Kevin Colbert: Steelers offense isn’t making a lot of mistakes

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The installation of a new offense in Pittsburgh has been a constant storyline this offseason.

Ben Roethlisberger has expressed confusion about the general philosophies that new coordinator Todd Haley was crafting the offense around while the addition of two rookie starters on the offensive line and the absence of wide receiver Mike Wallace have raised questions about how quickly the Steelers would be able to pick things up. General Manager Kevin Colbert told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review that things are moving along well enough at this point in time.

“I’m not listening to what’s being said intimately after a play. There’s not a lot of physical errors I guess is the best way to say it: new offense, people learning about the offense and coaches learning about people, I think there will be some mistakes,” Colbert said. “I think that’s just part of the growing process. It’s way too early to tell, but visibly I didn’t see a lot of mistakes or corrections being made, no more than usual.”

As mentioned, the Steelers are going with two rookies — guard David DeCastro and tackle Mike Adams — as starters at this point in time. Colbert said that the team is still monitoring the status of Max Starks, who is rehabbing a torn ACL, as a potential addition to provide depth or an option for Adams this season. Starks isn’t expected to be cleared for a return to the field until closer to camp so there’s probably not going to be any movement on that front any time soon.

10 responses to “Kevin Colbert: Steelers offense isn’t making a lot of mistakes

  1. Ratbirdkind …… He has won more Superbowls than your precious Ozzy …. So he cant be to dumb ….

  2. Its all smoke screens… Haley’s offence’s speak for themselves… Big year for Big Ben and Co. Of course people are going to talk bad about Pittsburgh… thats cuz their team isnt always WINNING on Sundays, Mondays, or Thursdays… haha

  3. What is this fascination with how well the Steelers are learning Haley’s offense? 1. They are not going back to Arien’s. He’s gone. 2. Just like rookies do every year, the entire offense is learning this time. 3. These are professionals that have 2 months, a full training camp, 4 preseason games to get fully prepared. The talent is already there. Then you mold and develop it through the entire season, peak in the playoffs and win our 7th Lombardi! The issues are not learning an offense. It’s how we’ll the Steelers fill the open positions at RB, Offensive Line, Wallace, Middle LB, and second Corner.

  4. DeCastro and Adams would be learning a new offense with or without Haley. And I’m certainly not worried about the squad’s ability to pick up Haley’s offense in the absence of Mike Wallace. I think the only folks who’ve ever been concerned about the Steelers having difficulty with the new offense are reporters trying to find a story during a dull offseason.

  5. what difference does it make what play is called? ben will still hold onto the ball too long, evade the pass rush, scramble around as the receivers break their routes, eventually find a guy who is open and fire a strike for a first down.

    don’t bother printing up any playbooks. just give ben a stick to draw plays in the dirt with in the huddle. go with what works.

  6. Roethlisberger ran a timing/precision offense masterfully against Tennessee and New England last year, so he’s perfectly capable of doing it. It just needs to be done regularly, with ad-libbing as a last resort.

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