Welcome to the dead zone of NFL news

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Welcome to the NFL during the last full week in June.  Typically, it’s the slowest time of the year.

But there’s nothing typical about this year.

And so, if you don’t want to miss anything, you need to keep checking out PFT multiple times per day, every day this week.

You also should have been checking us out over the weekend.  If you didn’t, here’s a quick summary of what you missed:

A full breakdown of the “Bobby, give me my money” video suggests that Remi Ayodele said the key four words.

If that’s the case, the league may have nothing on Anthony Hargrove.

Remi Ayodele isn’t saying one way or another whether that’s the case.

Either way, the target of the alleged bounty doesn’t care.

LaDainian Tomlinson considered joining Peyton Manning in Denver.

The only problem?  Denver never offered L.T. a job.

Titans RB Chris Johnson keeps comparing himself to LeBron James.

The NFLPA sees the league’s bounty case as a “mosaic” of something far smellier than evidence.

Colts owner Jim Irsay sees a report of marketing hurdles in Andrew Luck’s deal as a “breaky” of something far smellier than eggs.

The union could use the HGH issue to try to reduce some of the Commissioner’s powers.

The NFL is leaving itself exposed to ongoing concussion liability.

The last play of the last game of the 2011 Steelers season is an ongoing nightmare for Ike Taylor.

If you’re reading this from a Dolphins playbook iPad, it’s time to write a check for $10,000.

If Chad Ochocinco can’t understand the contents of his Dolphins playbook iPad, he may not be getting $10,000.  Times 92.5.

Al “Bubba” Baker doesn’t see the problem with a little stomping.

Brandon Marshall opens up.  Kind of.  Sort of.  Not really.

Brandon Marshall’s legal issues are entirely behind him.  Kind of.  Sort of.  Not really.

Matt Forte says Jay Cutler doesn’t know Jack about the running back’s contract negotiations.

The folks in Santa Clara County have pulled a David Copperfield with $30 million in funding for the 49ers new stadium.

Some fans would say that Adam Archuleta, who now says he was “miserable” playing pro football, did the same thing.

The guy who celebrated a $75 million contract by buying a ping-pong table carved off $500,000 for a place where coeds will play tonsil hockey, and a lot more.

As the CFL prepares to launch its 2012 season, a look back at when NFL teams played CFL teams.

That’s it.  And that’s just the highlights.

So, yes, the NFL continues to be the ultimate reality show.  And the reality is that it no longer slows down, even when the league otherwise shuts down.

7 responses to “Welcome to the dead zone of NFL news

  1. “Colts owner Jim Irsay sees a report of marketing hurdles in Andrew Luck’s deal as a “breaky” of something far smellier than eggs.”


    For a guy who you couldnt go one day without hearing his name and how great he’s gonna be the news has sure been quiet about him. Wonder what that’s about?

  2. I thought that “there is no offseason in the NFL”.

    Well, in honor of the Christopher Walken picture if you can’t get me more news at least get me “more cowbell!!! I need more cowbell!!!”

  3. Forget about the NFL for the next month, people. Read a book, spend time outside, enjoy the long summer evenings. When camp rolls around get excited again. It doesn’t need to be a year round obsession, despite what the league wants.

  4. Michael Vick is the biggest jerk in the NFL? Thats a first. besides his past, vick has been all professional on and off the field since he got reinstated in the league. Dont know where these reporters get there info from

  5. It’s just the calm before the storm. The NFL will be ready to go and better than ever this year.

  6. “[T]he league may have nothing on Anthony Hargrove.”

    RIGHT! Unless you consider the pesky little fact that Hargrove admitted to the NFL that he LIED to the NFL at the behest of his coaches. But hey, why let facts stand in the way of stirring the pot, even if we have to misrepresent the facts along the way! Go Saints! Go Gregg Williams! Go Sean Payton! Go Anthony Hargrove! Go Mike Florio! Woo hoo!

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