NFL Network to launch morning talk show


The NFL Network’s getting into the morning show business, creating a football version of the Today show.

USA Today’s Michael Hiestand reports that the league will announce Monday its plans for a four-hour weekday morning show, which will start July 30 and air 6 a.m. to 10 a.m.

The show will replace Total Access reruns on NFLN in the mornings.

“It’s mind-boggling how much content is out there,” NFLN executive producer Eric Weinberger told Hiestand. “How can you fill up four hours dedicated to the NFL every morning? It’s surprisingly easier that it sounds.”

Weinberger said the show will include “heavy debate,” and they’ve hired columnist (and the author of Namath: A Biography) Mark Kriegel to discuss topics with reporter Steve Wyche.

Former FOX Sports Network anchor Brian Webber will host the show along with Nicole Zaloumis, formerly of Comcast SportsNet New England, and former San Francisco and Carolina cornerback Eric Davis.

Davis should excel at witty morning banter. He’s bright and has a dry sense of humor.

Once, when an over-emoting local television anchor approached him during a Panthers skid trolling for a sound bite saying: “Eric, I think fans want to hear that everything’s all right, and that you guys are going to be OK,” in a too-serious tone, Davis paused a beat and replied: “Everything’s all right. . . .  We’re going to be OK.”

26 responses to “NFL Network to launch morning talk show

  1. Espn already does every sport and they have hours of replayed footage …

    Players, be prepared for your personal lives to be invaded in on just a little bit more.. lol

  2. Anything will be better than having to listen to two dopes attempting to talk sports.

  3. “It’s mind-boggling how much content is out there,” NFLN executive producer Eric Weinberger told Hiestand.

    Yeah. So why fill up four hours with crap like this? Everytime they start a talking head show, it’s abysmal. How about running replays of classic playoff games instead?

  4. This is fine with me. This is what this channel should be all about. Listening to retired NFL athletes and actual experts discussing football is always a breath of fresh air when compared to the smegma dripping out of ESPN. I can finally watch some news in the morning without wanting to put my head in the microwave.

  5. It’s about damn time.

    They’ve been letting ESPN get the jump on them for ever.

    They should also be more nimble and go to live coverage of breaking news. Instead we have to go to ESPN while the NFL Network is showing Football Follies or a rerun of a Top Ten show.

  6. Anything … anything would have to be better than Screamin’ A. Smith and Skippy the Tebow Lover.

  7. Maybe someday soon they can expand into more markets so that everyone can get the NFL network. I live in Florida, there are 3 NFL teams in this state, and we still do not get the NFL network. Directv cuts out in hurricanes & rain storms here so cable is what we have. I have asked my cable provider & the NFL network every year about expanding into this market- no dice.

  8. Too bad I can’t watch it. And I live in the heart of football country and minutes from Valley Ranch. Go Time Warner!

  9. I hope it is better than Total Access. When Rich Eisen left.. bottom….. i hardly watch NFL Network any more.

  10. Let’ hope they refrain from the “dueling ex-sportswriters” segments that ESPN has made a permanent part of their programming.

    It’s also interesting how they didn’t go after Erin Andrews. Her contract with ESPN is almost up and it’s pretty clear (see her very short stint on GMA) that they don’t see her as having any more upside to ABC. Unless she was asking too much money it would have been a good move for her.

  11. Thank goodness. No longer will I have to start my day with “dumb and dumber”, or Dan (I’m in an Adam Sandler movie) and his stooges. Only people worth stealing from ESPN are Eric Mangini and Ron Jaworski. Mangini will be better in studio than Steve (I once coached Brett) Mariucci, and Jaws would be better than Mike Mayock on Thursday Night Football.

  12. It’s too bad Matt Chatham is running his startup business. I’d love it if he were on this show.
    Yes he was a Patriot (and a Jet too) but he’s a very very smart guy and very insightful on the game.

    As for the above poster on Mangini, he’d probably jump over…we all know he isn’t exactly loyal. 😉

  13. Seth Payne should be on this too…dude is HILARIOUS and also very smart about the game.

  14. I’ll watch. Kriegel is a really good writer and I like his show Barfly on FOX Sports. Wyche and Davis are two ex-players that avoid most of the pitfalls of jocks-turned-broadcasters.

  15. I’m in favor as long as:

    1) Tennis doesn’t cause the show to jump channels every week

    2) None of the hosts pimp their Dancing with the Stars competition instead of talking football

    3) No ten minute segments with Brits giving updates on Euro soccer match results

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