The old Chad is back, which is good news for the Dolphins


Chad Ochocinco’s troubles in New England may have manifested themselves in difficulties with the playbooks and the pass routes and the overall offensive approach employed by a team that refuses to adapt for any one player.  But the overriding problems came from something far less tangible.

As a member of the Patriots, Chad believed he no longer could be Chad.  And for Chad, the effort to be someone he wasn’t made spilled over to everything he did.  His fear of saying or doing the wrong thing off the field became a fear of doing or saying the wrong thing on the field, and ultimately he became a guy who couldn’t say or do anything right.

Chad is now Chad again.  Though we’re still not sure whether the last name will be Ochocinco or Johnson or something else, Chad has rediscovered the persona that he suppressed while a member of the Patriots.

For the X-and-O-obsessed crowd who summarily dismiss the impact of human factors on the game, think again.  As former Raiders coach Hue Jackson explained it last year, the only way to get the most out of Chad is to let Chad be Chad.

“I let him have his own personality because that’s Chad,” Jackson, Chad’s former position coach in Cincinnati, said as in the days before last season’s game between Oakland and New England.  “You have to allow him to be him to get the most out of him. That’s what we were able to do and we forged a bond that’s been the same since my time in Cincinnati.”

The first concrete sign of it came from his warning to Commissioner Roger Goodell regarding Chad’s plan to be fined a lot in 2012 — presumably after scoring touchdowns and doing things he shouldn’t do.

It continued on Tuesday morning, when Chad Ochojohnson had this to say on Twitter after being told that ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike in the Morning were “talkin trash” about his tweet to the Commish:  “F–k @mikeandmike.”

That’s the Chad we know and love.  The loud Chad.  The proud Chad.  The profane Chad.  The Chad who promises to whup your ass and yet never delivers.

So welcome back, Chad.  We missed you.  And we’re still waiting for that ass whupping you’ll eventually threaten again and never actually administer.

20 responses to “The old Chad is back, which is good news for the Dolphins

  1. The old Chad? Which one?

    The one who worked his ass off to be one of the best WRs in the NFL (prior to 2008), or the one that became a sideshow – changing his name, hiring Drew Rosenhaus, and becoming a reality TV star?

    Chad hasn’t been putting forth the effort to be a great WR in a long time. He hasn’t been a game changer since 2007.

    Now, he’s getting old and his window has pretty much closed.

  2. well… he looks to be focused and wanting to put in the work. Still looks quick in and out of breaks… time will tell.
    Not surprised that he wasn’t a fit with Belicheat’s
    ego and “no fun” policy.
    You would think he would lighten up as Coflin (Giants) did. Look at the results, 2 recent Super Bowl Wins.

  3. “Chad Ochocinco’s troubles in New England may have manifested themselves in difficulties with the playbooks and the pass routes and the overall offensive approach employed by a team that refuses to adapt for any one player”
    I am a devout Miami fan but how can you say that the Patriots refuse to adapt for any one player? What about Randy Moss? They changed their offense to play to his strength of just running deep routes. What about when they drafted two TE’s and changed their entire offensive scheme to center around Gronk and Hernandez? I would say the Patriots adapt more than any other orginization which is why the win every year. That is why a-lot of people are concerned about Ocho. If NE could not get the most out of him that is reason for concern.

  4. I find it amazing how easy the football media is taking it on Chad considering he was basically too stupid to learn the NE playbook.

  5. Perhaps you missed his antics, but I found them boorish. Football is the ultimate team sport. A player should not have to act like a prima donna to be successful. None of the truly top players are.

  6. So it’s ok for Chad to be Chad, but it’s not ok for Terrell Owens to be Terrell or T.O. or what ever we call him? When Owens does this, he’s a pain in the ass… Seems like the same act to me.

  7. Belichick emphasizes “team” over individual. He doesn’t mind players having fun, he actually encourages celebration among teammates (see video from “Life of a Coach”). What he doesn’t want is players doing things on or off the field that draw attention to themselves as individuals at the expense of the team. Give me a guy that willingly sublimates his ego for the betterment of the team every time. Players pulling stunts in the end zone that are sure to garner 15 yard penalties are me-first players willing to put the team at a disadvantage so they can call attention to themselves. Maybe Hue should check his resume against Belichick’s and learn something. Sure, Johnson was productive with the Bengals, but how many games did they win? As for Johnson, I wish him well – he’s an entertaining player and he makes the game fun – I’m just glad he’s not doing it for the Patriots any longer cause I’m not willing to put up with all the other BS that you apparently must in order to get production.

  8. No way Ocho-Clown-o should be allowed to wear Mark Duper’s #85. Both 85 and 83 should have been retired long ago. Let Chad go without a number until he makes the team.

  9. Thanks for the laugh truthhurts. It must hurt you too much to tell the truth (or see it). BB loves Chad’s personality. Just because he had to become more team oriented doesn’t mean he wasn’t allowed to joke around while he was there. All BB asks is for a guy to be a team player and work his butt off and he will be respected. Most coaches feel similarly, I would imagine. Chad appeared to do both in NE.

    The Pats have/had plenty of offbeat personalities (hello Brandon Spikes, Vrabel, Meriweather etc). To Chad’s credit, he hasn’t complained publicly that I know of that BB “stifled” him. He’s putting it on himself for struggling with the playbook. He also took a salary cut to try to stay this offseason, so if he felt that strongly about not being a Patriot, he probably would have refused and gotten cut earlier.

  10. He’s been saying “this is my year” for at least five years now. Nobody believes a word of it anymore. Shut up and play ball!

  11. No!!!!!!

    There’s a “new Chad” trying to be the “old Chad”!!!

    He jeopardized his own career and if he was as unproductive as he was New England he likely worsened his remaining skills and whatever talent he had because running routes (either poor or barely good) while doing nothing is pretty much making yourself a worse pass catcher!!!!

    “For the X-and-O-obsessed crowd who summarily dismiss the impact of human factors on the game, think again.”

    Shut up!!! No I will NOT think again!!!

    You need game to play the game!!! You need game to play the game!!!
    If he underperformed in 2008 and 2010 and acted like an idiot he will do nothing in 2012!!! Plus he acted like an idiot during the 2011 off-season, but his lack of idiocy and ineptitude with the New England Patriots playbook made him struggle!!!

    Also, if the fines (according to his Tweet) are to come from @MiamiDolphins it doesn’t mean that they’ll pay the fines while he’s on the team. If he can’t play well in New England and the majority of receivers who leave New England stink after they leave Chad is on the bubble!!! He does not have to be on the team in order for them to pay fines!!!

    Florio will be wrong and I don’t care how many thumbs down I get!!!

    If you forget about 2008, 2010, and 2011 you are pretending that he was good every time he acted stupid!!!!

    In addition, if you act this way you have selective amnesia and you show a person like myself why selective amnesia is bad for you!!!

    Ocho is Cero!!! He’s a loser, wash up, and will take his talents out of South Beach!!!

    He’s too old to act stupid and just because he acted stupidly doesn’t mean he’s going to play well!!! It has not always been the case!!! Just check out the 2008 and 2010 seasons at least and you will know what I am talking about and that I will outsmart Florio!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

    “Welcome back Chad???”

    I don’t think so!!!

  12. By The Way, Bill Walsh got rid of cigarettes from the locker room and what happened to the 49ers???

    Three super Bowls with him as the head coach!!!

    Again to those who feel that stupidity will get Chad to play well: stupidity does not always help you!!! If you act stupid you lack too much dedication to be a great player!!! He lacked dedication in 2008, 2010, and 2011 and he doesn’t seem to be dedicated right now!!!

    If he is putting fast food in his diet while he is in his 30s God help us!!!

    To condone all this crap is like saying that linemen should play the game after getting drunk when staying sober will help you be more athletic!!!

    In addition, does anyone remember Lawrence Taylor talking about how he sent kinky women into the opposing players’ locker rooms in order mess up their games for the next Sunday afternoon???

    If Taylor’s opponents are terrible after having pleasurable night with kinky women how can Chad do well after goofing off???

    Stupidity does not equal talent!!! Neither does personality!!!

    Chad (Whatever the hell his name is) and Tim Tebow: the two most overcovered athletes in 2012!!!!

  13. Great. In NE you respected the Pats organization and how they ran things. Just shows your character Chad that you come to Miami and think it’s ok to be an idiot. Hopefully you’ll be cut before week 1.

  14. I don’t think he has been very productive since he messed with karma by wearing that dumb “future HOFer” jacket. He may be a decent guy but his antics are not about football or having fun with the game; they are simply about calling attention to himself. It’s a shame he wasted a good bit of talent by being more concerned with twitter and “reality” shows than he was with his profession of NFL WR.

  15. Yo everyone…Chad will have a great year….I just know it….dolphins will. B one good team…with philvin as coast he never did bad coaching anything only did the best….Chad comeback back player of yr cinco _

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