Aaron Berry puts on pounds in attempt to win starting job in Detroit

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When last we checked in with Lions cornerback Aaron Berry, he revealed he quit Twitter because he had more important things to focus on these days.

While we’re not sure that’s the real reason — calling Lions fans “broke and miserable” probably contributed to the decision — Berry certainly has enough on his plate without 140-character messages in the mix. The departure of Eric Wright has left a spot open at cornerback in the starting lineup, one that Berry will have a chance to win over Alphonso Smith (assuming he isn’t traded), Jacob Lacey and three 2011 draftees this offseason.

Berry’s been working with the first team this spring, but coach Jim Schwartz told Anwar Richardson of MLive.com that the job isn’t his to lose, something underscored by their rumored interest in trading for Cowboys corner Mike Jenkins. Schwartz also said that it is essential Berry remains healthy this year after he was unable to do that in either of his first two seasons. Berry’s gained 10 pounds as part of an effort to lessen his injury risk this season.

“I just thank the guys upstairs for giving me the opportunity,” Berry said. “They have faith in me to go out there and get the job done. I’m just going to do what I’m doing, keep playing. Like I said, it will play itself out.”

The tea leaves suggest the Lions want Berry to win the job, which is obviously a sizable advantage in any competition but not an insurmountable one. That means Berry will have to keep on trying everything other than Twitter to wind up with the gig when the season gets underway.

9 responses to “Aaron Berry puts on pounds in attempt to win starting job in Detroit

  1. Aaron Berry was throw at soooo frequently last year. Absolutely abused. I know he made a highlight play or two, but on the plus and minus of it, it was just plain ugly. As a Lions fan the less I see of him on the field, the better. Really, the secondary is one good starting corner away from being a pretty strong defense. Especially if we can score a shutdown (next years draft?) and move Houston to the #2 slot.

  2. Berry sticks with his man, he’s just not very good at making a play on the ball. He’s a willing tackler, but gets injured a lot because he was pretty light.Houston was this way till about the 3rd game of his 1st season with the Lions, then he started playing the ball better. Alphonso Smith plays the ball great, but he gets burned gambling too much. If you could clone Berry and Smiths strengths together that would be a good CB. Wright wasn’t all that and after watching him get turned around twice in one play against the Saints in the regular season game I was done with him. Let the Bucs pay him 7.5 mil a year for that garbage.

  3. This guy sucked at Pitt…he would constantly be lit up. Can’t believe he made an NFL roster, let alone stay in the league for a few years.

  4. …and to me the safeties on Detroit are almost a bigger concern then the CB’s. Delmas is good when he’s healthy, but not as big a playmaker as he’s made out to be . At least since his rookie year. The other CB spot is the gaping hole in the secondary and not sure Sean Jones is much different than Chris Harris from last season. Disappointed they didn’t give Alonzo Lawrence a chance in camp with his size and speed, and I hope they give Silva a chance this training camp.

  5. Loser. Just arrested for DUI and all kinds of other crap. This team is run by a bunch of aholes. As a detroiter I am ashamed.

  6. This story came a litttllle too early.

    And to mwojo86- the team is NOT run by a ‘bunch of aholes.’ Its run by two men who have done something that has arguably never been done in Detroit- scout effectively, bring in and develop talent. They’ve done EXACTLY that. Which is why if some of these guys start acting like clowns, they need to bring out their banhammers and cut them, knowing comfortably they can replace them.

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