Jaguars season ticket sales are ahead of 2011 pace

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In recent years there have been many stories about attendance and ticket sales in Jacksonville with few of those stories containing much in the way of good news.

Get ready for another story about ticket sales, although this one is a bit more positive than what we normally see about the Jaguars. Macky Weaver, the team’s senior vice president of sales, told John Oehser of the team’s website that season ticket sales for 2012 are progressing faster than they did last season and that he anticipates surpassing last year’s numbers within a week.

Weaver, who said that the team has also sold more suites this year than they did all of last year, thinks the turnaround has to do with optimism regarding the changes in ownership and on the coaching staff as well as improvements to the in-game experience at EverBank Field.

“In the last couple of years, we had gotten to a point there wasn’t a lot of optimism,” Weaver said. “There’s optimism about what’s going on with this team. I don’t think nationally they’re giving us that credit, but it’s trending the right direction. I think people feel that.”

Shad Khan hasn’t shied away from spending money on the team since he bought it from Wayne Weaver, something that should help stoke those optimistic fires and help get rid of the tarps that Khan wants to see gone from the team’s stadium. The best way to do that will be for the Jaguars to become consistent winners because it seems the interest is there and waiting to be tapped.

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  1. I can’t imagine why. This team is an MJD injury away from possibly not winning a single game. Blackmon will be a bust and even if he does show a little talent, he’s got one of the worst QBs across the entirety of the league. I can think of half a dozen backups I would prefer over Gabbert to lead my team.

  2. There has been optimism locally, and this story illustrates what most of us Jags fans know. After a year like the last one, we have much to look forward to. The consistency of selling 60,000-65,000 tickets per game should quiet the national media bashing…whether tarps remain or not. The debate about whether Jacksonville should have gotten a team is an old one…it’s here, and will remain—LA need to look elsewhere…or get an expansion.

  3. That not saying much, although looking on the bright side, they should draw a favorable crowd to see the world champion New York Giants for the August 10th pre-season game.

  4. There is a buzz about the team that hasn’t been here in years. It’s all because of the ‘stache.

  5. That defense can win them a couple games by themselves. Not filled with Pro Bowlers, but they got the job done last year even with a ton of injuries.

    Can’t judge Gabbert after a year. He was god awful last year, worse than god awful if that’s possible, but a full year plus Training Camp and OTAs might do him some wonders. From day 1 i’ve said he’s not a first rounder, but as a Bears fan living in Jacksonville who wants to see the Jags do well, I hope he shuts some people up this year.

  6. Is it my imagination, or are Jaguars fans not the most bias, pie-in-the-sky, unreasonable, seemingly ignorant, people who frequent this site? I understand, you want your team to win, but that alone is not going to make it happen. The first step in not sucking, is realizing that you suck. You suck. There, I have now put you on the path to recovery; see you in L.A.

  7. Most of these comments given here are nothing more than regurgitation of crap that they read somewhere else.
    Gabbert was a young QB thrown into a bad situation by a POS Coach. I predict he will excel this year and the Jags will be well into the post season.
    GO JAGS!

  8. this has to be expected…Justin blackmon is the most exciting pick since fred taylor…not to mention new ownership with the coolest mustache in the league… if blain gabbert can figure things out i think the jags will be a force in their division.

  9. Now if you guys can reports the facts(truth) about the Jags instead of your obvious agendas to bash this team every chance you get and report the facts(truth) about teams who are worse at the turnstile like the Bucs, Bengals, Chargers, Dolphins, Raiders, Rams. Hey but who needs facts when you need to get your point across.

  10. I am from Daytona Beach and I attend quite a few Jags games every year because the tickets are quite affordable especially on StubHub a few days before the game. I think the overall problem with the Jags is the fans, if you’re the fan of a visiting team you can guarantee you will have fowl language yelled at you even if you have small children with you. During THE Monday night game against Baltimore I witnessed a male fan threaten to hit a woman because her son was clapping for the Ravens. I also witnessed another fan cussing at a woman and her small child a few years back because they were wearing Texans jerseys. So while Jags fans may hate the opposing fans just remember usaully opposing fans are what keepS the Jags from being blacked out or in LA.

  11. Fact: Blaine Gabbert was a horrible miserable qb last season, other rookies did more with less. If Andy Dalton can do what he did for the Bungles, Gabbert is without excuse.
    Fact: Henne is a better option than Gabbert, but that doesn’t help much.
    Fact: The Jags have squandered their draft picks now for YEARS. Drafting a WR so high in this years draft is a real roll of the dice as well with no one to get him the ball and his apparent character issues.
    Fact: The Texans are a far superior team and will most likely win the division.
    Fact: Without the liberal use of tarps, we would all forget very quickly what a Jaguars uniform even looks like.
    Fact: There are exactly three NFL fans in the greater Jacksonville area, and two of them are Tim Tebows parents. (ok, maybe this one is a stretch 😉 )
    Fact: Winning doesn’t fill those seats. I can prove this one, btw.
    Fact: Trading for Timothy Richard would fill those same seats, but you are all far to stubborn to except the financial winfall of the century.
    Fact: The facts won’t matter, you people won’t see the light until the plane lands in L.A.

  12. lots of jealous folks.. Jax,Fl …ain’t no better place to live.. .military moved me all over the country got here from the NE 25 years ago and will never leave. Beaches,Bikin BBQ, Golfin’ almost year round and no state tax.

    thumbs up if you agree and thumbs down if you don’t.

  13. Jacksonville IS a great place to live…big cities are overrated anyway.

    Our defense will continue to be tough this year…and the O has nowhere to go but up…

    Should be a MUCH more competitive season than last year.

  14. Fact: valentino8100 posted the most asine statements I have ever read.

    Fact: valentino8100 has no clue as to what he is talking about.

    Fact: valentino8100 lives in his mommies basement, lives off Ramen noodles, has never seen a woman naked and hides behind his keyboard.

    Fact: valentino8100 is a regurgetated snot wad.


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