Titans trying to teach pass-rush from the ground up


The Titans knew they had to change things, after recording a meager 28 sacks last year.

So they decided to start from scratch.

Former NFL defensive player of the year (1989) Keith Millard was hired as an assistant, specializing in pass rush. And he’s teaching his students from the ground up.

“He’s teaching a lot of different stuff than what we went through last year,” said defensive tackle Karl Klug, whose seven sacks led the team. “Everything, from footwork to the rhythm of the pass rush that he’s been getting us to learn, has kind of been a struggle for most of us.

“It’s just different and it takes a while to get used to. Hopefully by the time training camp rolls around, I’ll have a better grasp of it.”

By breaking it down to the fundamentals such as hand placement and hip positioning, Millard is shocking some of his pupils with how much they don’t know.

“A lot of this stuff is new to a lot of these guys, and even talking to some of the veterans, they’re telling me, ‘Coach, I’ve never learned this stuff before,’ ” Millard told John Glennon of the Tennesseean. “It’s amazing [considering] some of the guys they’ve been coached by. You’d think they’d have [been taught].

“So it’s a process. It’s a work in process, and it always is everywhere I’ve been. But everywhere I’ve been, we’ve always gotten [there] as long as we keep working. And they’re working great.”

Millard’s chances of turning things around would be better if former first-rounder Derrick Morgan could stay well. Plagued by injuries, the former first rounder has managed just four sacks in 19 games as a pro.