Giants-Jets lawsuit called “an assault on the taxpayers of New Jersey”


We told you last weekend about the Giants and Jets working together to oppose the continued construction of a huge mall next door to MetLife Stadium.

Developers and politicians who favor the project have hit back, calling the lawsuit “an assault on the taxpayers of New Jersey.”

The $3.7 billion project, formerly known as Xanadu, would include retail as well as a number of entertainment venues, including a water park and an indoor snow park.

The Giants and Jets think finishing the project would complicate the way they do business in their shared stadium 20 times a year, but local officials lined up to criticize them for a narrow perspective.

Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan said the teams “have put Bergen County’s economic growth at risk.”

East Rutherford Mayor James Cassella said those who work at American Dream “are many of the same people who paid thousands of dollars to buy personal seat licenses for the Giants and Jets.”

“In suing the State of New Jersey and our company, the teams have revealed they want to exert monopolistic control over the entire complex,” said Alan Marcus a spokesman for Triple Five, the developer which wants to revive the project. “They want to tell us when and how we can operate our business. I am sure they would not want us to tell them when they can play their football games. Our year round entertainment development is perfectly compatible with their occasional use of their stadium.”

The Giants and Jets declined further comment, and that may be the best case scenario, while they wait for the legal wheels to turn.

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  1. The Giants/Jets envision a senario similar to what Robert Kraft has done with Patriot Place which has an entertainment complex,hotel,restaurants etc. Problem is unlike in New England the teams do not own the land.

  2. In this current economic climate, the filing of a lawsuit to stop a major construction project seems awfully tone deaf on the part of these two teams.

    I can’t believe that when they met to discuss this, not one person stood up and said, “is this really such a good idea?”.

    I understand that with the NFL, it’s all about the money all the time, but once in awhile you’ve got to check yourself.

  3. itsacurse says:
    Jun 27, 2012 11:31 AM
    If you lived in the area you’d know this mall is a piece of garbage that nobody wants and is about a trillion dollars over budget.
    I agree that it’s hideous, perhaps the worst looking building I’ve ever seen in my life.

    Still not sure of the wisdom of filing a lawsuit to stop a project that size when so many people are looking for work.

  4. @Ampats: Yeah, before acquiring the Patriots, Mr. Kraft bought up the land surrounding the stadium, which allowed the Kraft family to develop the land as they saw fit, after purchasing the team. Sounds like the Giants/Jets teams went at it in reverse.

  5. first off –ampats…youre WAY off..thats the point the giants/jets DO NOT want this mall built because they feel it would cause too much congestion…

    and as far as the developers go…lets face facts..if the giants/jets werent there then they wouldnt desire to be there anyway…before the giants/jets got there it was just worthless swamps…

    off course its still a bit worthless on the sundays that the jets are in town…hehehe

  6. Whatever they do, I hope they can at least agree to replace that monstrosity of a facade that looks like stacked shipping containers.

  7. I wonder if the Jets/Giants legitimately care about the traffic situation on gamedays (which would presumably be jammed up if the “Mall” was open on Sunday), or if they have some other hidden agenda.

    I have a tough time thinking that a nearby “Mall” would cause the teams to lose money on game days (like a fan saying, I am not eating a $9 hotdog during the 2nd quarter because I ate at the “Mall” earlier).

    It’d be great if they really care about the fans’ commute.

  8. here’s an idea,

    instead of claiming you’re an NY team, throw a NJ on the helmet before you start getting involved in the state legistlative systems.

    or get some sand and throw out the money to move to NY.
    Please get the efff outta our state, you no back bone fronters

  9. Did the taxpayers pay to help build the stadium? How much did the team owners pay it build it? What was the understanding and contract terms before the stadium was built? These are the questions tat should be asked and answered to know who is in the right. Without this information there is no way we can make a judgement.

  10. I live in NJ and the complex they are talking about is a waste and an eye-sore. This sounds like a few politicians in Begen County think they can get an economic boost if someone else puts $3.7 billion of capital in the project. An indoor snow park????? Are you kidding me????

  11. The assault on taxpayers already happened when they started building that big POS in the first place.
    It’s funny but if you’ve ever been to a game there it sure doesn’t seem like they care much about traffic now anyway.

  12. Bergen County is NJ’s only county that still has blue laws. The county executive has a delicate balancing act on her hands… if she promotes this American Dream project which includes a mall, she has to weigh its existence against keeping the blue laws. If the blue laws stay in place, the mall stays closed on Sundays and only the theme park stays open (along with whatever goes on in the arena), even out of football season. But if the county tries to make the mall more attractive by repealing the blue laws, that also allows Paramus (home of 5 malls and 2 “shopping highways”) to open on Sundays and causes a financial problem for the county – they currently subsidize most of the local bus service to the Paramus malls, and would have to increase that subsidy to add Sunday bus service.

  13. As someone who works in an office building right across the highway from “Xanadu” – don’t forget to mention that the place has generally fallen in disrepair as politicians push their own ideal for its purpose. I believe last winter or so the roof buckled on the ski slope. I’m glad my new desk views the city

  14. When Capitalists Collide!!!
    Just a wild guess, but I’d bet that Bergen County has a few bigger problems than rich people wanting still more money.

  15. 1. Giants and Jets paid for the stadium – no tax money for the stadium itself.

    2. In Bergen County, the stores are all closed on Sundays, so this would be a variance to the existing blue laws.

    3. As a Giants season ticket holder (and PSL owner), i can tell you 84,000 people leaving the stadium is kind of tough. People park around the stadium and the arena across the highway. I can’t imagine space for shoppers as well.

    4. The Giants and Jets were ok with the mall as long as it was closed on game days (20 days per year). The owners of the mall, which still requires over $1 billion in construction to complete it, want it open 365 days per year. When they couldn’t get to an agreement, the teams decided to sue.

    5. The Giants/Jets have no ownership in this mall, nor have asked for any.

  16. Whenever wealthy people want to curry favor with the masses in order to make more and more delicious money, they always gin up a phony “attack” or “assault” of some kind. This sort of dishonest framing of discourse (hearkening back to the yellow journalism of yore) is terrifying to people who aren’t very smart or successful but still want to have a high opinion of themselves (so-called conservative Americans), and it is the only way to explain the election of any Republican politician.

    See: Fox News.

  17. never mind the fact that the xanadu stadium is an assault on the eyes…can they just finish this thing already? i was really looking forward to the indoor snow park…i drive by it all the time and it has been standing there for years taking up space…either finish it or tear it down i’m tired of all the back and forth over it

  18. viguy007 says:Jun 27, 2012 12:22 PM

    Did the taxpayers pay to help build the stadium? How much did the team owners pay it build it? What was the understanding and contract terms before the stadium was built? These are the questions tat should be asked and answered to know who is in the right. Without this information there is no way we can make a judgement.

    The fans paid via PSL to build the Stadium
    Secondly there are blue laws in that county so you can not sell much on Sunday
    Third as a mall is made up mostly of clothing stores the taxes are not much as NJ does not charge tax on clothes.

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