Pepsi returns as Super Bowl halftime sponsor

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Well, that didn’t take long.

With Bridgestone bailing on the sponsorship of the Super Bowl halftime show, Pepsi has returned, according to Terry Lefton of SportsBusiness Journal.

Pepsi reportedly hopes to use the sponsorship to link “its sports and music platforms,” via what the marketing types call a “season long music and sports platform that could be leveraged at retail throughout the season and would culminate in the usual Super Bowl halftime appearance by a major musical act.”

In English, this apparently means that Pepsi and the halftime act and the NFL will work together to craft a multi-platform strategy for hyping the event, and along the way getting maximum exposure for the Pepsi brand.

For the privilege of sponsoring the Super Bowl halftime show — and, from the sound of it, having greater say in who the act will be — Lefton reports that Pepsi will pay “upward of” $7 million per year.

So if the speculation that Van Halen will be named the Super Bowl XLVII halftime act is accurate, count on David Lee Roth to invite viewers during the show to “have a Coke and a smile.”

A really creepy, weird smile.

23 responses to “Pepsi returns as Super Bowl halftime sponsor

  1. I haven’t watched a halftime show since Super Bowl XXXVIII and Janet Jackson’s nipplegate. Personally I would love to see Jay-Z/Kanye West for Super Bowl halftime show. That would be epic!

  2. Van Halen? When is the last time those over-the-hill idiots were relevant to anything? The Super Bowl event is just another weekend getaway for Corporate America and we, the real fans, are forced to foot the bill and suffer through their lack of taste and style. If you’re sick of it please do what I’m going to do and stop buying Pepsi products.

  3. Apparently, if you want to headline the Super Bowl half time show, your last radio hit better have been on a cassette tape. I think Black Eyed Peas are the only artists to headline a Super Bowl since Jackson that actually had a top 40 hit in the last 20 years.

    Not that Top 40 hits are necessarily some baraometer for excellence.

  4. Do people actually watch the halftime show? I haven’t in nearly 10 years. As for Van Halen, on their current tour they are pretending the Sammy Hagar years never existed.

  5. Everytime Pepsi works with a musician it goes really bad… Michael Jackson’s hair catching on fire, the horror known as Britney Spears, Ludacris has NEVER been in trouble, and Ray Charles was slinging his seed with 9 different waitresses, etc. to sire an entire defense. Can’t wait to see who Pepsi signs but I’m guessing it’ll be Boy George or das wunderkind David Hasselhoff…..

  6. I don’t care for Pepsi, and most halftime shows really suck. But why wouldn’t there be a fight to sponsor this? Here is why, a 30 sec to 1 min commercial for the Super Bowl cost what .5 to 2 million dollars? But they get the whole halftime show and get to use the Super Bowl all year if they want in their advertising at only 7 million! That is money well spent if you ask me. A smart move by a crappy tasting soda company.

  7. Van Halen were relevant up until late 1990s then kind of fell off the map. That said they are American rock legends.
    I’d welcome them at the Super Bowl. Beats the Black Eyed peas any day.

  8. People who like rock & roll wish the Sammy Hagar version of Van Halen never existed. Sammy seems like a cool dude to get a beer with , and that first Montrose album is awesome, but the new Van Halen record is better than any of the Van Halen Hagar records.

  9. @ shackdelrio, I’ve been wanting AC/DC to do the show for so long now. I can’t believe they haven’t yet and the window for them to do it is closing fast.

    As for the rest of you who say Van Halen aren’t relevant anymore, you’re obviously out of touch yourself because VH released an album this year, and the song “Tattoo” went as a #1 single. And they’ve sold out like every show on their tour.

  10. Yuck. Ugliest band to every play a halftime show?

    God forbid they sign a currently relevant, super-talented act who can put their own spin on an American tradition and make the show fun to watch without needing five other acts to show up and dance/lip-sync/flip off the camera.

    Or, put up an act who has a natural connection to other acts… I wouldn’t be surprised to see Neil Young show up for a Pearl Jam halftime… Kanye and Jay-Z… hologram Tupac with Snoop and Dre… Foo Fighters with a bunch of old rockers… Jack White with half the music community.

    Van Halen is old. They were fun a long time ago, but this isn’t a long time ago.

  11. has anyone been moderately entertained by these terrible half time shows.. such big productions and such cash is thrown out for simply terrible performances..

    why not have a title fight for boxin or MMA during halftime.
    a show men can actually enjoy.

    van halen’s new stuff is absolutely terrible.

  12. The only thing worse than the halftime show is people that get all bent out of shape about details surrounding the halftime show.

  13. It’ll be alright ONLY if Pepsi brings back the old Kramer commercials.

  14. Dear Pepsi, please give me Katy Perry as the halftime show. I’d actually watch if I had some beautiful eye candy like that to watch.

  15. Van Halen has the potential to be the BEST Super Bowl halftime show ever, IMO — or at least since Prince… Here’s my reasoning:

    1.) Some of you (presumably out-of-touch ppl) are writing that Van Halen isn’t relevant. People like me — from our teens to age 30 — grew up on Guitar Hero, Rock Band — and we all know Van Halen. They’re the American Led Zeppelin.

    1a.) Also “relevant”: Van Halen’s new album, “A Different Kind of Truth,” is among the Top 10 best-selling albums of 2012. Additionally, VH’s U.S. tour has been the highest grossing U.S. tour so far in 2012.

    2.) With VH, there will be no lip-synching, like The Black-Eyed Peas, Madonna, etc.

    3.) Van Halen is not a “safe” choice like Paul McCartney, because the band is combustible. (VH didn’t even show up to its own RN’R Hall of Fame induction.)

    *** The Super Bowl and Van Halen are both Americana. Can you imagine 1 billion peoples’ jaws dropping at Eddie Van Halen playing “Eruption,” and David Lee Roth strutting & laughing through “Hot For Teacher;” “Jump;” “Panama”? I can’t think of a better way to represent America’s game.

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