Ochocinco sends Roger Goodell a warning


In slow news periods like this, we find ourselves looking back to our old reliables a little more often than we might in busier times.

There haven’t been many players more reliable for our purposes than Chad Ochocinco. The Dolphins wide receiver might not have delivered during his year in New England, but he’s finding a way to remain on our pages when most of the league is on vacation. That does a better job of explaining why he’s on the HBO-bound Dolphins than anything he did on the football field in 2011.

Ocho, or Chad Johnson as he’s resumed calling himself on Twitter and other places that aren’t the Dolphins roster, decided to give NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell a little advance notice about some money flowing into the league offices this season.

[tweet https://twitter.com/ochocinco/status/217349830257819649%5D

We’re assuming that Ochocinco is planning on scoring a lot of touchdowns and following them up with elaborate celebrations as opposed to doing any of the other things that get you fined in the NFL. There have probably been safer assumptions, but that’ll be the one we work with until further notice.

49 responses to “Ochocinco sends Roger Goodell a warning

  1. Is this him returning to being Chad Johnston? Insinuating the Dolphins will pay his fines… Can he get a fine for tweeting that?

  2. He will bring the FUN back to the (N)o (F)un (League) and the Dolphins….

    Get your popcorn ready!!!!

  3. Do Over:

    He will bring the FUN back to the (N)o (F)un (L)eague and the Dolphins….

    Get your popcorn ready!!!!

  4. Of course he is talking about what he will do when he scores touchdowns. Chad has never been a guy that gets in trouble off the field or throws punches or plays dirty during the game. He is more of a character type player than a problem on and off the field like Brandon Marshall.

    Chad is not what he used to be when he was in Cincinnati, but he does seem to have a huge weight off his shoulders going into this season. He was a fish out of water up in New England and now he gets to be himself in Miami and has a huge chip on his shoulder. I wouldn’t be surprised if he caught 60 passes this season.

  5. If u gona talk the talk u better walk the walk, as a fins fan I wana see results out of him, but btw I can’t wait for hard knocks to start.

  6. If I were Chad, I’d keep a low profile. Play the game and play it hard. But you better keep inside the rules. You were lucky to be picked up by Miami, nobody else wanted you. You’re not as good as your mouth says you are.

  7. Chad…I love you but this is gonna look so funny if and I say IF you are a surprise cut.

    I doubt it and I wouldn’t bet on it but man, that would be kinda funny after this.

  8. He’s back. When he says stupid things he somehow backs it up with touchdowns. I think he just responds to pressure he puts on himself publicly. Who will have more TDs ocho or moss??

  9. I’m a die hard dolphin fan, and I was just starting to like the idea of chad Johnson on the team. And then he says something that totally redeems why I don’t want him on the team.

  10. Oh boy, its going to be a long season…..Hopefully NY will attract all the drama with Tebow!
    I still cant believe well let Wes Welker go.

  11. What makes his fines nice is he gives the money to charity…before people think this guy is a joke they might want to look more into it

  12. “eddiecrash1976 says: I still cant believe well let Wes Welker go.”


    We did NOT let Welker go? Why is this so hard for so-called “fans” to get? It’s been reposted by one person or another for YEARS. Welker was a restricted free agent. New England put a “poison pill” in his offer…and Miami was literally incapable of matching it (x number of games in the state of Florida would result in some insane bonus or something). Kraft himself was so embarrassed by it they instead traded for him giving Miami an extra pick.

    Miami had NO CHOICE to keep Welker. Zero. Zip. Nada.


    Now…get over it already!

  13. Mr. Ochocinco knows he will only score 2 to 3 TD’s this season, won’t be fined much. He is the most idiotic has been I’ve ever encountered.

  14. Always loved CHAD JOHNSON when he was with my bengals. His talk isnt selfish like t.o. et al. Chad loves the game and loves life. His fine money all goes to charity and he has always set aside a certain amount of his salary for fines because it does go to a good cause.

    If he goes back to being the real CHAD i will once again be a huge fan of his, even if on another team.

  15. lostsok,

    how is the Magical Mystery Tour going since your recollection about the “poison pill” was pure fantasy. The Dolphins “braintrust” didn’t value Welker and negotiated a trade not to match the offer.

    “Kraft himself was so embarassed” Congratulations on one of the all time stupid statements !

  16. Will Chad Johnson ever be smart/old enough to make a speech at the Rookie Symposium? Me thinks not.

  17. lostsok-

    Poison pill? What’s next? Youre going to tell me the tooth fairy F#!@ing exsists? Grow the hell up, we have one of the most inept franchises in the last 15 years!!!! READ MY LIPS, WE LET WELKER GO!

  18. So much for Ocho growing up. It was kinda funny when he could kind of back up the talk. Now it’s just sad and annoying.

    He won’t take his job seriously until it’s too late and he finds himself out of the league.

    Bengals and Pats found out the hard way, Dolphins will figure it out soon enough.

  19. He should be more Focused on learning the Playbook and making the team. Which he hasn’t yet. If he thinks that Joe Philbin is going to put up with the things he did in Cinci, he’s going to be one out of work WR.

  20. I feel for you Roger. My 16 year old daughter is always threatening to be bad. I usually take away her iPhone for a week.

  21. Shortly after, using his NFL Dolphins issued ipad he “liked” the “future broke NFL multi-million dollar athlete files for bankruptcy” page on facebook.

  22. This is 85 at his best. Moss has a better year. But i hope to see at least 6 new celebrations from 85 bring that excitement back to the game Roger pissed on

  23. He is irrelevant just like TO was down the stretch, you have to play to celebrate and get fined. Maybe he will just do stupid stuff on the bench.

  24. This just goes to show what a very short leash the Pats put on their players, especially on Chad Johnson. There’s no way the Patriots let him get away with a tweet like that.

  25. Get your facts straight. Miami ended up trading Welker to NE for a 2nd and 7th round pick. That being said, Miami found a comparable player in 2008 by signing undrafted rookie Davone Bess.

  26. If Chad can get back to his old self on the field and he needs to be free to do this so he can then go right on ahead, Chad. Do your thing. However, if you start costing your team 15 yards I might not be so inclined to say “Do your thing.”

  27. In other words chad what you are saying is “me needs some attention to feel relevant again”

  28. Dear Mr. Goodell,

    I just wanted to give you an idea. If you at any time feel the need to fine “The Chad”, please use a suspension instead.

    I feel that this is a suspension that most fans, and more to the point most teams and players can get behind as well.

    This would be one of the best ways to get back at “The Chad” for trying to punk you with his tweet, not to mention the millions of belly laughs that will come from everyone that is not Chad whatever his last name is.

  29. If you are a 10 yr Veteran WR and had 15 Receptions 276 yds 1TD over 15 games…..there should be a law that prohibits you from speaking.

  30. Learning the play book > talking about what you’re going to do once the season starts

  31. One bad year and the world talks crap… he’s in the NFL ..got everyone talking about him…he was always the numberone receiver what ever team he was on and would of been in new England. But he couldn’t get it and understand it…oh well…..there was no ota mini camp..nothing last year..give the Guy the credit he deserves..people r Roofers and. Lois talking crap about a numberone receiver who had one bad yr I don’t get it…and he fought a twenty five yrd pass in that Superbowl right after losing his dad..the best receivers in the league beside Fitz. And holms..moss and Weller…didn’t catch a twenty five yrd. Pass in the super!! bowl…if so tell me…..LETS GO CHAD AND MIAMI AFC EAST CHAMPIONS ….WOOTWOOOOOOOT

  32. Bigjdve……..what r u a rat….u r the type of kid in school that gets punched in his face and tell his mommy to call the cops … lol what a biotch

  33. nremi85 – not a rat at all. Can you not tell sarcasm?

    However, if you look at the post – Chad told Goodell that he was going to need to fine him (in your analogy – hit him), so I simply suggested hitting him harder.

    That is what you do when someone tries to hype themselves at your expense. You give them what they asked for and more.

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