Brees grievance hearing coming tomorrow

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Lost in the Drew Brees Tuesday media tour amid talk of the bounty case and his long-term deal with the Saints is the fact that, on Wednesday, arbitrator Stephen Burbank will entertain arguments on a $4 million question regarding Drew’s potential compensation in 2013.

June 27 remains the date for the hearing on the question of whether Brees’ franchise tender next year would be determined by giving him a 20-percent raise or a 44-percent raise over his earnings in 2012.

The Saints and the NFL believe that, because the Saints would be using the franchise tag a second time in 2013, Brees would get only a 20-percent raise, which would give him $19.645 million in base pay.  Brees and the NFLPA believe that, because Brees once before played under the franchise tag in San Diego, use of the tag a second time by the Saints would amount to a third time on Brees, entitling him to a 44-percent raise — or $23.574 million.

There’s no middle ground.  One side will win the point, one will lose, and the $3.929 difference will swing one way or the other.  And that amount will then impact the two-year haul Brees can expect under the tag.

So he’ll either be in line for $35 million or $39 million over the next two years.  Which will help give clarity to the final negotiations on a long-term deal that is expected to be signed by July 16, the deadline for signing franchise players to multi-year contracts.

If both sides emerge from the hearing skittish about losing this $4 million bet, they’ll have a strong incentive to split the difference, doing a deal based on Brees making $37 million over the next two seasons under the franchise tag.

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  1. Whatever the outcome I personally believe this is what’s holding up the deal. After the hearing there should be nothing else to argue about.

  2. I understand it is sports but the comment of only a 20% increase and the salaries as large as they are it does sound a little silly when you consider the general public fights for a 3% increase on their base salary.

  3. The mask is slipping off the entire Saints organization. The feel-good story for New Orleans was great, and I don’t know anyone who doubted Brees’ wholesome image. But all that’s been washed away a little and we see dirty tactics and just another money grab beneath. Where I come from, the guilty take their licks and lick their wounds in the corner for a while.
    PS More Tebow

  4. It’s this kind of thing that’s pushing me farther away from professional sports. All of these athletes lose sight of why they started playing this game. It turns them into money hungry a-holes with a me me me attitude. I wish I had drew brees’ problem right now.

  5. Where I come from, the innocent fight back when false accusations are made against them. Then, they get even.

  6. Can Brees sit down and shut the f up! Please worry about your contract and stop defending idiots who were warned to stop what they were doing on multiple occasions over the course of multiple years! No one owes u an explanation for the bounty or WMDs. He is starting to sound like a little kid instead of a high ranking member of the NFLPA which is supposed to represent the well being of all players not just the current you are playing for!

  7. because the money is millions not hundreds or thousands its suppose to mean a lot more …… why?

    these guys give/ gave up a “regular” guy path to earn this money “playing” a game you “pay” to watch them play, then get pissy when they want to be fairly compensated? ……

    sooooo you settled for 10.95 an hour instead of opening your mouth because you know your WORTH 12-13 per hour? just take your pay and be happy? your greedy wanting what your worth? …………..who you really mad at?

  8. saintij ; You are so right we looking at millions of dollars so both sides are looking out for they best interest. They are dealing with millions of dollars here Drew Brees want the money and Brees knows what he has to do when he receive this money. Tom Benson will be looking for a Super Bowl Championship win, you right these guys own every penny. This is these guys job and they living and they body that are being beat up on plus the NFL don’t want to pay them when they get injuryed. So they has to make they money somewhere the happy they are the better some of them play Drew Brees love the game and he good at it yes he make some errors but not regularly he is a elite quarterback because he knows what pain feel like and don’t let get him down. What the people’s fail to realize if the Saints don’t keep him other teams are watching and waiting they will pay the price like they did Peyton Manning and I want the Saints to keep him together they are Super Bowl contenders.

  9. Mr Brees,

    A majority of NFL fans have lost ALL respect for you. Your true personality has come out during this scandal and it is ugly.

  10. Brees the real captain which endowing the reputation didn’t give out partners in team. Began to respect him even more

  11. …I’m a Saints fan. @ 1st I was like, “PAY BREES WHATEVER HE WANTS!!!!!!!!!” Now, not so much. Saints offers r more than respectable & #9 will make more in endorsements than what the contract will pay. We love U, Brees, but i.m.o. you’re greedy…. Hurry up & sign w/ your greedy self so we can kill the competition! ***WHO-DAT’?!!!***

  12. The franchise tag usage: yet another thing that either De Smith, the player reps or all of them failed their membership on.

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