Brian Banks: I’ve already won


Thanks to bounties, concussions and arrests, there haven’t been a ton of feel-good stories bouncing around the NFL this offseason.

There might even be none if not for Brian Banks. Banks’ story is probably familiar to you by this point, but we might as well spin it out there one more time. Banks was a high school linebacker good enough to commit to USC as a junior before his life was derailed when he was accused and convicted of rape while still in high school. He spent time in jail and was still on house arrest in May when he was exonerated of any crime when his accuser admitted to fabricating the story.

Banks eschewed bitterness upon his release, choosing to channel his energy toward earning an NFL chance instead. He’s had several tryouts around the league, but no contract has come his way as yet. Banks tweeted out a reminder Tuesday that his story hasn’t reached its conclusion yet along with a little more gratitude for what he’s experienced over the last month.

Banks later exchanged some tweets with Jay Glazer of FOX, who helps put several NFLers through mixed martial arts training when he isn’t yukking it up on Sunday mornings during the football season. Once camps start up, the hope is that this extra training helps land him a job. It’s a hope we share here at PFT.

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  1. Yo Brian, come up to Vancouver , the CFL
    Champs BC Lions would love to have you start at middle linebacker. In 2009, the starting LB Camron Wake, hone his skills here for a year, then went south to become an all Pro

  2. I truly hope this guy is able to make a roster and live out his dream…I can’t think of anybody who deserves it more…good luck to you sir…

  3. Put him to work for a team and when/if he becomes ready to be able to compete for a roster spot then give him a chance, or help him with getting a college education. The NFL put’s up with plenty if a guy can play. Let’s see them go out of their way to help someone who deserves a break. Lord knows they could use the favorable publicity right now.

  4. All due respect to Brian Banks, God bless him, I hope he makes a team, but to say there would be “no” feel good stories without him, one would think you completely forgot Eric LeGrand.

  5. This kid has tremendous character. He could teach most NFL players a lot about life. I hope he has a chance to be on a team and to enjoy every day of his new life. I really hope he gets a shot.

  6. I would understand if Mr. Banks was relieved to be a free man once again to continue to chase his dream of playing in the greatest league in the world & would not consider pursuing criminal charges for the person that knowingly accused him for a crime but shouldn’t there be a district attorney filing charges regardless of what Mr. Banks wishes? Is it not a crime to falsely accuse another person in a court of law of a heinous crime? Mr. Banks, you are a bigger man than me. Figuratively & literally.

  7. veence69 says:Jun 26, 2012 5:38 PM

    If this kid doesn’t get an invite to at least one camp, something is up.


    If he doesn’t get an invite what’s up is he lacks talent.

    Feel good story or not the NFL is a business and to think that someone should give him a contract offer just to be nice is idiotic.

    Regardless of how much this kid has suffered, try not to get so caught up in the emotional side of things and look at it for what it is… a business.

    If you can’t accept that, then perhaps you can get him a job where you work. Don’t worry that he’s not qualified… its a feel good story afterall.

  8. tis mind boggling to me that no one has picked this kid up yet. If he is good enough to earn some tryouts he has something. He will do wonders for the locker room and team morale, Even if he only plays a few plays on special teams a game!

  9. Thanks to bounties, concussions and arrests, there haven’t been a ton of feel-good stories bouncing around the NFL this offseason.

    With all due respect, i’m not sure that’s true. Yeah, there has been a lot of what you mention, but that’s what you’ve chosen to focus on. I’m sure every time someone at PFT sits down to write an article about the bad stuff, an NFL player is doing a fundraiser for the Police Athletic League, a local food bank, or any other number of worthy charities.

  10. “pr0phat69 says:Jun 26, 2012 10:44 PM
    tis mind boggling to me that no one has picked this kid up yet. If he is good enough to earn some tryouts he has something. He will do wonders for the locker room and team morale”

    It’s not mind boggling really. The NFL is first and foremost a business and they need the best guys on the team. Banks is competing against guys who have been playing constantly and honing their skills to be in football shape. Unfortunately, Mr. Banks has not even played football in over 10 years. You can’t expect his skills and athleticism to have maintained at a peak level required to play in the NFL. He’d have to be an athletic and genetic freak like Herschel Walker, who at almost 50, looks like he could still play ball.

    I sincerely hope Banks realizes his dream and the coaches see something in him to make a team. If not the NFL, I hope he is able to get an education and be successful elsewhere. The guy certainly has the drive.

  11. How has no one advised him to go to COLLEGE. That’s where promising high school linebackers go before the pros. He’s young enough, and it would appear he’s not in good enough shape to make an NFL team.

  12. He would have been signed by now if he was going to make it. I wish he would hit USC up to get his scholarship he was promised and get an education so he could have a real future.

  13. I cannot even fathom the mind of a person who would send someone else to jail for a crime they did not commit. Sometimes I forget people like that really do exist and really are out there.

  14. @ granadafan

    I totally understand where you are coming from and you are 100% right. However you can’t tell me that that this kid isn’t going to come to work everyday with a smile on his face and giving you everything he has every play. An attitude like that can be contagious and in Carroll’s “compete” system this kid has a shot. If ( AND THIS IS A BIG IF) he still has raw talent good coaches can help him. I am not saying that he needs to be starting Middle linebacker. But give him a chance on special teams. This kid is worth the investment and worth a chance.

  15. Since the day of his release no one, anywhere, in any media outlet, has even mentioned the possibility of legal repercussions against the accuser.
    How is that possible?
    It’s simply unreal; she is going to keep her $1.5M and then be given a pass.

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