Michael Irvin equates Tony Romo’s pressure to LeBron’s


Alper passed along the words of Roger Staubach earlier this morning, saying he doesn’t understand all the criticism of Cowboys QB Tony Romo.

Another former Cowboys star, however, said Romo’s feeling more pressure than ever.

During an interview at a charity event in Las Vegas, Michael Irvin illustrated just what kind of pressure a Cowboys quarterback is truly under, via Jon Machota of the Dallas Morning News, saying Romo’s next under the national microscope.

“Now LeBron’s got the title, who do we turn the thing to and say, ‘When are you going to get one?’” Irvin said, before answering his own question.

“That noose has been put around [Romo’s] neck,” Irvin said. “It better be soon. Jerry Jones has already said that. That’s where it’s going from here. It’s going back to Tony Romo now.”

Granted, Irvin makes a living by saying things. And when you deal in volume, sometimes silly things slip out.

The pressure on LeBron James came from the fact he put it on himself with the ill-conceived and poorly executed “Decision”, and the not insignificant fact he’s one of the five best players in the NBA.

Romo’s not even one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL, and doesn’t go out of his way to create his own celebrity. There’s obviously pressure on him, but equating him to James makes little sense.

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  1. Lebron has more control because he plays offense and defense. Romo can only control the offense. That’s why football is the ultimate team sport. Jus sayin’!

  2. Lebron James was destined to win an NBA finals at age 12 and was expected to do it HIS WHOLE LIFE – thats pressure…

    ROMO was an undrafted QB outta E.ILLY!!!!

    no one knew or expected anything,

    and if ROMO wins , parcells needs that credit

  3. Considering that Lebron is the best in his sport and Tony Romo isn’t even close to being the best even at his position makes no sense…..

  4. Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Philip Rivers, Matt Schaub…these guys are all in the same category. Better than half the QB’s in the league. That’s why all of the “get rid of Romo” talk is ridiculous.

    If Romo was gone and we were stuck with a Chad Henne-type QB we’d be even worse off. If he wins one, then he wins one. If not, then he was our Danny White of the 2000’s.

    Still Top-10 QB regardless of what people think. His stats have only gotten better year after year. Now, finally with a little defensive help this year, maybe he can take the next step. You can’t win without defense too.

  5. I really like Irvin but he is totally wrong comparing Romo’s pressure to LeBron’s. Romo deserves the scrutiny he gets because his off-the-field activities are what keeps him from becoming a better QB. LeBron works his a$$ to become better every day. LeBron’s scrutiny came from angry people’s selfish desire for his presence on their respective team(s). I don’t know anyone that wants Romo on their team(s), including Cowboy fans…

  6. Until the Miami Heat won the title, you could have made at least one comparison between LeBron and Romo. They both consistently choked in the playoffs.

  7. Romo’s not even one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL, and doesn’t go out of his way to create his own celebrity. There’s obviously pressure on him, but equating him to James makes little sense.

    Equating TR to LJ makes PERFECT sense. While Romo may not have “gone out of his way to create his own celebrity”, others such as his owner/GM,coach(es),teammates, and the worst of all-the media certainly have. Romo was christened as the next big thing way back in 2007(when he went 13-3) by the media and 5 years later people are wondering what happened. He has 1 playoff win, that’s what happened.

  8. Romo is on the down side of his career, there are quarterbacks in this league who are surrounded by quality.

    The train has left the station and Jerry’s man-crush is all but over.

  9. Lebron is a beast among boys and Tony .. is an above average player at his position, and with the right talent around him is pretty good qb!

  10. Im a giant fan so this may sound like romo bashing but i think its just the truth. Romo and Lebron should never be in the same sentence. Lebron was from the start a superstar. Romo can out of no where. Not a bad QB but just hasnt had the success they look for in Dallas. Lebron is far and away more talented then Romo! Not even close.

  11. Romo is an average NFL quarterback. He has been surrounded by talent his entire career. The fact that he chokes is like Lebron in his early career. The problem with Romo is he is not in any league compared to Lebron. He should not be copared to James and I doubt he EVER wins a championship.

  12. Thats how it is when you are the quarterback of americas team. I dont buy the he’s only on offense idea. Put up points and you dont have to worry about your defense.

  13. The same people that say “Tony Romo is the problem in Dallas” or “Tony Romo sucks”, are the same people trying to say the pressure is on him to win a Superbowl. People only set that high of a standard if they believe the person has a chance at achieving it, yet falls short. There would be no pressure if he were straight garbage, because everyone would know that someone who is genuinely bad, would have no chance at accomplishing such a lofty goal. So make up your minds guys.. Either he sucks, and there should be no pressure on him to obtain such an elite accomplishment, or, quit refusing to admit that he’s good (as hard as that may be), and acknowledge that he just may be able to do it, hence the “pressure”. You can’t have it both ways!

  14. rg3enoughsaid wrote:

    I cant wait to watch this nervous wreck take his first snap of the season… Im guessing sack/fumble
    I’m willing to place a $500 wager on this that says neither of the two. In fact, I’ll sweeten the pot by agreeing to wear an RG3 jersey all year long if he does. But you won’t take it bc you’re just another Skins blow hard who talks out of their butthole.

    “Romo’s not even one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL”

    True. And I’m a Dallas fan. Qb’s I would say are better, no order:

    P Manning
    T Brady
    A Rodgers
    E Manning

    Romo isn’t far off, but he is definitely in the top of Tier II, as opposed to somewhere in Tier I.

  15. I think Jerry has to be feeling more pressure than anyone. Another 8-8, 9-7 season – I mean, how many more chances does Romo get, or the entire roster? We see teams every season that become playoff teams that build through the drafts and it only takes a few years if pick the right players. So, no playoff win this year how does Jerry not blow a lot of this up?

  16. Shouldn’t your team be in the playoffs before worrying about winning a title?

    The Heat were in the finals last year, the Cowboys didn’t even make it above .500.

    Comparing Lebron James to Tony Romo is absurd.

  17. Irvin is both correct and wrong about comparing Romo’s pressure to LeBron’s.

    It’s the same in regards to those outside the team expecting Romo to win the Superbowl, but growing frustrated (criticizing), almost mockingly, because of questionable offseason activities, playoff blunders and shortcomings, and late season meltdowns; while being touted as the next greatest Cowboy QB since Aikman his entire career.

    Where Irvin is incorrect is on the SCALE of the criticism. Romo’s criticism is nowhere near LeBron’s because fans and media pundits from all over the country have come down on LeBron from his Cleveland Playoff game meltdown and his “decision”, to the “Not one, not, two, not, three, not four, etc” comment, and the Finals meltdown against the Mavericks.

    Unlike Romo, LeBron’s criticism is not limited to the immediate area where he plays. No one outside the state of Texas really cares one way or the other about Romo. No one outside of his division rivals are gonna “hate on” Romo just because he’s Romo.

  18. Lebron is the best basketball player in the world who can’t keep his foot out of his mouth. Lebron’s pressure comes from lack of thinking before speaking and a bad publicist.

    Romo is an inconsistent football player that doesn’t have much to say at all. Romo’s pressure comes from having to play the quarterback position for a team that has all eyes on it.

  19. Not a single thing Irvin said compared the amount of pressure felt by Romo to the amount of pressure felt by LeBron. Irvin simply said since LeBron has won his title, the public and the media will look for the next athlete in line to have pressure put upon him to get a championship. It’s the negative equivalent of “Who’s up next?”

    It’s a valid point and Romo is certainly one of the athletes at the top of that “Why hasn’t he won a ring yet?” list.

  20. Last years stats for Romo:
    7th in the league in passing yards
    5th in league for TD’s
    9th in league for yds/game
    4th in league for QB Rating
    Tied for 6th in being sacked the most
    Damn near broken every Cowboys QB record

    Yet he sucks. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrright

  21. @starfan79

    “Romo was the 4th highest passer rating last year. Thats top 5 right?”

    Exactly, AND he did it while battling broken ribs, a punctured lung, and a banged up hand!

  22. “Romo’s not even one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL”

    Statistically, he is. You guys may not like that but its true.

    So yeah, the pressure is on.

  23. It’s pretty much all been said above. However, there is a key difference in the importance of a championship ring to each of these players.

    The issue with LeBron was whether or not it was fair to even discuss him as one of the greatest of all time before he had won a title. If LeBron had never won a championship it would have been a shocking career implosion; his entire life would have essentially been one enormous draft bust; and he would be remembered forever as that guy who was supposed to be the next Jordan but never won an NBA championship.

    Romo, love him or hate him, is nowhere near any greatest of all time discussions: therefore he does not have the pressure to prove himself worthy of his spot in those discussions by winning a championship. If Romo wins a Super Bowl, good for him; big party in Dallas; yada yada yada; and everyone would have to acknowledge that he was a very good quarterback.

    However, If he doesn’t win a Super Bowl, it doesn’t tarnish his legacy, and he’ll be remembered for the next decade or so as that Cowboys quarterback who was pretty good, but never amazing, like most NFL quarterbacks. And, in the scheme of things, being a pretty good starting NFL quarterback is a pretty amazing accomplishment for a lifetime.

  24. “Romo’s not even one of the five best quarterbacks in the NFL”

    Statistically, he is. You guys may not like that but its true.

    So yeah, the pressure is on.
    While it’s true that Romo had the 4th highest passer rating in the NFL in 2011, that does not necessarily translate directly to a Super Bowl or even to a terrifying passing game on the field. A passer rating like that is enough to shoot down an argument like “Romo sucks,” but The Dallas passing game is still not one that leaves opposing secondaries shaking in their cleats like New England, Green Bay, or New Orleans.

    To address “So yeah, the pressure is on.” Really? Not to bash Romo or the Cowboys, but after missing the playoffs for two straight seasons, do you really want to pull a Ryan and declare the pressure to win a Super Bowl is on for your team? “So yeah, [he’s pretty damn good],” makes sense, but “So yeah, [we should consider Tony Romo’s career a miserable failure if he doesn’t win a Super Bowl in the next couple of years]” does not.

  25. and if ROMO wins , parcells needs that credit
    Umm No, Sean Payton told Parcells to take a look at Romo.

  26. Records and honors2006 Pro Bowl
    2007 Pro Bowl
    2009 Pro Bowl
    NFL all-time recordsCareer#2 All-Time Career Passer Rating: 96.9
    #4 All-Time Yards Per Attempt: 8.1
    Dallas Cowboys team recordsCareerGames with 3+ touchdown passes: 24 (Previously held by Danny White with 20)
    Games with 300+ yards passing: 32 (previously held by Troy Aikman with 13)
    Lowest career interception percentage: 2.78% (minimum 16 starts; previously held by Aikman)
    SeasonGames with 300+ yards passing: 8 (2009)
    Passing TDs: 36 (2007); previously held by Danny White with 29
    Passing yards: 4,483 (2009); only Cowboys’ quarterback to throw for more than 4,000 yards in a season (2007. 2009)
    Completions: 347 (2009); previously held by Romo with 335
    Consecutive games with a TD pass: 20 (2010–11); previously held by Danny White
    GameOn Nov 23, 2006, Romo threw 5 TD passes in a game, a record he shares with Troy Aikman.
    On Nov 13, 2011, Romo completed a team record 88.5% of his passes in a home game against the Buffalo Bills.

  27. i hear what Michael Irvin is saying, but there is just too much of a difference between Lebron and Tony Romo to compare them to each other. Lebron had his eyes set on bigger and better things. Romo seems like he is just happy to be there and to have a job.

  28. The stats say he is better than all but Rodgers, but he will never be considered elite until he wins the SB.

    NFL Career Passer Rating Leaders
    Rank Player (age), + – HOFer, Bold – Active Rate Years Teams
    1. Aaron Rodgers (28) 104.1 2005-2011 gnb
    2. Tony Romo (31) 96.9 2004-2011 dal
    3. Steve Young+ 96.8 1985-1999 2TM
    4. Tom Brady (34) 96.4 2000-2011 nwe
    5. Philip Rivers (30) 95.5 2004-2011 sdg
    6. Peyton Manning (35) 94.9 1998-2011 clt
    7. Drew Brees (32) 94.0 2001-2011 2TM
    8. Kurt Warner 93.7 1998-2009 3TM
    9. Joe Montana+ 92.3 1979-1994 2TM
    10. Matt Schaub (30) 92.2 2004-2011 2TM

  29. If you’ve ever needed proof that Michael Irwin burned up a substantial number of brain cells with his crack pipe, there you go. No sober person would ever equate Romo to James.

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