Jaws: Freeman must hone “disciplines of the position”

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Buccaneers quarterback Josh Freeman’s second year as a full-time NFL starter was much different than his first. His touchdown-to-interception ratio fell from 25:6 to 16:22, and Freeman averaged nearly a full yard less per pass attempt than he did in 2010.

What went wrong?

According to ESPN analyst Ron Jaworski’s game-tape study, Freeman lost confidence, made poor decisions, and did not improve the finer points of his game.

“In 2011, Freeman threw four red-zone interceptions,” Jaws noted. “No quarterback threw more. It was part of a season in which Freeman took a step back. He struggled all year with his decision making. He tried to make too many throws that were not there.

“In addition, his ball location was not precise enough. Throws that you have to make became turnovers. Freeman has a lot of work to do. … I saw a lot of deficiencies that plague young quarterbacks. Poor decision making, lack of confidence. The physical talent is there, the consistency is not.”

Jaws is optimistic that Freeman can turn it back around.

“Hey, this kid is talented. When I saw him throw live for the first time, I was really impressed. He can spin it as well as just about any quarterback in this league. He needs to focus on the small details. The disciplines of the position.”

Jaws said on SportsCenter that he expects the Bucs to rely heavily on play-action passes in 2012. “It will provide a solid foundation for a young quarterback looking to regain some confidence.”

8 responses to “Jaws: Freeman must hone “disciplines of the position”

  1. Freeman is a stud, he will be really good.He has real coaching , a real OL and a real WR in VJ. and a real RB. Dude has lost 15 lbs and looks good…can’t wait til we play !!

  2. He has a support group around him this year and a coach that will lead him. 2012 will be a good year for him. If not, a new QB will be drafted.

  3. Freeman regressed so badly because his team was full of malcontents that gave up midway through the season. Look for him to bounce back now that his teammates will actually be interested in playing hard for their coach.

  4. Jaworski is a lot like Dierdorf. He never shuts up. As I recall he wasn’t that great of a QB himself. Gruden is a better evaluator of QB’s than Jaws will ever be. Freeman did not have a lot of support last year. That will not be the case this year.

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