Matt Ryan working to get comfortable with new coordinator


In his NFL career, Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan has known much regular season success and only one offensive coordinator.

And how Ryan responds to new Falcons play-caller Dirk Koetter will likely determine whether he’s able to finally break through with his first NFL playoff win.

Koetter’s making some fundamental changes to the Falcons offense Mike Mularkey installed. There’s more of an emphasis on getting the ball downfield, which will require more arm strength than Ryan’s displayed previously. His arm’s good-not-great, but head coach Mike Smith said he’s seen a physical difference so far.

“Matt, I think, has really progressed,” Smith told D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “I think you can see it physically that he’s bigger. I think his arm strength is much-improved from the first four years.”

But more than anything physical, Ryan’s going to have to get used to his first significant philosophical change. Smith pointed out that “the relationship between the coordinator and the quarterback is one that probably needs to be the strongest one on the football team,” and the two seem to be working well so far.

“Matt will look you in the eye and tell you how he sees it …,” Koetter said. “By the same token, I can tell him what I think, what I see and what the coaching staff sees. He takes coaching well, but he also gives good feedback.”

Ledbetter noted that during minicamp, the Falcons offense “was on fire.”

Of course, things will become more complicated when they move past 7-on-7s, and the Falcons questionable offensive line has to do its part.

But getting Ryan comfortable with his first major change is a big step, one the Falcons hope enable them to take a bigger one.

8 responses to “Matt Ryan working to get comfortable with new coordinator

  1. “I think his arm strength is much-improved from the first four years.”

    We’ll see. His arm strength is pretty bad. Some of the deep passes he threw looked more like punts – he injured Julio Jones on one such throw.

  2. Maybe they should trade some more draft picks to get Matty another WR? It’s clearly not HIS fault they can’t win a playoff game(or even score some points).

  3. An important sentence quote left out from the AJC article in regards to the passing game : “Also, the team will implement a package heavy in screen passes”. This is the facet of the offense Matty Ice will likely fall back on the most. He excels in short & medium passes so success there would open up the shots to Julio Jones & Roddy White down field, in theory. Long live the bubble screen, something the Jags fans got sick of and complained about as they celebrated Dirk Koetter’s departure a few months back.

  4. I thought “YOU” experts said he would make Atlanta forget about Mike Vick with all the playoff wins he would bring.

    Well Mike Vick still remains with the last playoff win for the Falcons. In fact Vick got his 1st playoff win at the ripe age of 22. Ryan is 28 this season.

    What makes it even more pathetic, all Mike Vick had was Alge Crumpler and Matt Ryan has an allstar roster on offense.

  5. All offseason, all we’ve heard is how Ryan has suddenly developed a strong arm. When are people going to realize this guy is little more than a journeyman quarterback. He has more offensive talent around him than any other QB in the league, yet when it counts his true abilities shine…in the way of 2 points….scored by the defense!

  6. What makes it even more pathetic, all Mike Vick had was Alge Crumpler and Matt Ryan has an allstar roster on offense.

    Good point. Vick had no weapons in ATL. Just imagine how many playoff games he could win if he had Lesean McCoy, Desean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin and Brent Celek for two years! Oh wait…

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