Drew Brees “still very confident we’ll get a long-term deal done”

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With training camp a month away, Saints quarterback Drew Brees still hasn’t signed the exclusive-rights franchise tender and still hasn’t signed a long-term contract extension either. But Brees doesn’t sound overly concerned.

Brees said on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike in the Morning that he and the Saints are engaged in “ongoing discussions,” and that he believes a deal will be reached.

“I’ve always said, you’d think this process should be a lot more simple than it is,” Brees said. “It just always seems to be complicated. But I’m still very confident we’ll get a long-term deal done, and hopefully that’ll happen sooner than later. I’m very aware of where the Saints are at and certainly where I’m at. All of the discussions that take place are between my agent Tom Condon and Mickey Loomis, the general manager for the Saints. But obviously I know exactly what’s going on.”

From all indications, the Saints and Brees are not particularly far apart on the financial details of the long-term extension that both sides say they want to reach. But that’s been the case for a while now, and a deal still hasn’t been done. The Saints have had about as bad an offseason as any NFL team has ever had, and the one thing that could make it even worse is for Brees not to be there when training camp starts. This is a deal they need to get done. Brees sounds confident that they will.

17 responses to “Drew Brees “still very confident we’ll get a long-term deal done”

  1. Hard to feel bad for Brees…

    The only issue here is if he becomes really really rich or obscenely rich.

  2. How can you have confidence when it’s taken this long to lock up the 2nd best QB in the league? This should have been done ages ago. A process like this should be simple when you are the absolute leader of the franchise.

  3. The Saints can ill-afford any more distractions going into training camp.The GM and all the powers that be, know this.The deal should have been completed long before now.Either both sides are not as close, as has been reported or, there are other issues that we just do not know about !

  4. If you think h’s greedy – let him go boys!

    Yeah right

    It’s funny how players get a beating on how greedy they are but you never hear of the owners “profits”.

    They’re billionaires you fools!

  5. He deserves whatever he can get the organization to pay him.

    It should be noted that his politics have made him a hypocrite throughout this process.

  6. In about three weeks, both sides will stand about where they are now … and reach for the middle. The skies will turn blue, the birds will sing, and there will be much joy in the universe … until they turn their attention to the Redskins. 🙂

  7. Bress is about the best anyone can ask for, both on and off the field. A true leader and role model. For all of you saying he’s selfish, greedy, or even how bad his character is can keep on talking. The city of New Orleans is proud to have a sponser such as Bress and everyone should try to strive and do half of what he does. The world would be a better place. Media < Drew.

  8. Brees played under a franchise tag in SD and got screwed. Why would he do it again?

    Also why wouldn’t a player maximize his money? Football careers are short and only singing bonuses are guaranteed

  9. it says a lot about the saints organization when they string along their best player for months over a couple million….the sticking point is guarenteed money no doubt. PAY THE MAN ALREADY

  10. Funny how Brees completely controls what he talks about in media appearances to put good (pro-himself) news out while ignoring all possible negative like his apparent lack of knowledge about things such as Pamphilon’s tape which we know he was very involved with.

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