Griffin extortion involved nothing illegal or scandalous


The claim that a former Baylor basketball player has been charged with extorting Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III has sparked plenty of speculation and intrigue and curiosity over what Griffin specifically was being extorted with.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it was ultimately nothing illegal or scandalous or problematic in any way for Griffin, if the supposedly derogatory information had been released.  That said, the specific nature and content of the derogatory information isn’t known yet — and it may never be.

Whatever it is, Richard Hurd allegedly handed it over to a Griffin representative on Friday, because that’s how the authorities caught Hurd.

“Hurd communicated that he had derogatory information on a client of B.D., and that he intended to release that information to the media to damage or injure the reputation of B.D.’s client unless the client paid Hurd a substantial sum of money,” states an affidavit that was unsealed during Hurd’s arraignment on Monday, via the Waco Tribune.

The manager known as B.D. is believed to be Griffin’s agent, Ben Dogra.  B.D. was contacted on Monday, June 18.  B.D. then met with Hurd in Waco, Texas on Friday, June 22.  At that point, Hurd “signed a non-disclosure agreement, turned over his derogatory information and was give[n] a check representing the lump-sum payment.”

The only problem for Hurd?  An undercover police agent also was present at the meeting.  After Hurd signed the non-disclosure agreement, more than enough evidence had been captured to overcome even the Chewbacca defense.

Bond for Hurd has been set at $25,000.  It’s safe to say that he won’t be posting bond based on the proceeds of the check he received.

47 responses to “Griffin extortion involved nothing illegal or scandalous

  1. 2nd time this week a football writer has referenced the ‘Chewbacca Defense.’
    Pretty sure the first had to do with the Saint.
    ..Regardless.. go South Park

  2. thetooloftools says: Jun 25, 2012 5:29 PM

    Well, if it was his face in a bong that won’t work. Michael Phelps never missed a stroke.

    That was a knee slapper.

  3. Interesting that you are taking his agent’s word that the information was not damaging.

  4. Obviously it’s pretty good information against griffen. If it wasn’t they would not gave involved the police. They would have just hung upon the person. Now they can spin it and say it was extirtion and the public won’t care about the crime

  5. Best I can tell, extortion works better with something incriminating involved…
    But if his agent says they were willing to pay this Mensa for no.-incriminating info then I guess I believe him…he surely has no reason to lie, right?

  6. IRG3= troy smith2.0, RG leaf, akili smith 2.o the 3rd, robertmarcus russell the 3rd, bustville!!

  7. It got old 100 posts ago peytonsneck. If you’re going to bash on RG3 on every Redskins post at least come with something new each time!

  8. glad my colts got Luck instead of this criminal, troy smith the 3rd, Luck is just as athletic as IRG3 and is a tougher QB, u seen that hit he laid on that defender or that one handed catch Luck made? so u sad redskins that are saying IRG3 will have a better career than Luck, u dont know about football, man!!!! all fail to the redskins!!

  9. IRG3 was on an episode of to catch a predator, his online name was IRG3thebust, and he was part of sandusky basement crew also,

  10. Nothing illegal or scandalous? …
    I got it:
    “Give me 25k or else I’ll let people know you have a poster of Nickelback in your room.”

  11. it no big deal if it was they wouldnt have gotten the police involved they wouldve kept it quiet. once the police got involved u knew it was gonna go public

  12. This dummy should have found out how much cash the media would have paid for said info, then sold to the highest bidder, then you could keep the money and not have to use it for bail.

  13. i bet its, IRG3 dresses in drag, and dude is gonna blow his cover, he went to the right team, since the redskins already have big drag queens in their stadiums, big dudes dressing in dresses, IRG3 will fit right in, IRG3 the bust!!!

  14. I don’t understand how people can be both so stupid and so dishonest.

    How dumb do you have to be to not know that extortion is a crime? Was it really worth this guy’s freedom to get $25,000? And once he is convicted, how will he ever get a decent job again? It makes no sense.

  15. There no way RG3’s agent can know with absolute certainty that his client never did anything he’d be ashamed of. Every threat has to be treated like it’s credible and this agent handled it perfectly.

  16. And the illegal and scandalous action that Griffin’s exthorter was going to reveal?

    RG3 likes to watch Judge Judy every afternoon… with a nice cup of tea!

  17. Aww shux…we were hoping we wouldnt have to face him due to suspension… guess we’ll try to beat the skins fair and square

    -Dallas Cowboys


    Cowboys are one Tashard Choice fumble away from 7 straight wins against the skins in recent history. We’ve beaten every QB you’ve thrown at us in the last 10 years. Doesn’t matter who you put on the field, it ain’t gonna matter.

    Cowboys will sweep the skins again this year. I predicted it last year and I’m doing it again.

    Good luck on Thanksgiving, RG3. DWare will be dining on your turkey legs that afternoon.

  18. This is a pure example of extortion. If he had real dirt the media would have paid top dollar for it. The way RG3 has done all the right things, he could have gotten six figures from a TMZ type for real dirt. Nothing but smoke and mirrors with this dude.

  19. The person with the info was no Rhodes scholar. Most likely a some who rg111 was hooking up with on the down low and didn’t want to go to the media. I’m leaning heavily to the butt pirate angle

  20. And redskins fans…it takes more than peyton manning to win championships, u clowns wouldnt know that cause u been sporting every teams reject players the past 20 plus years, rex Grossman. Mcnabb, gus ferrotte(banging his head against wall) and Shuler …and i would continue but im getting sick to my stomach by naming those losers

  21. Well that didn’t take long for a rookie to become a target for money.

    RG3 could give a talk at the rookie symposium to his fellow draftees. You’re a public figure making lots of money now. Trust no one, not even family members who have their hand out or needing a few bucks for that rap career or that swamp land for investment, etc.

  22. The only thing that pops in my head is that he is gay and in today’s climate of come on out guys, the water’s fine. That would be both not illegal nor damaging, but may be something he would like to keep private enough that extortion would work on him.

  23. Paytonsneck… lol. it takes more than payton manning to win championships? why don’t you ask the entire colts organization what happened last year then….. prolly because they lost bob sanders huh?

  24. Just because it wasn’t something criminal like drug use or scandalous like having several baby mama’s or being gay, does not mean that whatever it was wouldn’t hurt his image. My guess is RGIII was on tape or video saying something very unflattering. Maybe he said something about a specific group of people or he voiced a real stupid opinion, ala Rashard Mendenhall.

    There was something otherwise the agent would have just said that there was nothing. And It would have to be something that could alienate a portion of his fanbase, otherwise they wouldn’t have made a big deal about not releasing the info.

  25. Silly worthless skins fans, the year the colts won the SB the D carried them alot in the playoffs, matter of fact..PM18 had his worse games during that run, bob was healthy, McFarland was stout in run D, skins havent been relivent since Reagan was in office!!!

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