Four former players sue the NFL and six teams over concussions

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Yet another lawsuit has been filed by former players against the NFL over concussions, but this time the players’ former teams are listed as defendants as well.

Former players Jimmie Giles, Arron Sears, Donald Smith and Calvin Woods have filed a lawsuit naming the NFL, NFL properties, the helmet maker Riddell and their teams — the Buccaneers, Lions, Bills, Dolphins, Eagles and Titans — as defendants, according to

Previous lawsuits have been against the league but not the teams because suing the teams — which are the players’ direct employers — allows the defendants to argue that the plaintiffs’ claims should be dealt with via workers’ compensation. The players are arguing that there’s an exception because they say the teams intentionally misled them about the dangers of concussions.

Giles was a four-time Pro Bowl tight end for the Buccaneers and also played for the Lions, Eagles and Houston Oilers (now the Titans). Sears was a second-round pick of the Buccaneers in 2007 and started 31 games his first two seasons before his career abruptly ended because of what he says was a neurological condition resulting from a concussion.

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  1. These athletes know what is in store for them when they sign those big contracts. They are selling their soul to the devil so to speak. Now they are broke and are out after those big pay days again.

  2. Got broke after spending their fortune on women, drug, bad business n expensive cars … And boom, sue anyone n everyone to get what ever they can get. They might sue us fans for whatever they think.

  3. Jimmie Giles? That’s one way to get your name removed from the Ring of Honor. Team recognizes your accomplishments and you reward them with a lawsuit. Nice.

    If all these lawsuits come to fruition there will not be any NFL Football to watch. Either that or it will become a ballet with contact strictly forbidden.

  4. If from now on, the league office doesn’t have all, or at least rookie players, sign a waiver covering any and all bodily harm, then they are just setting themselves up for thousands of these lawsuits.

  5. NFL players are paid like independent contractors. They should not be subject to Workers Compensation. They know what they are getting into when they sign that contract. Thats why they get paid like they do.

  6. Next lawsuit will be because the helmets were too tight and then the trainers wrapped their ankles so they got some disease from the tape glue. And lets not forget the back injuries from bending over at the line.

  7. Don Smith was suspended for drugs by the NFL in 1991. – There was talk that he tested positive before playing in SB25 and that the NFL held the results until the off season. He scored a TD in that game.

  8. I am done with the players and their suing everyone in sight.

    I would LOVE for the NFL to sue a player for damages over his use of drugs or DUI or woman beating since it damages the league and the franchises of that league.

  9. its funny how players who were mediocre and didn’t stockpile cash over their brief careers seem to dominate these lawsuits…..I received numerous concussions in highschool and in collegiate rugby perhaps I should sue my high school and university???? it’s starting to get silly at this point how many players who have played ca CONTACT SPORT are now suing only the the nfl. … if damages could have come many years prior. the nfl has cash and that’s all most of these players are really after

  10. Duh…teams should just start having players sign away away their right to sue their employers and make sure the players know they are playing the game under informed consent that injuries, including, but not limited to, concussions, may occur in the field of play.

    I’m waiting for the brave player that sues the NFLPA, which also failed to properly legally inform the players of the risks of injuries that could be sustained while playing football.

    There’s no way these players can’t claim they didn’t know that injuries with long term adverse effects could occur by bashing their heads against each other.

  11. Go ahead with your lawsuits, break the bank of the NFL and the teams. Hell just ruin the entire game while your at it. You pissed your millions away now you want more money to piss away. Even athletes who have made it big now are into the entitlement mentality like the rest of America…. PATHETIC !

  12. I bet we start seeing warning lables on all football Gear. warning playing this sport can be hazardous to your health and mind set. seeing that none of these x players really know what there doing. plus hell if it helps the tabacco companies , the auto industries and liquor companies. why not sports.these guys who sign on the dotted line all know the risks involved and still choose to play.

  13. How long before boxers, MMA Fighters, start suing? How about baseball pitchers sue for their shoulders being in constant pain. Im sorry if you have issues now, but its part of the territory, and part of something they signed on to do. Maybe they see in hind site they should have known better, but its a little too late.

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