Kamerion Wimbley falls just short on American Ninja Warrior


Titans defensive end Kamerion Wimbley fell just short in his quest to advance to the finals of American Ninja Warrior.

Wimbley completed the obstacle course on the reality show, which is itself quite an accomplishment, but his time was good enough only for 16th place in a competition in which the first 15 finishers advance.

At 6-foot-4 and 255 pounds, Wimbley may be the largest person ever to complete the American Ninja Warrior course. The course includes climbing and hanging and is usually completed by men who weigh about 100 pounds less than Wimbley. To complete the course, Wimbley has to have outstanding upper body strength, and especially impressive grip strength. There are probably a lot of NFL running backs, receivers and defensive backs who could complete this course, but Wimbley may be the only lineman who could do it.

Still, Wimbley didn’t do it fast enough. And so he can turn his attention away from obstacle courses, and back to football.

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  1. Too bad his football skills don’t come close to his “Ninja” abilities. As a Raider fan who has seen every game of his over the last two years, I can say with certainty Wimbley is vastly overrated. He is a situational pass rusher that disappears against the average to elite tackles in the league.

    The Titans plan to use him as a 4-3 base end? Wow, good luck. He will gt blown off the ball at the point of attack and, like I said, only generate pass ruch against the lower tier tackles in the league. After he washes out as an every down end, don’t put him back at LB either. He can’t cover backs and TE’s, and he is terrible against the run overpursuing and not filling sealing the edge.

    He won’t be missed in Oakland, contrary to what the so called “experts” think.

  2. The Ninja Warrior course in Japan is waaay harder and some of those guys train for years just to get past the stage 3.

    Props to anyone who can complete the first stage though.

  3. @villa41: Wimbley’s best season was as a rookie DE in a 4-3. He didn’t fare so well in his 2nd year, but if he’s developed an additional move or two since then, he should be fine. 6’4″ and 255lbs isn’t huge for an end, but it’s a decent size for a pass rushing end in a 4-3 scheme.

  4. The Browns traded in their own division with the Ravens so they could get Wimbley. The Ravens got Haloti Ngata. Wimbley is now with his third team,Ngata just finished his third pro bowl. The cycle of Browns’ ineptitude continues. I swear any of the posters on PFT could do as well or better than the last 3 Browns’ front offices,current “football czar” Holmgrn included.

  5. Shame on the Browns/Mangina for giving up on Wimbley!

    He was a natural 43 college end that busted his ass in the Crennel/Mangina 34 and just when he was ready to go to the next level they dumped him to OAK.

    Jauron would love to have him balling opposite Jabal Sheard in the Browns 43 this year.

  6. Did you really just say he may be the only lineman to be able to complete the course? Haha….that’s funny.

    I could name 10 off the top of my head that could do it….

  7. There must of been running backs on that course that he was supposed to tackle. No wonder he failed.

  8. I think the course is a joke – Its set up specifically for mountain climbers and gymnasts – Guys with speed and bulk have virtually no chance – The course is just dumb.

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