Bills sue over radio rights

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The radio stations in Buffalo spend plenty of time talking about the Bills, and now they’ll be talking about the Bills suing the owners of two of the radio stations in Buffalo.

According to Patrick Lakamp of the Buffalo News, the Bills have sued Cumulus Media and Citadel Broadcasting Co., seeking more than $1 million in fees that the team believes are still owed for broadcasts of games played in 2011.

Two stations owned by Cumulus aired the team’s games from 1998 through 2011:  97 Rock and 103.3 The Edge.

The Bills allege that Cumulus, which bought the stations from Citadel in 2011, failed to pay so-called incentive rights fees for 2011.  Coincidentally (or not), Cumulus lost the rights to the Bills games for 2012 and beyond to WGR 550.  Which made 2011 the final year of the Cumulus deal.  Which sets the stage for actual or perceived shorting of the Bills for the final year of the deal, given that there’s no relationship between the two parties going forward.

Though it’s unclear whether the Bills’ lawsuit has any real merit, it wouldn’t be surprising at all to learn that, given the termination of a 13-year relationship, Cumulus has decided not to go out of its way to settle up with the team.  Which forces the Bills to go out of their way to try to get the money they believe they’re owed.

7 responses to “Bills sue over radio rights

  1. The Bills wouldn’t be going after the money if it wasn’t owed to them, It would be a huge waste otherwise.

  2. hulkhogansays says: Jun 27, 2012 9:35 AM

    There’s an NFL team in Boring, I mean Buffalo?

    I would like to know where your from Hulkster? I would assume from your comment some big extravagant city…but then by reading your comment i start to think maybe you live in a small town in your mother/grandmothers basement. Oh and great job liking your own comment.

  3. I like WGR550, but the sound quality on FM is way better……I’ll miss being able to listen on 97Rock.

    I’d assume WGR550 paid a fortune to buy exclusive radio rights to the game. Which I don’t know if it’s worth it or not, because I would imagine 97 Rock and 103.3 The Edge would still air a pre and post game show…..that’s where the advertising money is….everyone watches the game in person or on TV….they listen to the Radio on their way to the game and during tailgating.

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