Ryan thinks he and Schwartz will keep on surviving


Three years after more than a third of the NFL hired new head coaches, only two of those men remain on the job.  One of them thinks they’ll both be sticking around for a while.

Specifically, Jets coach Rex Ryan predicts he and Lions coach Jim Schwartz will have their jobs well into the future.

“I think we have chance to be here for a long time,” Ryan said, via Anwar Richardson of MLive.com.

Not in their jobs for a long time were the nine coaches hired in 2009 and fired by 2012.  They are/were Rams coach Steve Spagnuolo, Bucs coach Raheem Morris, Colts coach Jim Caldwell, Chiefs coach Todd Haley, Browns coach Eric Mangini, Seahawks coach Jim Mora, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, Raiders coach Tom Cable, and 49ers coach Mike Singletary.

“It’s a tough business,” Ryan said.  “There were a lot of excellent coaches let go.  They’re several of them, and that’s unfortunate to see.  I’m happy that Schwartz and I are still surviving, I guess.  You’ve been an assistant coach, probably had a decent reputation as an assistant coach, waiting for that opportunity.

“Then when you do, you go in there with both barrels, and you’re going to be yourself, all that, and let the chips fall where they may.”

Helping Ryan and Schwartz are a trio of postseason berths between them.  (Then again, Caldwell took the Colts to the Super Bowl.)

Like most if not all of Rex’s past predictions, there’s a good chance his latest one ultimately won’t come to fruition.  The only constant in the NFL is change, and with 256 annual regular-season games featuring one winner and one loser (but for tie games), there will be good teams and bad teams and the bad teams eventually will feel compelled to seek a kick start toward being good.

17 responses to “Ryan thinks he and Schwartz will keep on surviving

  1. Ryan is right about Lions coach Jim Schwartz, he has his team moving up. Lions have an advantage, their city just wants to win. The Jets have to deal with New York Jets fans who have been waiting since 69. His act is getting old already. If he doesn’t produce in say 2 years, he will be gone. In my opinion, he is gone and I have been a Jets fan since 1964.

  2. The only difference is Rex Ryan inherited a really good team and has regressed. Schwartz inherited an 0-16 team and has steadily improved every year.

  3. Keep making outrageous guarantees and I will guarantee you won’t have a job for long…

    Going 8 and 8 again won’t help the cause either. Especially when Big Blue is winning like they are.

    Schwartz I can see, Lions are on the right path. The Jets, not so much.

  4. couldn’t agree more. when you make the playoffs 2/3 and bring a team back from nothing to finally make the playoffs, you’ll be seeing more time

  5. ” (Then again, Caldwell took the Colts to the Super Bowl.)”

    Replace “Caldwell” with “Peyton Manning” and “the Colts” with “Caldwell”

  6. Ryan’s transition to a hybrid nickel defense via a 4-3 base defense, with the inclusion of a run oriented offense means this season will be won on the play of the defense.

    Jets have had a top ten ranked defense every year Ryan has been the head coach, and now with an offense focused on keeping the defense rested and being offensively conservative i.e. low risk/low turnover I believe Rex Ryan will be fine.

    You underestimate the personnel on the team, the Jets may have a huge need at the OLB position but their defensive line depth is the most impressive outside of Buffalo and their secondary is more talented as well as physical with the addition of free agents Bell and Landry and rookies Bush, Allen, Steed and Fletcher.

    The Jets are missing only a few pieces to be a championship caliber team; head coach is not one of them.

  7. Wow, I actuall agree with something that came out of Rex’s mouth. He’s right, Schwartz will be sticking around for a while.

  8. “The Jets have to deal with New York Jets fans who have been waiting since 69. ”

    … and Lions fans have been waiting since ’57.

  9. Rex was hired to coach a pretty solid team. Has he really done anything to improve it via the draft?

  10. “Then again, Caldwell took the Colts to the Super Bowl.”

    How? Did he drive the bus to the stadium?

  11. depends how rex will use this draft class and next year. he won’t be fired any time soon, lets be for real now. guy made two afc championships in three years in the league as a head coach. andy reid would have been fired ages ago if that was the case.

  12. The Jets are missing only a few pieces to be a championship caliber team; head coach is not one of them.


    Yeah too bad one of those pieces includes a QB with a spine. Who will save you now that Sanchez is who we thought he was? Tebow. Ha. Thanks for the laughs, Rex.

  13. flipadelphia:

    Yea, I agree. A QB has no spine if he plays his best ball when it counts the most. We arent talking about team stats and losses, here. The spineless QB has 9TD-3INT’s, 60% completion, a 94+ QB rating (7th all time in NFL playoff history), 2 game winning 4th quarter drives, in only 6 playoff games. And thats all on the road, with most of those games against upper level echelon defenses. While the Jets do win games in spite of him in the regular season, they have won because of him in the playoffs. Defense let them down in both their playoff losses, both games which he was lights out. And oh yea, he also outplayed Rivers, Brady, and Big Ben in their own building.

    Not sure if you are an Eagles fan, but if you are hope you like Vick. Two playoff wins playing sligtly below average in his whole career and the spineless QB has already accomplished more when it counts in his first 3 seasons.

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