Jim Irsay takes issue with criticism of his Twitter skills


Since it’s supposed to be a slow week, here’s an item that is best suited for consideration during a slow week.

Colts owner Jim Irsay has taken to Twitter to call me out personally for a joke included at the bottom of a Saturday item regarding Irsay’s position that marketing rights aren’t holding up an eventual contract with quarterback Andrew Luck.

Since most of the latest available pictures of Luck show him wearing a mortar board and a gown tied and draped over his shoulders like an Andy Bernard sweater, and given that the topic of the item was Luck’s marketing rights via the poorly-crafted tweets of Jim Irsay, I closed with this:  “Luck likely will be free to endorse whatever he wants to endorse, including the use of images of his Stanford graduation to be included in a campaign for online courses aimed at teaching rich, middle-aged white guys how to type legibly on Twitter.”

It was a slap at Irsay’s notorious habit of oft-indecipherable Twitter messages, and using the term “rich, middle-aged white guys” was aimed at describing Irsay’s overall demographic.

Irsay didn’t see it that way.  On Monday morning, Irsay started the debate with this:

[tweet https://twitter.com/JimIrsay/status/217256215158341634%5D

Then, without a response, he said this:

[tweet https://twitter.com/JimIrsay/status/217257913197137920%5D

I considered not taking the bait; after all, the guy owns an NFL team.  But like I mentioned above, it’s slow right now.  Also, I wasn’t entirely comfortable with the not-so-subtle effort to suggest that I expect only white people to type legible Twitter message.  (For the record, I expect everyone to type legibly on Twitter.)  Besides, Irsay asked a question.  The least I could do was answer it.

[tweet https://twitter.com/ProFootballTalk/status/217263081607282690%5D

A loyal PFT reader (I knew there was at least one) thereafter responded to the kerfuffle. Irsay then replied to Wes LaFever’s tweet with this:

[tweet https://twitter.com/JimIrsay/status/217288826656272385%5D

So, basically, Jim Irsay thinks I’m a racist and I don’t like old people (even though I’m now seven years into the legally-protected class of old people) and I don’t like rich people (even though I’d very much like to be one, someday).

Wow.  He really has cracked the code.

Now if only I could crack the code for interpreting 99.8 percent of his Twitter messages, this job would be a lot easier.

40 responses to “Jim Irsay takes issue with criticism of his Twitter skills

  1. I’ll take our senile hillbilly owner Bud Adams over an obnoxious trust fund baby who lucked into Manning and then Luck.

  2. You would think he would be a little busier this off-season making sure his re-building team doesn’t do as horribly as they did last year. Instead of being at team HQ and working, he’s bullying people on Twitter. Awesome.

  3. Wait, Irsay is rich, middle-aged, and white. He gets all the coolness benefits of being a part of an NFL franchise without having to do any hard work AND he is filthy rich! What an entitled nincompoop that Irsay. He just does not get that he’s not oppressed.

  4. You’d be far better off to not indulge him.
    He’s a snide trust fund baby who thinks of himself as a clever, witty person. Nothing could be further from the truth.
    In reality I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone outside of the state of Indiana that doesn’t find him incredibly annoying.

  5. I lol’ed.
    Someone needs to tell Irsay about “Twit longer” if he’s worried about brevity curtailing his writing. He could write essays on that site then it will post the link to twitter.

  6. I’m guessing Dan Synder is very happy that Jim Irsay has over taken him as the biggest dope among NFL owners. The Colts won’t make the playoffs for at least 5-6 years so Irsay better have a lot of material to keep himself busy on TWITter.

  7. Irsay really is a clown. I love that he tries to give off an image of some loner, Grateful Dead fan. Dude, you have a trust fund, your NFL team plays in Lucas Oil Stadium. You arent an “everyman”

  8. I also come from a entitled family and inherited a 1 billion dollar franchise that plays in a 1 billion dollar taxpayer paid facility that almost blew my reputation because of drugs and alcohol… You’re all just jealous of the hard work it took for me to get here…

  9. He don’t even have any good skills. You know, like nunchuku skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills… Girls only want boyfriends who have great skills.

  10. “rich, middle-aged white guys *who happen to own NFL teams in the city of Indianapolis*…”

    Problem solved.

  11. I feel your pain Mr. Irsay and inspire to be a “rich middle-aged white guy” like yourself.

    Unfortunately, without your help, this may never be possible. I am white and what I consider middle aged (30s), but I need some help with the “rich” part.

    Contact me for details (have your check book ready, pls). Heck, I’d even take to being a Colts fan!

  12. irsay is rising exponentially as one of the biggest clowns in all of pro sports including some of the dumbest owners, most laughable coaches, and most disliked players across all sports.

    just when you think some idiot player or coach for your team was too much of an embarassment to your team, remember jim irsay, and you’ll feel better.

  13. Just tell Irsay where the next happy hour location is and that drunken tool with his ridiculous tweeting and acting like a 13 yr old girl starting her period will stop real quick.

  14. What irsey is really trying to say is…..”Me and my family, sip shampain when we thursisty!” Then tellin us….”damn right I like the way I live, I went went negative to possitive, and its all……..”

  15. Regardless…sites like Twitter are for idiotic people who NEED peoples attention one way or the other. Whether they admit it or not, these bloggers or whatever you call them, what they want is attention. Poor kids.

  16. Finally, a reason to follow someone on Twitter. If this exchange is typical, apparently Irsay is always good for a few laughs.

  17. Mike….Jim… Settle down? Are we wasting time trying to hash out the semantics of this quarrel? Mike,You slighted Jim by taking a shot at his twitter skills. Jim you called Mike on his lack of etiquette concerning the not so clever use of “white guy” . Florio, your comment implies ugliness. Irsay your response was unnecessary. Your first post covered it. I need a job! One of you call me and set me up. I want to be rich too! And calmer heads prevailed
    The. Claim

  18. Perhaps he should be reminded that his team had one of the worst 1-season declines in recent memory amid speculation that his team was tanking on purpose. And judging by his angry response it appears that you struck a nerve. If he can’t stand the fire get out of the kitchen.

  19. Maybe Irsay should have taken a longer look at his team instead of his twitter account and they wouldn’t
    have gone 2-14. The colts are going to be terrible for the next 10-15 years. As long as jimmy boy is GM/owner they will be awful.


  20. This cat should stop trying to be Jerry Jones. We all know how that has gone since, say, the mid ’90’s!
    He should just keep his mouth shut. Screw Twitter.

  21. Irsay is no different than the drunk who was his father – clueless & classless scum!

  22. Class warfare? Irsay needs to turn off fox news. He probably has a safe full of guns with price tags still on them because fox news said they were going to “take his guns”. Everyone is out to get him. Kudos to Florio for standing up to the douche.

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