Fitzgerald raves about Tebow


Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald isn’t saying much about the quarterbacks currently on his team, but he’s saying plenty about a guy who plays on the other side of the country.

“If you’re not a fan of Tim Tebow, something’s wrong with you,” Fitzgerald said at the Colonial All-Pro Football Camp on Monday, via the Daily Press.  “He does things the right way.  If you spend any time with the guy, he’s a kid that parents would want their kid to be like.  He’s the kind of guy that you want your daughter to marry.  We need more people like him, not just athletes.”

Of course, that’s not a reflection of Fitzgerald’s beliefs regarding Tebow’s skills as a quarterback.  But given that the Cardinals currently have two so-so guys who are struggling to stand out, it’s hard not to wonder whether Fitzgerald would have lobbied for Tebow, if Tebow had been available before the Cardinals paid Kevin Kolb’s $7 million roster bonus in March.

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  1. Even when you know he’s going to run, Tebow is tough to stop – it’s just eventually he has to throw the ball and when he does he’s a lot easier to stop.

    If the Jets can figure out how to effectively use both him and Sanchez they’ll win a lot of games just by confusing defenses…. but that’s a big IF.

    As far as character issues I find it amusing how mocked this guy gets for being an open Christian. I don’t want him pushing his religion on people but it’s ironic that he’d probably take less flack from the NFL fan base if he were a Satan-worshiper… or at the very least, more “Ben Roethlisbergian”

  2. Real easy for Fitzgerald to be this nice……he doesn’t have Tebow overthrowing him on every other play!

  3. It’s the failure the differentiate “great person” with “great football player” that Fitzgerald doesn’t understand.

    And as someone who watches A LOT of football year-round, it’s annoying that the most talked about player in the NFL doesn’t even start on a team that missed the playoffs last year.

  4. Wow!! that’s coming from the best receiver in football.

    And Rex doesn’t think there’s going to be a QB controversy?

  5. I’m a Phoenix resident and I think Kolb is a total bust and a hugely expensive mistake, but he’s still an NFL quarterback, not…..whatever the heck Tebow is! The Jets can Keep him. Please.

  6. It is slow lately..& as a Bronco fan, I haven’t commented on a Tebow story in a while, but my opinion of him hasn’t changed. I still believe he will succeed in the NFL, & like it or not, he is a “proven” winner, as his starting record reflects.

  7. Since Tebow’s college days, he has racked up so many enemies, it is astounding..

    An LSU fan got his cell phone number and there were dozens of threats on it by the time they were able to shut it down..It was hilarious.

    That is just one college..then there was OHIO state, heavily favored, HUGE BEAT DOWN.
    Then the next BCS game (after a long winning streak, creating literally millions of haters) with OKLAHOMA , where the mighty Sam Bradford was out gunned and out played by the middle of a 22 game winning streak.. amazing.

    Tebes owns 5 NCAA records/ 14 SEC and 28 UF school records when he finished college..
    Manning, 0 /0/ 4 UT school records.. LOL.

    The hate for Tebow is a reflection of the collective beat downs he has inflicted on opponents.. Ask Pittsburg fans for last years cleansing of the playoff chances…and get back to me.
    the kid finished his college career with a 170.79 PER, so the “he can’t throw, has zero talent” bla bla bla is just hate, from a sore loser, or an anti decency who needs ya ?

  8. Kolb got crushed by the Vikings D last year, he threw 50%, 0 td’s, 2int’s. I know why Fitz is raving about Tebow, because he’s far better than Kolb!

  9. I think fitzgerald wants to get traded to the NY JETS so he can be on the same team as tebows. he would be great for tebows growth as a top NFL QB. REX and tennibaums will be making some calls today. watch and see FITZGERALD will be a JET by the first game of 2012.

  10. Nobody says it, but Tim Tebow and John Skelton had the same records last year. One thing they have in common: both are proven winners. Say what you will about Kolb – but Skelton is a fearless pocket passer, who nevers runs away in fear of a defensive lineman. He even took 2 sacks in the endzone in a game because he pays more attention to his receivers than he does to running from linemen. The bottom line in the NFL is wins. Why all the “competition” between Kolb and Skelton? 2-6 vs. 6-2? Here we go again.

  11. I have a lot of respect for Tebow & Fitzgerald….NFL needs more players like this and it has nothing to do with religion….they are just real role models for the kids that idolize them

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