DeMarcus Ware wants to lead Cowboys by example

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There’s been a consistent trend of people commenting on the lack of leadership in Dallas.

Most of those people aren’t actually talking about 52 members of the franchise. They are talking about Tony Romo and questioning whether he is a good enough quarterback to take the Cowboys deep into the postseason. Your quarterback has to be a leader, of course, but the Cowboys won’t make it there with Romo alone so they will need others to take the lead.

Others like linebacker DeMarcus Ware, for example. Ware is entering his eighth season in Dallas, more than anyone on the team other than Romo, Jay Ratliff and Jason Witten, and he says he’s taking on the leadership responsibilities that come with that experience.

“What you guys don’t see is me taking a leadership role on defense for the rookies, for the older guys,” Ware said, via Carlos Mendez of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “And also, lead by example. Sometimes you have to check some guys and put them in place. That’s what I do. That’s what a lot of other guys on the team have been doing. Guys come in, and they look up to you. They look up to how you play the game. And you have to set that example. But also let them know so they know where they stand in the whole scheme of things.”

Ratliff’s also been flexing some leadership muscle of late, saying that it was the time to do less talking and more working. Between the two of them, it sounds like the Cowboys have things under control on the defensive side.

So it’s safe to resume speculating about Romo.

15 responses to “DeMarcus Ware wants to lead Cowboys by example

  1. I can see Dallas starting off red hot until the collide with the Redskin Murder Train on turkeyday.

  2. “Your quarterback has to be a leader, of course, ”

    I disagree.

    Look at Joe Flacco. The Ravens were a dropped pass in the endzone from the Super Bowl.

    Can’t remember the last time someone called Flacco a “great leader”. All of Baltimore’s leaders are on defense. For them to be successful all Flacco has to do is “drive the bus”.

    No leadership needed for that.

  3. Okay, here’s guys that you call leaders…

    London Fletcher
    Bryan Urlacher
    Matthew Stafford
    Jared Allen
    Matt Schaub
    Matt Ryan
    Cam Newton
    Patrick Willis
    Phillip Rivers
    Ray Lewis

    And all the guys listed have ZERO Super Bowl wins in the past ten years. Leadership does not Super Bowl victory.

  4. rg3enoughsaid says:
    Jun 25, 2012 12:07 PM
    That’s sad, I know 2nd overall picks who havent started even one regular season game, who are more of a leader than Romo


    I live near DC and can’t remember any news reports about RG3 being a great leader yet.

    And before you and the rest of skins nation annoint RG3 the “Greatest QB to Ever Play Football”, how ’bout you let him play at least one or two snaps in the NFL first?

  5. I am not a Dallas fan but the Romo haters are a joke. If the Cowboys made him available today, 10+ teams would be on the phone trying to get him by tomorrow morning. Romo is still a top 15 QB and with him the Cowboys have no chance to complete in what will be the toughest division in football next season.

  6. The problem has been the Defense the last 4 years. Room shouk not have to score a TD In the final minutes of every game. The defensive 4th qtr has been bad for the last 4 years. Offense can score points and alot of them

  7. Another story about the Cowpies’ lack of leadership? Can we have another Peyton or Tebow story instead to break the monotony?

  8. Romo’s December this past year was some of the best QB play in the league. It was up there with Eli. The difference is only one of those guys has a legit defense.

    Yes, it’s about time more of this leadership talk falls on the shoulders of the defense rather than Romo having to bail out a young, patchwork o-line, inconsistent running game and a defense that can’t hold on to a lead.

  9. Does this mean that DeMarcus will stop jumping offsides on every play and consult with a referee to get a penalty when he isn’t called for offsides this year?

    This man gets away with a lot during a game. When you are limited with talent, you have to break the rules to get ahead.

  10. As a Cowboys fan I have to agree with you laserw, I’m beyond tired of seeing him jump offsides and giving away 5 yards like it’s candy. I wish I knew why everybody was always so hard on Romo. He has choked in the past and basically so has every other player in the NFL at some point in their career. But the Romo is great but he needs help on the other side of the ball as well. There’s a reason why there’s the saying, “Defense wins championships”

  11. It drives me crazy when people think Romo is not leader. I would love to know the sports background of average people that blog this stuff. I bet most haven’t played a single sport at any level and spout stuff they can’t come close to knowing. Maybe that’s why they just write stuff.

  12. Hey laser, this is a DC blog. If you want to talk about other teams, go elsewhere. As for Ware, give him his due. All great pass rushers are called for offsides at one point another. You guys act as if he is offsides continually. Get your facts straight!!!

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