MJD thinks career rushing mark is “doable”

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As it turns out, running back Maurice Jones-Drew may have far larger aspirations than getting a new contract.

Jones-Drew has his sights set on the all-time rushing mark.

I think it’s doable.  I definitely think it’s doable,” Jones-Drew told 102.3 ESPN in Denver, via SportRadioInterviews.com.  “Emmitt Smith was in a different situation than a lot of us, though. I mean, he had a Hall of Fame receiver, Hall of Fame quarterback, Hall of Fame offensive line, Hall of Fame fullback.  Whoever put that team together did a heck of a job, and it just showed.”

Given the dearth of help that Jones-Drew has in Jacksonville, that could be viewed as a slap at whoever put that team together.  But Jones-Drew isn’t looking for a way out via his holdout; he just wants a new contract.

“It’s the business side of football,” Jones-Drew said.  “And every player is a businessman, and whatever you feel is best for you and your family, you have to do that sometimes.  And so, like I said before, hopefully we can work on something and get something done.  But I can’t talk about it in the media, because that’s not how I handle my business. I’d rather do it face-to-face, and that’s just what it is. It’s the side that we don’t like about the football game — it’s not Pop Warner anymore, where it’s just show up on Saturday mornings and have a good time.  In the offseason, it’s business.  So that’s just where we are right now.”

That implies “business” ends when it’s time to play football, and that Jones-Drew will be on the field.  If he hopes to climb from No. 55 on the all-time list with 6,854 yards to No. 1 with 18,356, he can’t afford to be missing many/any regular-season games.

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  1. 11502 yards to go.

    He’s averaged 1142 yards per season over six seasons.

    So he’d need to play 10 more seasons and gain his average of 1142 yards…and he’s still be 80 yards short.

    If he plans on being the first RB to be productive (1100+ yards) as a 36-37 year old then more power to him. I just don’t see it happening. Too many of his touches are receptions instead of carries.

  2. It will be a very long time before someone sniffs that record.

    The great LT was supposed to be the guy that challenged all of Emmitt’s records, only to come over 4500 yards short and 13 TDs (19 rushing) short.

  3. I’ll best most backs in their late 20s feel like they can keep going forever, but the harsh truth is that dropoff if almost always sudden and in many cases unexpected. Even in the best cases in today’s NFL most teams will draft your replacement by age 30 and you’ll either start losing carries or end up doing the NFL’s version of musical chairs after you get cut and try to find new teams year after year.

    Unfortunately the odds are much higher that he finishes his career much closer to 10k than 18k.

  4. LOVE MJD but I don’t see this one happening at all. He should be in the Hall based on the fact that he produces when he’s the only threat on his team that a defense needs to key on.

  5. With two back systems and the short life of NFL runningbacks I dont see anyone breaking that record..MJD is a great back but his small size and violent running style might shorten his career..

  6. Most Rb’s spend their career taking hits from D-Linemen. Smith had the luxury of an amazing o-line. I can only imagine how many times he didn’t get hit by a 300 pound guy when he would have with any other line.

  7. Actually he might have a better chance at pushing Jerry Rice for the most yards from scrimmage. If he kept up his average since being a starter (1,693) it would only be 8 years. If he did, he would also destroy Rice’s all purpose yards record.

  8. History has shown, if you want to get the career rushing record, you better be lucky as heck with injuries or have an awesome OL and/or FB in front of you. Soooo…basically, MJD better have a leprechaun in his pocket or hes gonna have a tough go at it.

    He is my favorite (active) RB to watch, though, and I don’t even like the silly Jags.

  9. He’s not breaking Emmitt’s records and he probably won’t break Fred Taylor’s either. Go Gators!

  10. Maurice is correct about some of the advantages that Emmitt had. Essentially, Emmitt had three things going for him that MJD will never have: (1) Jimmy Johnson to pick the talent to play around him; (2) no salary cap to deal with; and (3) that moron Mike Lynn to provide them with a dozen high draft picks in exchange for Herschel.

  11. Why does it feel like MJD is 34 and has been in the league for 16 years already?

    Didn’t realize he was only 26. That being said, he looks like a giant Gary Coleman.

  12. FYI- MJD is 2 days younger then A.P. and has 152 more career yards rushing then him. That’s pretty impressive, well as long as you can ignore that MJD has played 1 full season longer then A.P.

  13. A good goal to have but that record won’t be broken any time soon.

    In todays NFL moreso than ever, you have to score a lot of points to win. Aaron Rodgers, Matt Stafford, Drew Brees, Tom Brady have made this a passing league. With 10 QB’s over 4000 yards last year and probably a few more this year, the running back has become a blocker.

  14. MJD doesn’t talk until he’s upset about something then we hear it in a tweet? Baller, no doubt!! Let’s be honest, the only reason #22 has the record is because Mr Sanders retired. If Barry had the benefit of the Dallas line, the record would be untouchable. Emmitt ran for each and every one of those yards and (cough cough) deserves the record. He was blessed with heart and good health, I just realized this was about MJD…sorry.

  15. My guess is that MJD will be sharing carries with a featured back when he is 32 years old. Not that he wouldn’t be good enough to play more but, it’s the NFL way these days and I don’t see the NFL changing back to a running league any time soon. If LT2 couldn’t do it, or even come close I don’t see it happening. Sorry MJD, good goal though.

  16. He is far better than E Smith ever was.. im rooting for him.. highly doubt he’ll get there.. but rooting for him..

  17. The NFL game has changed with free agency and less continuity in most all teams with players changing teams more often and rosters being overhauled in a few years. The odds against MJD ever breaking the overall rushing record is very low, less than 1 % chance. MJD is a player that has surpassed many people’s expectations. The overall rushing record is amazing in that Emmitt Smith made it look easy with his running style, but it is not easy….consider all the running backs who have come through the NFL. Also, Blaine Gabbert will eventually lose his job as a starter and Chad Henne will be the starting quarterback for the Jaguars eventually this year, he is a better passing quarterback and would open the running lanes for MJD. I have always said Blaine Gabbert was overrated and from a college spread shotgun offense which doesn’t translate to what he needs to do in an NFL offense. Gabbert was no better than a 5th round draft pick talent but the mighty Jaguars drafted him with the 10th pick in the first round ?!

  18. With more and more offenses focusing on ariel assualts, and the increasing size, speed, and strength of the average player contributing to more frequent injuries, the odds are definately against MJD ever breaking that record. He’s a great guy by all accounts, and exciting to watch on Sunday, and I for one would be ecstatic to see the paper tiger fall from the top of the career rushing yards list. Lord knows if MJD gets their it’ll be on his own merits, as opposed to having arguably the best offensive line in the history of the league, in addition to Irvin and Aikman. “Smith takes the carry and falls forward for four yards…” – sound familiar?

  19. The key to Emmett Smith was durability. Yes, he was behind one of the best OL in NFL history, with a HOF-caliber QB and WR. But that he could take the pounding, game in, game out, that’s what separated Emmett from guys like Adrian Peterson.

    Hardly likely any back will ever be as productive and healthy for as long as Smith was…

  20. MJD is flat smoking crack if he thinks he even has a chance at that record! He won’t even come within 5000 yards of it! NO CHANCE!

  21. It’s doable, just not by him. Ladainian Tomlinson thought the same thing, rusher hit a wall and younger more effective guys replace you.

  22. Jones-Drew has no chance to break Emmitt’s record.

    He’ll be 27 years old this season and has 6,854 career yards — 2,102 less than what Emmitt had going into his age-27 season. Emmitt rushed for 9,399 more yards after turning 27, which is an NFL record by 1,054 over Walter Payton’s 8,340. Jones-Drew would have to rush for a whopping 11,502 yards AFTER turning 27 years old — 2,102 yards more than Emmitt’s record and 3,156 more than Walter Payton.

    Ask Curtis Martin (7,551) and LaDainian Tomlinson (6,323) how easy it is to pile up yardage after turning 27. Jones-Drew has NO chance to rush for 11,501 yards after turning 27.

  23. -@ cpo187 says:

    Didn’t realize he was only 26. That being said, he looks like a giant Gary Coleman.

    “Whatchoo talkin’ bout, Willis?”

    -He should worry about catching Fred Taylor first (aboout 4500 yards to catch ‘Fragile’ Fred)

    -I see him breaking down in a few years and finishing his career at about the half way mark to Emmit Smith. And there’s no shame in that. Pocket Hercules is a warrior-just runs his mouth a bit much for my taste.

  24. IMO, Its not going to happen. First, this is a passing league now, running is barely used anymore. Second, MJD will not last as long as Emmitt Smith did, injuries will catch up to him. Last, Jones-Drew will never have the benefit of having such an explosive and solid offensive line.

  25. omegaichiban says: Jun 26, 2012 4:29 PM

    MJD doesn’t talk until he’s upset about something then we hear it in a tweet? Baller, no doubt!! Let’s be honest, the only reason #22 has the record is because Mr Sanders retired. If Barry had the benefit of the Dallas line, the record would be untouchable. Emmitt ran for each and every one of those yards and (cough cough) deserves the record. He was blessed with heart and good health, I just realized this was about MJD…sorry.

    i am so tired of hearing about Emmitt’s o-line and talent around him, yes its important but that argument is false, its like this, Jerry Rice, owns every receiving record there is, but the same argument can be made about, lets say Herman Moore, is Herman Moore a better receiver than Rice because Rice played on a better team, better qb, better line? of course not, just as Rice is the best ever receiver, Emmitt is the best runner. period

  26. Also Emmitt was a excellent pass protector, could catch the ball, block and he NEVER quit, NEVER, Barry was a HOF back, but he QUIT, who knows why, maybe he just didn’t want to get hit anymore, who knows but he quit, like any great warrior Emmitt was taken off on his shield, he was the best in high school, the best in college and the best in the pro’s. he has the yards, and he has the rings and everyone knows to stop the Cowboy’s of the 90’s you had to stop #22 so he played his share against 7,8, and 9 man fronts, he played injured, he played when things wern’t going his way, he played his best when his team needed him most. and did i mention the rings? nuff said!

  27. First off… I Really like MJD – I like his running style, I like what he’s be able to accomplish despite being teh Jags only option…


    He’s dreaming…. Emmitt’s record will never be broken…. not with the direction the NFL is heading… 4000 yds for a QB is becoming more and more common… Running Back By Committee is more popular than ever… the FB posistion is all but extinct (with the exception of a few teams)

    It’s just not gonna happen… it’s almost mathematically impossible

    Emmitt played for 15 years – and rushed for over 1000 yards in all but 4 years… and rushed for a minimum of 930+ yards in every year but 1… Did he have a good line – absolutely… One of the greatest Offensive Lines in the history of the game… but everyone knew they had to stop #22.. He saw a lot of 8 man fronts and considering his biggest play was a lead draw up the middle… the guy took a pounding!

    He never had a 2000 yd season but he was consistent and durable… 1225 average over the course of 15 seasons… and retired when he was 35!!!

    The only person who would have had more yards would’ve been Barry Sanders, who IMO was the greatest running back EVER – Hands down – The guy put up over 15,000 yards in 10 seasons!!! Thats an AVERAGE of 1500 yards a season… give him 5 more years at half of what his average was and it would put him over Emmitt… the guy just didn’t want to play the game anymore… Playing behind Detroits god awful line who could blame him… Imaging what the guy could’ve done in Dallas behind Emmitt’s line??? But we can’t dwell on what could’ve been so….

    Lets look at the current crop of competition and give them the benefit of the doubt that they will play until they are 35 and still be contributing somewhat… (Emmitt had 937 yards in 2004 playing for the Arizona Cardinals)

    S. Jackson – 9093 yards, 8 seasons, 28years old
    If he plays 7 more years – he would need to average 1325 yards per season – kinda in the same boat as MJD considering STL doesn’t have a whole lot of other options – not gonna happen but I do feel like SJax has a couple more ‘good’ seasons left in the tank… I see him finishing at around 14,000 yards – which puts him ahead of LT

    F. Gore – 7625 yards, 7 seasons, 28 years old
    Same scenerio – if he plays for 8 more seaons he would have to average 1350 yards per season – don’t think this is going to happen… i think its reasonable to assume he’s going to average about 1100-1200 the next few years with a gradual fall off after that… I’d say he’s got a good 4000-5000 yards left in the tank – but that puts him at 12,625 – even if he can squeeze out 6000 yards he’d still only be at 13,625 – putting him at #6 or 7 on the all time list and a good 5000 yards away from Emmitts record

    MJD – 6854 yards, 6 seasons, 26 years old
    Same scenerio – if he plays for 9 more seasons he would need to average 1280 a season… do-able for say 5 more seasons… but I don’t see him lasting 9 more years… I think 6 is a better number… 7 may be pushing it… so say he does play for 7 more seasons… he would need to average 1650 a year… not gonna happen… realistically… 1300 a year for the next 5 years with a slight drop off to 1000 a season for a couple years… it would leave him somewhere around 15350 total… puts him in the top 3 but still 3000 yards away from Emmitt

    Adrian Peterson – 6752 yads, 5 seasons, 26 years old
    In my opinion, if he can stay healthy – he may have a shot at coming close… but staying healthy is the main thing…
    say he does play for 10 more seasons… he needs
    11603 yards to top Emmitt… 1160 a year… very do-able as long as he stays healthy and can play for 10 more seasons… I would gestimate that realistically he’s got maybe 6 ‘good’ seasons left and probably a couple of decent years after that… say he averages 1350 a year for 6 years and then 1000 for 3 years… it would leave him somewhere around 17500 give or take a couple hundred… CLOSE… but not Emmitt… good enough for the #2 spot though…

    I was only going to include players with 5 or more seasons but decided to include CJ2K:

    Chris Johnson – 5645 yards, 4 seasons, 26 years old
    CJ2K had a disappointing season last year but he’s playing with a chip on his shoulder this year… I think he’s going to top 1600 this season… after that we’ll see… he needs 12,710 yards to pass Emmitt.. IF he manages to play for another 11 years he would need 1150 a year… definately do-able if he can play that long…. I’d say he comes close to adding another 5000 yards over the next 3 years… but that would still leave him 7710 short with 10,645 after 7 seasons… say he lasts another 5 years – he would still need to average 1542 a year for those 5 years… it would give him 12 total seasons – I just don’t see it happening… My prediction: 12 seasons 16,600 yards… puts him in the top 5 but not #1

    Anything can happen to any of the above mentioned guys… but I just don’t see it happening… and to be honest with the way the game is changing – these guys may be the last one’s to ever have a shot at it… too much focus on the pass now and way too many crowded backfields…

    Just my $0.02

  28. MJD is lazy, greedy and delusional. Trade him yesterday! Watching him play is like watching my grass grow. Boring! Third and one…no good! Punt!

  29. At hotstampjax: who led the entire NFL in rushing last year ? That is right Maurice Jones-Drew did. Wow, to lead the NFL in rushing he must be lazy (sarcasm), and not expect a pay raise for winning the NFL in rushing? Your crazy… MJD works out harder than you ever have in your life and he sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber so his body can recover from NFL hits which are equivalent to your body to being in a car accident every single play. MJD is short and has created a nice career for himself when all said he couldn’t each step of the way. Get a clue ! He may not beat the overall rushing record but he has been a leader on the field and done what they said can’t be done (smokey and the bandit quote).

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