little to more resemble himself..oh wait!

  8. Elway may have a ton of money, but i dont think he even comes close to having enough to buy an NFL franchise. I mean, seriously…isnt the average team worth almost a billion dollars? The only way I can see this happening is if Bowlen dies and leaves it to him.

  9. @maximusprime107
    Seriously?? We had our first playoff win in like 6 years last year. He drafted the DROY in Von Miller (albeit an easy pick), got Peyton Freaking Manning to come to the Broncos, and he is doing a bad job?? Sorry I just don’t see it.
    Also when you say that we didn’t bring any free agents in to help the defense, does Tracy Porter, Mike Adams, and Drayton Florence not help us out?
    I guess you’re just expecting him to get us an all pro team on both sides right?
    What about the additions of Jacob Tamme, and Joel Dreesen?
    Ty Warren restructing his contract to stay with us?
    Those 2 second year safeties have A LOT of upside. Rahim Moore was the #1 safety picked out of last years draft and was also the youngest player to come out of the draft, which is why he needs more time to develop… Quinton Carter has shown a lot of potential by actually starting last year. Derek Wolfe is going to make an impact this year…
    The only thing that Elway has done wrong in my book is the trading of Tim Tebow. I understand it would have been a nightmare to have two huge public icons in Manning and Tebow on the team at the same time, but I just think it could have helped him out a bunch. With that being said… it might end up being a great decision.
    Do not bash Elway for his decisions in regards to football operations in Denver… I think he’s done a pretty good job so far, and is probably better than the majority of VP’s and GM’s out there.

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