Report: Browns not interested in trading for James Jones

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Packers wide receiver James Jones talked this week about being part of a deep wide receiver group in Green Bay and admitted to occasional moments of frustration when it comes to getting in line for opportunities.

Jones also gave his hypothetical reaction to a trade, which involves a few tears and then a quick move to the new team. Jones’ name comes up now and again as a trade possibility, although it is hard to say if that’s just because it makes sense that the Packers would make a move from strength to shore up other weaknesses or if teams have really been engaging in conversation.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns are not one of the teams involved in any such conversation. In a response to a mailbag question about trading Colt McCoy to Green Bay for Jones, Cabot writes that the Browns are not interested in adding Jones to their receiving corps.

The Browns have Greg Little and Mohamed Massaquoi as starting receivers at the moment and they may want to give both a chance to establish themselves this season. With Josh Cribbs ticketed for primarily special teams work, there isn’t a lot of depth behind the starters and whatever depth they do have is very short on experience. Jones would definitely be an upgrade to the group, although the lack of Cleveland interest in a deal and the absence of clear signs that Jones will be traded make it hard to see him catching passes from Brandon Weeden this season.

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  1. What Mary Kay neglected to say — as she is prone to do in her incomplete reporting — is that the Browns front office has repeatedly made it clear that they are most interested in building this team from the draft, and not bringing in players who present locker problems from Day 1. The Browns have problems at just about every position on the team, and they didn’t make much of a splash ANYWHERE in Free Agency, except on the defensive line (and it’s not they broke the bank doing that). James Jones is 28 years old. This will be his 6th NFL season, and his 2nd on a 3-year contract he negotiated with Green Bay at the end of last year. In 2011, Jones caught 50 catches for 659 yards. The Browns already have a WR with those kind of stats…why should they add a second? They don’t need another one. They need a speed guy, a possession receiver…a GOOD receiver.

  2. How about QB Tyler Thigpen and a 5th round draft pick for James Jones? The Bills could use another receiver to line up opposite Stevie Johnson and in Green Bay Thigpen can learn under Aaron Rodgers for a couple of seasons, then turn around and get a second round pick for him two years later.

  3. lifelongbrownsfan, you state “In 2011, Jones caught 50 catches for 659 yards.”. What you need to understand is he’s on a roster that includes Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Donald Driver, Jermichael Finley, and Randall Cobb. There’s only so many balls to go around. Put Jones on a team like the Browns, he’s going to be 1,000 yards and sniffing double digit TDs every year.

  4. Packermule, Jones has had games where he was given many chances. Sadly he has fumbled those chances. I do agree however, his stats are skewed because of the depth on the Packers. Also, Rodgers is very much like Manning and Brees with spreading the ball around.

    Much like those two aforementioned QBs, Rodgers makes receivers better then they actually are.

  5. If Weeden, Richardson, and Schwartz play well and stay healthy all year, the current group of Browns wideouts will surprise a lot of people.

    Even if they all play poorly, what the Browns would need is a true “#1 WR,” not a complimentary player like Jones. They’ve already got a bunch of those, and adding another one would be pointless.

  6. packers aren’t trading jj, this is drivers last year and finley wants a huge payday and only has a 2 year deal done. so imo this is a non story.

  7. Even though she is a beat writer, don’t believe everything Mary Kay Cabot says as gospel truth. On things of this nature she is more often wrong than right. eg.” The Browns will pick Justin Blackmon at #4″

  8. None of these comments have looked at the real issue at hand here. You say he’s not producing and wouldn’t be worth the investment, but the trade they’re discussing is Jones for McCoy. How is that not worth the investment? It would be better than a random 6th round pick. You say the Browns need a true #1 WR. The Giants just won the Super Bowl without a trio of #2 guys, so don’t give me that. You say the Browns are building through the draft, which is true, but they’ve also made trades and signed free agents, and had a couple guys targeted this off-season that didn’t come together. They definitely don’t rely solely on the draft to build a team, they just don’t overspend for guys — and I would say a guy they’re putting on the trade block anyway wouldn’t be overspending.

    What it all boils down to is guys who fit the system. All us casual fans sit back and take familiar names at positions of need, and try to fit the pegs into the holes on the roster, regardless of their shape and size. It’s clear to me that Heckert and Holmgren know what kind of guys they’re looking for, and won’t bother bringing someone in just because he’s a hot name at a thin area. We had Garcon and someone else I can’t remember targeted this off season, and when those didn’t happen, we didn’t settle for the next best name. We had a couple guys in the draft targeted, and when Kendall Wright went #20, we didn’t panic and take the next best WR at #22. We took the next best WR that fit the system, and it happened to be in round 4. It’s a system that’s produced two of the best draft classes we’ve seen since the team came back. I don’t know why more people don’t understand this.

  9. marjax, it sounds like the Browns are conducting BPA drafts (Best Player Available), and you clearly get the gist of it.. A team running BPA philosophy doesn’t go into a draft thinking “We need WRs.. We’re going to draft a WR in the first round”, and just take the best WR left on the board when they’re on the clock. They take the highest rated player on their board that is still available. Teams that draft for need are forever stretching, and poor picks are often made out of desperation.

    As a Packer fan who has enjoyed watching Ted Thompson build a superbowl-caliber team over the years with a BPA draft-and-develop philosophy, I can only tell you this: Be ready to listen to a large number of fans gripe and moan continually every year during the draft, because they just don’t understand how Holmgren & Co. are going to build their dynasty. Just sit back, and enjoy the continual improvement in your roster while the uninitiated fly off the handle about not drafting a CB or not signing some “Big name” free agent. They’ll come around when the playoff wins start stacking up.

  10. If anything, Jones should take it as a compliment in regards to all this trade talk. He is an above avg. reciever who gets open. Yes, he occasionally drops the ball but is a more imposing reciever then one realizes. The combo of his strength and decent speed makes a him a solid reciever. Green bay needs to make him more of a over the middle intermediate threat. He can take the hits on the 5-7 yard passes over the middle and has the speed to break one for a long touchdown. Lastly, this guys offseason training(sauned based yoga) is going to make him an even better player-guaranteed. I have already seen the difference in his mobility and speed in the OTAs.

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