Broncos pledge $50,000 for wildfire relief


Tens of thousands of people have been forced out of their homes as wildfires continue to burn in Colorado, and the Denver Broncos are among those lending a hand: The team has announced that it will donate $50,000 to assist in relief efforts.

“On behalf of the Denver Broncos, I extend our deepest sympathies to those who have been affected by the devastating fires throughout Colorado and the region,” owner Pat Bowlen said in a statement. “In particular, my thoughts are with those who have lost their homes or live in the evacuation areas. I also would like to commend the dedication of the firefighters, medical personnel, volunteers and the numerous organizations that are working around the clock to respond to these tragedies. Their contributions are heroic, selfless and truly immeasurable. This is our home, and we need to do whatever we can to take care of our neighbors. If at all possible, I encourage our fans to help however they can in providing relief during this time of need.”

Broncos defensive linemen Ben Garland, Mitch Unrein and Kevin Vickerson have all volunteered to visit with people who have been evacuated and with the firefighters who have been working in the state.

Others who would like to help are urged to visit

36 responses to “Broncos pledge $50,000 for wildfire relief

  1. I live in Colo Spgs and while I am not on mandatory evacuation orders yet, it’s getting close. Last night looked, literally, like hell on earth. Thanks to our classy organization for their support!

  2. Nice story, more cities could take a lesson from the broncos…. Way to keep it real and give back to ur fans keep up the good work…

  3. Living in Jax where we just got 20″ of rain and massive flooding. And the in-laws live close to Colorado Springs where they are dealing with this. Wish I could ship some water that way.

  4. $50,000? That’s it from an almost billionaire organization? That will last about an hour.

  5. Really?? I would like to know the people that gave sea3369 2 thumbs down. What a friggen waste of sperm…

  6. $50,00????

    How bout Manning donates $2mill of that large contract he just signed to the victims…

  7. $50K ? Thats about a week of team lunches.
    They really cant dig deeper than that for the local community thats allowed the Broncos to thrive in Denver for over 50 years and become almost a billion $$$ franchise ? Lame

  8. I was gonna comment on how they are ONLY giving 50k with the millions they have….but That is 50k more than I am pledging, and every bit helps.


    Go Giants!

  9. This from a team that paid 90, 000,000 t a broken down old QB. Way to step up Doncos.

    My Prayers go out to all the people affected by the wildfire!

  10. Is this what we get for trading Tebow? All jokes aside all members of the community that are battling this fire, GOD BLESS!! Keep up the great work and be safe, very classy move by the broncos org and players.

  11. Sam Bradford gave 50000 himself. Which is 5% of what he will make this year. Broncos could pledge more than that 50000. Make it a percentage and it’s news. 50000 from a 100 million profit is peanuts and not news worthy.

  12. Gee, Pat. That sure is kind of you, considering that probably fell out of your pocket while climbing into your car.

    These fires have cost upwards of $40,000,000 and destroyed hundreds of homes of people who support your team. $50,000 is actually insulting.

  13. Oh wow…$50,000 from a nearly billion dollar entity that just paid one person $96 million. Sure hope that doesn’t hurt their bottom line too much.

  14. $50K is still better than nothing…as much as I detest the team and their new alleged MVP, they are are a class organization that does it right…wish Spanos would take a few tips from these guys…
    BTW, this place is an inferno – hard to describe the smoke and destruction – the crews are freakin’ heroes that we will never meet.

  15. I really don’t know how to feel about that…but honestly, my very 1st thought was…that’s all? I hate to be negative, but that is just a drop in the bucket for a team worth millions. But as someone else stated, its 50k more than me.

  16. All bull aside, while $50,000 is a very large sum of money, this is what billionaires usually donate to third-world countries during a mild crisis.

    This is the Broncos back yard, and all the Broncos could muster was the equilivent of their yearly Gatorade expense? That is seriously an error in public relations judgement, and a pock mark on the face of the franchise..

  17. 2007-

    The Chargers’ Alex and Dean Spanos have made a $1 million commitment to aid victims of the wildfires and also to support the community’s firefighting efforts. The commitment is the largest personal contribution to the relief effort. The Spanos family made a similar $1 million donation following the 2003 San Diego wildfires.

  18. I moved to Colorado Springs last summer after spending the last 18yrs stationed in Europe. After seeing the volunteerism, donations and good neighbor acts around here I am reminded of why Americans are the greatest people on earth.

  19. I love my Broncos but they could do better, they are building mini suites right now that hold 6-8 people and they are charging 60K for each suite per season.

  20. Hoping for the best for all the people that had to leave their homes.

    Initially when the Chiefs made a meager donation to Joplin after the tornado disaster I was disappointed with the organization. Turns out members of the organization are STILL helping out with the rebuild outside of the money they initially donated.

    $50,000 isn’t much but maybe the Donkeys will continue to do more to help out.

  21. The broncos probably had to fire two 25 year olds who work 80 hours a week to come up with the money.

  22. Some people are awfully critical of the amount the Denver Bronco’s gave. Keep in mind, they didn’t have to give anything at all.

    P.S. Have any of the critics given a dime to help in this tragedy?

  23. 50,000 is like throwing a cup of water on the fires.. peyton wipes his butt with 50,000$..i suppose its the thought that counts but it really makes it seem like they wanted to get some publicity while giving as little as possible, perhaps saving up for their multi million dollar suite renovations. funny part is that its probably a tax write off anyway.

  24. it is hilarious that sam bradford gave the same amount. perhaps elway is saving up to get his giant teeth cleaned

  25. I typically try to NOT criticize how much someone donates to things like this BUT seriously? This is what, 400-500 1 games tickets worth of money for them, a good quality car, 25% of a single decent home?

    This is nothing more than a PR ploy to say they did something. Pathetic. This would be like me announcing to the media and world that I’m going to donate $.50 (if that).

  26. some huge organizations like say….the broncos are in a FAR better position to assist than the millions of struggling and jobless americans out there.. 50gs is a laughable amount from such an organization. I keep reading how classy peyton is……maybe he could give 2 or 3 million to the cause….I’m pretty sure tebow would have done something to help.

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