Lions sign safety Sean Jones


The Detroit Lions have picked up some veteran help in their secondary, in the form of one of the few players with the potential to start who’s still available in free agency.

Sean Jones, a safety who has started all 16 games each of the last two years for the Buccaneers, has signed with Detroit. The Lions will be Jones’ fourth NFL team; he was drafted by the Browns in 2004 and played five years in Cleveland and one in Philadelphia before signing with the Bucs.

Jones, who visited the Lions in early May but left Detroit without a contract, is expected to compete with incumbent starter Amari Spievey and veteran Erik Coleman for one starting safety job. The other starting safety in Detroit is Louis Delmas.

Improving the secondary has been a top offseason priority for the Lions, who were shredded by Matt Flynn in a loss to the Packers in the final game of the regular season and by Drew Brees in their loss to the Saints in the postseason. Other additions to the secondary in Detroit have included signing free agent cornerback Jacob Lacey and drafting cornerbacks Dwight Bentley, Chris Greenwood and Jonte Green.

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  1. “Signed Sean Jones” and “Improving the secondary” should not allowed to be used in the same sentence, unless the word “not” is used also…

  2. “Signed Sean Jones” and “Improving the secondary” should not allowed to be used in the same sentence, unless the word “not” is used also…


    good thing that sentence isnt here…good attemt though.


    I like the competition. good job DET

  3. I think this is a depth move. When Delmas was hurt last year, the Lions were stuck playing special teams player John Wendling and the corpse of Chris Harris at safety for much of the later half of the season. There’s a good chance Spievey, Coleman, and Jones are competing for two safety spots (Delmas is a lock, and Wendling should make it as a ST player). Should be a good competition in camp.

  4. He was brought in to compete for the starting nod. Anyone who started all 16 games for the last 2 seasons, I’ll take on my team anyday.

    Who know weather he is good or bad in this system I will wait and see what the management do, they will keep and play the best players on their way to the SUPER BOWL a sure win.

  6. Holy crap, I know fans get defensive on threads where people let them know how terrible a player their team just signed is, but anyone who likes this signing is seriously delusional. Just an awful, awful player. I don’t care if it is for depth.

  7. You mean we don’t have to use a WR at DB again this year like last year?

    Yes, Detroit’s secondary played badly the last few games. Things like that happen when you are missing 2 starters and a backup.

  8. @ Seanje
    “The corpse of Chris Harris” Hahahaha!!!! Good stuff.
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    Sean Jones is another safety with average speed and cover skills, but it doesn’t hurt to give the guy a shot. He is experienced and may not be as easily exploited as some of the guys we have had. At least this Lions team is proactive and always looking to improve depth at all positions, even if not significant.

  9. I never comment on this Site but I had to for this post.

    Sean Jones is a HORRIBLE player. I watch every game in great detail from last season. Jones was the starting safety in the WORST defense in Buccaneer history (it wasn’t even close) . He was one of the players who “packed it in” last season.

    He doesn’t deserve to play another down in this league (even as a backup). Im sorry Lions fans but you better hope he doesn’t make it through camp.

    Buc em’

  10. I think we know—without a shred of doubt—which specific position keeps Martin Mayhew up at night.

    No Safety’s job, with the exception of Louis Delmas, can be considered secure.

  11. I’m hoping for the best.

    However, based on the less than enthusiastic comments from the Bucs fans … it sounds like we still need some serious help in the secondary.

    Welcome to Detroit Sean. You got a lotta work to do to clean up your reputation … so get busy.

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