Manning’s presence has Broncos thinking about renovating suites

Adding one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time to the roster can have a very positive impact on the bottom line.

Apart from selling more tickets and hats and jerseys and other stuff that fans will buy in droves thanks to the excitement associated with the arrival of quarterback Peyton Manning in Denver, the Broncos are contemplating strategies for maximizing one of their high-end revenue streams.

According to, the Broncos may be converting a pair of 32-person party suites, which go for $15,000 per game, into a block of six-to-eight mini-suites that would sell for $60,000 for the entire season.

The team estimates that this move alone would generate more than $275,000 in extra revenue.

“You sign a Peyton Manning, the most popular man in football, that’s bound to help you,” Broncos’ senior director of premium seating Ryan Barefoot said.  “The downfall with the signing of Manning is that expectations rise, and we need to sell out.”

No final decision has been made on the suite renovation, but it makes plenty of sense to seize on the buzz an sell more lower-priced suites for the full year before Peyton Manning enters harm’s way than to rely on Manning both staying healthy and performing at the kind of level that would prompt both 32-person suites to sell one a game-by-game basis.

While standing alone it won’t be nearly enough to offset Manning’s contract, it’s an example of the small ways that a team can profit from the presence of a really big name.

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23 responses to “Manning’s presence has Broncos thinking about renovating suites

  1. I’ve never seen the point of those suites. I mean they are nice rooms absolutely, but the view is always horrible. You could use that $60,000 to build a theater in your house to watch the game on.

  2. why so he can watch the game in style when he’s injured for the majority of the season.

  3. When Manning goes down or plays like an old quarterback with serious neck issues, the stink in Denver will be smelled all the way to London.

  4. The thought of investing that much money and that much faith in a 37 year-old QB seems riskier every day. Simply assuming he’ll be the HOF QB we’ve seen in years past? Good luck, Oat Bolen.
    The Broncos have essentially put themselves in a “win now” situation with a QB that’ll be looking at a slew of new variables.

  5. And all those suites will be empty when MegaHead spends the majority of the season watching games from a suite of his own.

  6. Going to need those suites to drown out the Tebow chants after the first time Mannings head goes slamming down on the turf. His neck is fused meaning the joints are welded together. You lose flexibility and it wont bend it will break.

  7. Not sure what this has to do with Manning. Denver always sells out anyway and they were selling plenty of jerseys with the previous “QB”.

  8. No offense, but Broncos won’t make the playoffs this season. In 180 degree reversal from last season -expectations of Tebow time- they will endure worrisome season for Manning’s neck n performance. Too bad.

  9. Great idea.

    You just signed one of the greatest QBs the league has ever known, who has had three neck surgeries in the last year and hasn’t played even longer.

    $275,000 in additional profit is one thing to consider.

    But what about when he takes that career ending hit? Then you start talking about $275,000 in revenue lost per year.

    Maybe you should wait on this one and see how well he does after a DE crushes him.

  10. Poor Broncos Marketing Dept.

    By Week 6:

    “Hey Bronco Fans, PLENTY of Mini Suite tickets still available to see Caleb Hanie and the Denver Broncos take on the New Orleans Saints on October 28th! Buy now and be registered to win a pre game visit from injured Quarterback Peyton Manning!”

    By Week 16:

    “Hey Bronco Fans, AN EXTREMELY WIDE SELECTION of Mini Suite tickets still available to see Brock Osweiler and the Denver Broncos take on the Cleveland Browns on December 23rd! Buy now and be registered to win a pre game visit from backup Quarterback Caleb Hanie!”

  11. I really wish all rich people would buy suites so they can kibbitz all day long instead of watching the game. It’s one reason I hate going to games now. Tickets are so expensive that they are write offs for businesses and fans who actually want to watch the game are lesser in number than they used to be. Call me crazy, but that’s why I like going to preseason games instead. People who go to THOSE are REAL fans!

  12. I don’t know much about luxury suites, having been in only two courtesy of well-off friends. But this reminds of stuff I see at the grocery store all the time, where food comes out in new packages with all sorts of exciting claims on it, and – oh look! – I’m getting a smaller amount than I used to! When that happens I usually switch to a different brand. Not that I expect Bronco fans to do that.

  13. Broncos wont have any worries saling out tickets in fact, they will be the most watched team in NFL history this season for two reasons:

    1: your loyal broncos fans will be watching nationwide as the broncos make their journey to the playoff and contend for a superbowl ring.

    2: all the non-broncos fans/haters are gonna watch to see if Peyton reinjure his neck.

    It’s unlikely but they just can’t help themselves because they already have set in their minds that it will happen and would hate to fell like fools when it doesn’t

  14. @greggfletch1, you don’t know what you’re talking about, manning has no lingering issues with his neck. The doctors said his neck will no longer be a problem and its highly unlikely he’ll suffer the same injury. The only thing that’s going on is him getting his throwing arm back to full strength so get your facts straight before posting what you don’t know.

  15. all I know is that between mannings head and elways teeth its gonna be a HUGE season for the broncos

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