Lance Briggs: On paper, we look like a champion

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Lance Briggs has some time to kill until training camp and he spent Tuesday’s chunk of it doing radio interviews.

As we shared earlier, Briggs threw some support behind running back Matt Forte during one of the interviews and then moved on to a more general overview of the 2012 Bears when he moved on to 670 The Score. Briggs was asked about the team’s offseason and said that he thinks the additions of Brandon Marshall, Michael Bush, first-round pick Shea McClellin and others have the team in strong position for the year to come.

“On paper, we look like a champion, but we have a lot of work to do before we can be called a champion,” Briggs said. “There were moves that were made in the offseason to bring in a lot of veteran (players). Of course, Brandon Marshall and Michael Bush just put us in a position where we’re able to transition that stuff onto the field to be a real contender.”

Calling them the champs on paper is going too far, but the Bears look like they should contend for at least a playoff spot. They were 7-3 before Jay Cutler’s injury started to sink the ship last season and they’ve addressed some of their big need areas this offseason. The Bears have their flaws, the offensive line comes immediately to mind, and then there’s the Forte issue.

While Briggs said he wouldn’t be upset about a holdout from the running back, an extended absence for Forte would make it harder for the Bears to live up to Briggs’ paper. He knows the offense, but there are plenty of past examples of players reporting late and having issues performing up to their previous levels as a result.

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  1. i love when people use the term on paper. the eagles were unbeatable on paper last year…however it wasn’t worth the paper it was printed on

  2. “Bears look like they should contend for at least a playoff spot”

    I guess it would be a 6th seed only, and that’s pushing it. Packers and Lions will more than likely make playoffs.

  3. On paper, no one thought the Giants would be Super Bowl champs.

    That’s why they play the games, Mr. Briggs.

  4. This is the first year they are running this offense.. So how exactly does Forte know this offense any better than Michael Bush ? I’m a Bears fan, and I’ve heard this song before. Every team (Except The Redskins) have a chance in the off season. Let’s see it when it matters.

  5. you need to have a mentally tough and mentally stable qb to win a championship in this league. jay cutler is neither.

  6. On paper, the Bears are still the team that got beat by the Packers four times in the same calendar year….. plus one over-rated receiver.

  7. Remember when Brian Urlacher said this an offseason ago also? Even though the packers were the superbowl champs, who had beat the bears in chicago in the nfc championship game. fail bears, like always.

  8. Slow down there Packers fans. The Bears give your team the most trouble of anyone in that division. How quickly we forget that the year they won the SB it was the BEARS who won the north,not the Pack.

  9. Based off what the Bears were able to accomplish last year before Cutler and Forte went down mixed with the offseason they have had, they should definitely be considered one of the top teams in the NFC with the Packers, 49ers, and I would still say, the Saints, for now. The Bears are up there and I don’t think they’ll have a “dream team” season like Philly last year.

  10. People fail to realize the Bears were the hottest team in the NFL before Cutler had his surgery. And they only got better in the offseason.

    Concerns about the O-line? Yes, but compare the stats between the first couple weeks and the last 5-6wks when the Bears were on their winning streak. A sack here and there, but not awful. And Cutler actually has an offensive coordinator that has a brain now.

    This team is going to be good. Am I labeling them as the best in the NFC? Nope, I’m a Chicago sports guy and have learned my lessons over the years. But, I can tell you that I’ve never been more excited for a Bears team in my life.

  11. Briggs is not out of line in saying this at all. On paper, this team is better than the one that won the North and went to the NFC Championship game two years ago, and also better than the one that looked like one of the top 5 teams in the league last year before losing their two best offensive players.

    This isn’t some overblown Rex Ryan Super Bowl guarantee. It’s a guy saying that his already good team made some moves to get even better, and now it is time to prove it on the field. Of course, the end of the quote where he says “if we are able to transition it onto the field, we can be a real contender” is left out of this article. A cherry picked quote for the slow part of the off season, nothing to see here folks…..move along.

  12. niubears says: Jun 26, 2012 10:54 PM

    People fail to realize the Bears were the hottest team in the NFL before Cutler had his surgery. And they only got better in the offseason.

    Yeah, they were much hotter than that team that was undefeated at the time and had already beaten them once. Clearly the hottest team in the NFL.

  13. raqaiw says: Jun 26, 2012 10:18 PM

    Slow down there Packers fans. The Bears give your team the most trouble of anyone in that division. How quickly we forget that the year they won the SB it was the BEARS who won the north,not the Pack.
    Sorry but it will be years before the Bears are relevant again even in the North let alone the NFL. Da Bears just keep digging the hole deeper by patch working their team. Time to totally revamp their defense, and o line.

  14. Sorry Briggs, your QB is too busy playing laguna beach with his on again off again gf. No soup for you this year.

  15. @dextrose7
    Good thing it’s 2012 now…

    I am extremely optimistic for this season. Yes, I’m a Bears fan so most Packer or Lion’s fans will automatically disagree with anything I say (as most Bears fans would do to them) but I feel like this is going to be a team to be reckoned with this season. I can easily see 12-4 and pushing the Packers for the Division title. We’ll be running an offense that will more closely resemble what was working during the 5-game winning streak last season before Cutler went down and if he does go down, I’m okay with Campbell making a start or two to keep things going. The Packers are still (rightly) the favorites to win the division, but I think Detroit’s lack of maturity and the fact that they won’t be sneaking up on anybody this year will keep them from taking the next step. Regardless, the NFC North has almost without question become the best division in the NFC. Gonna be a fun regular season!

  16. Hey Packer fans why don’t you guys go choke in the playoffs again. As for the Lion fans go, all of your players are getting arrested so you can’t even field a team!!! GO BEARS!!!!!

  17. I’ve read the comments and all I’ve seen from our genius Packer fans and even smarter Lion’s fans is bunch of nah ah’s and huh uh’s. Vike fans seem to be mute this off season.

    All Briggs is saying that he’s excited. The Bears do look good. Anyone who says otherwise is an idiot. He also said there’s a ton of work to be done BEFORE they can be called champions. In any case…games still need to be played and I think the Bears are quite aware of that.

    Lions, before the season starts, do you think you’re off season arrest total will match your wins from last year? I’ll take that bet.

    Pack…you know who you really are. That was biggest fake out ever last year. Nice D.

    Vikes…you still there?

    Go Bears…drop a thumbs down on my post if you like green and yellow (diarrhea?), blue and silver (police?), or purple and gold (princesses?)

  18. Irony – Fan of a team that hasn’t won a Super Bowl in nearly 30 years making fun of a team that won the Super Bowl two years ago, for “choking” in the playoffs.

  19. A lot of negative comments here but what exactly did Briggs say “We have a lot of work to do before we can become champions”

    The Bears have a chance as much as anybody. Who would have predicted a 10-6 Packers teams followed by a 9-7 Giants team would have won the last two super bowls.

  20. Urlacher ripping on HOF RB Sweetness, and now Briggs makes this statement?

    They breed ’em big and dumb in Chi-town, don’t they?

  21. To all the DeToilet lion fans, without Johnson Stafford would be “Stifford.” Where do you get your players from–the state pen? What are you gonna do when Goodell suspends your :”players” enmass? BwaHaHaHa–detroit losers.

    The Acme Meat Packers still SUCK. This is the year your defense implodes, and Erin Rodgers scrambles for his life on almost every play as your O-line is finally exposed as the worst in the league.

  22. One thing I can’t stand about multimedia is it gives any fan access to spout off like they actually know something. My guess is most on here have never put on a pair of shoulder pads and wouldn’t have a clue how to coach this game.

    No doubt the Bears have improved their roster. Probably more talent than the 2006 team. Doesn’t mean they’ll be great and Briggs says as much. Defensively they do match up with GB as well as anybody, watch the tape.

    I refuse to acknowledge Detroit. You had one decent season, we know. Let it go and stop telling everyone about it.

  23. I don’t know why Lions fans are so high and mighty and why anyone else boasts them up. The Lions didn’t beat a team with a winning record last season, the only thing on defense they have is their D-line despite the fact they give up the run almost as easy as the pass and once Johnson falls to the Madden curse, that’s the Lions offense. Saying the Bears are going to be garbage next year is pure fandom talking. Saying they won’t be relevant in the NFC let alone the North as well as probably not making it as the 6th seed in the playoffs, are you kidding me? Check your biased idiocy at the door.

  24. The fact that the Packers have won the last 4 matchups has little bearing on the overall strength of the Bears. In said matchups the Packers barely won 10-9 to scratch their way into the playoffs and then won again in the NFCCG. Last year the Pack were nigh invulnerable and swept almost everybody. To expect that trend to continue is a bit optimistic,maybe even naieve,particularly in light of how the Bears appear(losing Martz is addition by subtraction)to have gotten better offensively. Either way,both North divisions should super competitive and exciting this year. If Rodgers goes down like Cutler did the Pack fans may be eating their words come December.

  25. I’m not a bears fan at all but as long as the Bears keep playing the packers, I will root for them in the NFC. The packers have got to have the second, next to steelers, most arrogant fan base in the NFL

    Here’s to a good season Chicago, you have a good team with a very underrated QB, and a defense that plays like the game was meant to be played. Beat down the Lions and packers this year, they don’t deserve to be considered among the top teams in the NFC.

  26. I like the the assumption the offense will be better. Dont forget the genius who devised the Randy ratio will be leading the way. What has it been over like 25 years since you had a competant offensive coordinator?

  27. I see a few comments about the Bears being the toughest competition to the Packers? Comments talking about how the Bears won the North in 2010, same years at the Pack winning their 4th ring. Wouldn’t that be the same year the Packers had 16 on IR? Take 1/2 off and the Bears don’t win the division. Make the right call week 1 against the Lions and the Bears don’t even make the freaking playoffs as the Giants would have gotten the 6 seed from their head-to-head beat down on duh bears. As a Lions fan I don’t see the Bears as a push over, but I DO see the Packers as the team to still beat in the North. I don’t see them winning 15 this year, but I don’t see less than 11 wins either.

  28. The north’s pecking order hasnt changed,.. Chicago an green bay will
    fight for the title an its Chicago’s turn to win it this year…in fact the playoffs are going thew Chicago this season

  29. raqaiw says:
    Jun 26, 2012 10:18 PM
    Slow down there Packers fans. The Bears give your team the most trouble of anyone in that division. How quickly we forget that the year they won the SB it was the BEARS who won the north,not the Pack.


    Oh we remember – just like we remember taking the NFC Championship on your home field.

    If Green Bay doesn’t have a record number of injuries that season and a record number of penalties called on them the first time the Bears and Packers met that year(MNF), the Packers win the division going away.

  30. Green bay has a qb and a lot of good WRs on offense but thats ALL
    they dont have a defense or a running game to speak of… to beat
    them all anyone needs is a pass rush…ASK THE GIANTS

  31. Calvin johnson got 25% of the targets last season. That negates yor throw it up to calvin BS. Stafford will prove to be a top 5 QB again this year and jay “pouty face” cutler will be again middle of the pack. He will never match what stafford DID last year or the years to come even with the wannabe CJ brandon “nutjob/women beater” marshall. I already bought my week 17 tickets because I know that will be a good game. For you dumb bears fans that would be when we beat you to lock up our 5th seed in the playoffs. MARK IT

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