Alphonso Smith didn’t, doesn’t care about trade talk

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Cornerback Alphonso Smith doesn’t care whether the Lions are trying to trade him, and he won’t care until they do.

Smith, picked by the Broncos in the second round of the 2009 draft after Denver shipped a 2010 first-rounder to Seattle, was sent to Detroit after only one season for tight end Dan Gronkowski.  Earlier this year, rumors surfaced that the Lions could move Smith in an effort to beef up their secondary.

“Please forgive my frankness,” Smith told Dave Dye of  “To be blunt with you, I really didn’t care.  It didn’t happen.  It still may happen.  You never know.

“I don’t care about reports or rumors.  Only thing I can focus on is I’m a Detroit Lion and I’m a Detroit Lion until I’m not.”

His preference would be to continue to wear Honolulu blue.

“I want to be here,” Smith said.  “I’ve grown a lot with the scheme and the players and the things that the coaches want.  But that decision is way above my pay grade.  My job is to come in and play, not deal in personnel or whether I’m getting traded or not. . . .  Really don’t care.”

Smith does care that he’s in a contract year.  With his first-ever shot at free agency coming in March, he has every reason to play well, regardless of where he ends up playing.

If he stays in Detroit, he may have a chance to play plenty.  He could end up filling the vacancy in the starting lineup created by the departure of Eric Wright via free agency.

“One of the ways I try to separate myself is making plays,” Smith said.  “As I look around, if you talk about playmakers in the secondary, I’ll probably be the first on that list.  That’s how I separate myself. . . .  Do my job.  Don’t give up any big ones and make plays when it’s there.”

Regardless of whether Smith gets traded, the Lions need someone to not “give up any big ones” and “make plays when it’s there” in 2012.  If not, the Lions won’t get any farther than they did in 2011.

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  1. Regardless of whether Smith gets traded, the Lions need someone to not “give up any big ones” and “make plays when it’s there” in 2012. If not, the Lions won’t get any farther than they did in 2011.


    Is that you, Skip Bayless? How about if the Lions can stay healthy, they will go farther than they did in 2011. As long as they aren’t playing any WRs at DB like the end of last year, they should get farther.

    Lions will finish 2nd in the NFC North and/or go 11-5.

  2. I’m sure Seahawk fans are still chuckling about that trade with Denver. Denver trades a future first rounder for a guy who will be traded for peanuts after a season, and Seattle takes that Denver pick and drafts one of the best young players in the NFL of any posisition in Earl Thomas.

    McDaniels really did a number on that Denver roster.

  3. thcnote says:Jun 25, 2012 8:37 PM

    If this dude starts on your team then your team needs major help in the secondary.


    Luckily he isnt a starter. He didnt even get onto the field last year until there was a rash of injuries in the secondary. Hopefully they can trick some team into giving them a decent draft pick for him

  4. In 2009 the price for Alphonso Smith was a first round pick.

    By 2010 the price for Smith was Dan Gronkowski, a former 7th round throw away TE.

    What exactly would it cost to get Alphonso Smith in 2012 and who would actually trade FOR him?

  5. The only thing I know about Alphonso Smith is he got absolutely torched in that Thanksgiving Day game…I mean, I’ve never seen any CB get completely embarrassed like that in all my years of watching football. I’ll never be able to take him seriously again after that day.

  6. Smith has talent—very good ballhawk—and could still turn into an above average CB. But, he doesn’t tackle very well, often seems out of position, jumps too many routes (and misses) for my liking and appears to take bad pursuit angles.

    Other than that, the kid is great.

  7. They are sending Alph back to Melmac. For future considerations. Or considerations in a parallel dimension of the time space continuum, or something like that.

  8. Totally mixed on this guy. He’s a gambler…when he guesses right he looks like a Pro Bowler but when he’s wrong (too often), he looks clueless and gives up big plays. It’s really tough to figure out if he’s worth keeping…

  9. Smith is one of the most inconsistent players I’ve seen . He reads qbs eyes really good. Always picks on rookie qbs but he gets torched by the good veteran smart qbs.

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