Moats trying to make a mark in Buffalo’s 4-3 defense


Bills linebacker Arthur Moats wants to be known for more than being the guy who ended Brett Favre’s streak of consecutive starts.

To that end, the 2010 sixth-round pick hopes to nail down a spot in the team’s new 4-3 defense, a year after bouncing from outside to inside to outside in the prior 3-4 front.

According to Jared Kracker of the team’s official website, Moats is again moving around, this time between strongside linebacker in the base defense — and middle linebacker in the nickel package.

“If they feel that confident that I will be able to make the calls, make the checks and things like that well then of course it is a confidence boost,” Moats said. “It is also going to make me work even harder because if they have this confidence in me, then I want to make sure that I do not let them down.”

He hasn’t so far, which means Moats could be on the field a lot in 2012.

“When you are out there with the big-name guys and stars of the team, of course you feel good about yourself,” Moats said.  “At the same time you have to add that pressure because you know that if you’re out here with these guys you better not let them down.  I know that they are going to have my back, so I have to have their backs as well.”

Moats has appeared in 29 of 32 games, with four starts as a rookie and 2.5 sacks each year.  As he enters his third season, he could be ready to make a name for himself in what could be a much improved defense.