Teammate says Jason Pierre-Paul is like Reggie White

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Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul is coming off a tremendous season, is freakishly athletic and at age 23 has an enormous upside. But one teammate may have gone a bit overboard in describing just how high Pierre-Paul’s upside is.

Giants defensive lineman Chris Canty says he thinks Pierre-Paul can be as good as Reggie White.

“There is really nobody in the league right now that you can compare him to,” Canty said on the Michael Kay Show. “The only person that kind of sticks out where you can compare him to — and I can’t believe I am saying this — but he reminds me a lot of Reggie White. His ability to play all those different positions and to impact the football game the way he does, he is an unbelievable talent.”

It’s true that Pierre-Paul has unbelievable talent, but he’s only been in the league two years. One of the things that made White amazing was how long he lasted as one of the league’s top defensive linemen. From his first season with the Eagles, when he had 13 sacks in 1985, to his last season with the Packers, when he had 16 sacks in 1998, White was among the best players in the league for a decade and a half. No one deserves to be compared to White after two years in the NFL.

But it is fair to compare Pierre-Paul to active players, and Canty says Pierre-Paul compares favorably to every defensive lineman currently in the NFL. Canty previously played with one of the league’s best pass rushers, his former Cowboys teammate DeMarcus Ware, and said there’s “no question” that Pierre-Paul is better than Ware.

“JPP’s ability to play any position along the defensive front is what makes him tremendously special,” Canty said. “He can play the shade, the two technique, the three technique . . . he can do it all . . . anything you want him to do along the defensive front, he can do.”

He’ll have to do everything along the defensive front for a long time before he can compare to White.

46 responses to “Teammate says Jason Pierre-Paul is like Reggie White

  1. What is it with the Giants and all these great D-line men they get? I’m not a fan of the Giants but I have to give them credit they sure know how to draft. Regardless if they go 16-0 or 9-7, they will always be contenders with that pass rushing group.

  2. “like”…..?

    the ditch outside my house is “like” the Grand Canyon.

    let’s not get out of hand here. Cam Newton is “like” Joe Montana and Dez Bryant is “like” Jerry Rice… and it stops at “like”.

  3. Having watched Reggie dominate O-linemen, even the elite players of the time, I find the comparison somewhat ridiculous. JPP is an excellent player but when he can put up double digit sacks for 10 years in a row, including 21 in a 12 game season, let me know.

  4. People said that about Julius Peppers, Albert Haynesworth, Jevon Kearse, and Mario Williams. Let’s check in in a few years and see how it goes. Reggie was a once in a generation talent capable of taking over and changing the outcome of a game that was in doubt.

  5. JPP is really good, but I definetly think he has a different style of play. In HS, our d-line coach told us never to try what Reggie White had done. The man (White) was so strong that he could come at you like a bull rush, dropping all speed technique and throw o-linemen with his opposing arm from his swim or punch move (hopefully you get what I mean). We had guys who tried, but let’s be honest, it takes some freakish strength and as awesome as JPP is, I don’t see the comparison, he definely plays with technique.

  6. lol at the Dez Bryant reference…yes, let’s compare a first team all pro/dpoy candidate to a player best known for failing to live up to expectations. Fantastic.

  7. thraiderskin…do yourself a favor and watch the JPP top 100 video on, listen to what the eagles onlinemen said about him. Herreman said it was the first time he was knocked to the ground since his rookie year(and yes, JPP knocked him to the ground with one arm). He did the same to Evan Mathis, knocked him flat on his @#$. In fact, he probably knocked about 4-5 lineman straight to the ground last year…including Trent Wiliams as well. Did the same thing to Jordan Gross in the preseason game when he racked up 3 sacks in just over 1 quarter on him. JPP was playing without any technique last year..pretty much just raw power and athleticism.

  8. I love JPP’s upside, but I don’t think he will ever be in Reggie Whites league. I watched Reggie White destroy my Giants for years….He is one of the best to ever play the game, regardless of position. But to JPP’s credit he gets to rmind the Eagles twice a year how rediculous it was to trade up to draft Brandon “BUST” Graham ahead of him…lol

  9. I remember Troy Aikman commenting about Reggie saying that he hated that guy (to play) because Reggie would hit him so hard and then put out his hand to pick him up. Really? You just knocked the hell out of me and you want to help me up?

    Reggie is one of the greatest players to ever play. He was not a one trick pony like a lot of players are. You could move him on to any spot in the line and he would produce. Probably saw more straight double teams than anyone and could still make plays. He was great against the run and even better against the pass. Had multiple moves to get past lineman, could leverage throw them back, speed around, swim, punch or whatever he chose.

    Even better is that Reggie White was a good person and is deserving of being called a Role Model.

  10. Sorry guy..I’m a Giants fan..diehard. What JPP did last year…Strahan wasn’t physically capable of.
    Love strahan…but JPP is special. guys falling over yourselves comparing 15 year careers to 2 year careers..go back and read Canty’s comments. It’s not like he said JPP is more deserving of your hall of fame votes than Reggie White. HE wasn’t comparing career achivements. All he said was that he couldn’t find another player in the league to compare him to, and that the only player that he reminded him of was Reggie White. He didn’t say..JPP is the next Reggie White. He didn’t say JPP is as good as Reggie White. He said he’s a rare player, and that he reminded him of RW. That is all.

  11. Jeez. People need to relax. Canty isn’t saying that JPP is as good as Reggie White. He’s saying that he has the ABILITY to be as good. Huge difference.

  12. “can be as good as Reggie White”. We’ll see over the next 10-12 years. It was the level of play over a career that made Reggie…well Reggie. Hail!

  13. Let the guy play more than 2 years before anointing him.

    Furthermore, let him put up a decade + worth of dominance without a major injury before you give him the credit Reggie earned and deserved.

    Being a Packers fan, I’ve heard a lot of Favre bashing over the years. I give the dude his credit and consider him one of the best QB’s to ever lace them up (and definitely the toughest). However, Reggie’s signing single handedly turned the Packers fortunes.

    He gave that team some instant name recognition, gave them an immense ability to get after the QB, and perhaps more importantly, gave that downtrodden team some confidence. He (along with the formentioned QB) made football fun again for fans and the players of the Packers.

    If JPP; has a great career with the Giants and signs with a team like the Browns later in his career, continues to put up HOF worthy numbers for the greater part of a decade, and helps turn them into perennial SB contenders, we can talk about the two in the same sentence…. until then, its just blowing smoke.

  14. Brief he’s like Reggie White, then bring back nasty Erik Williams to beat him down, like h beat down the Minister…

  15. Reggie White is arguably the best DE ever. He had tremendous success over a long period of time. Staying healthy is a big part of being considered an all time great. If JPP can stay healthy he has a chance of being mentioned with Reggie and the all time greats. His stats from his first 2 seasons give us a glance into how great he can be. Combine this with the Giants proven track record of success developing DE’s and you can make an argument for him growing into an all time great. Bottom line JPP has a way better chance of it then recent nominees such as J Kearse.

  16. As a Redskins fan ….I hope not. lol…..Reggie White abused lineman. He inspired ” the rag doll effect” we see in video games. The original “unreal engine” lol

  17. JPP is very good, but when he literally picks a left tackle up off the ground and throws him into a fullback who then ends up on top of a running back for using foul language on the field just because he wants to, we can start that talk.

    Reggie White was the most powerful, freakishly athletic big man in the history of football. It’s not close.

    He and Deacon Jones are the defensive end Gods of football.

    It’s cool to say he reminds him of Reggie, but when you make that comment you have to expect extreme backlash. Reggie is sacred in two crazy football towns.

  18. Slow your roles people. Its not like some beat reporter or a anylist is making t he comparison. Its another player. Although as a Giants\JPP fan, this is a bit premature, if anyone is allowed to make the comparison its another player. But a more acceptable comparison would’ve been Ware or Peppers…

  19. Chris Canty may have concussion-like symptoms.

    First of all, it is not a very good comparison other than stating JPP is really good.

    White was brutishly strong. Super strong. JPP does not have near this sort of strength, few do.

    However, White could not move like JPP though. JPP is phenomenally quick and agile for his weight.

    Bottom line, very different players JPP more like LC Greenwood, tall, rangy, fast, long. He is not Reggie White though.

  20. I agree it’s very premature to mention him with Reggie White, but the guy is going to be an absolute stud for years to come. Not only does he get to the QB as well as the other elite pass rushers in the league, the guy tackles downfield. He had 86 tackles last year! Demarcus Ware had 58 and Jared Allen had 66. He’s not just a sack artist. I can’t wait to see what this kid becomes.

  21. i’m surprised that canty even knows who reggie white is given that canty is of marginal intelligence and only scoring a 34 on the wonderlic.

  22. ‘Like’ means plays the same position, he is extremely talented but he needs to play quite a few more years to stand the Reggie White test.

  23. First off play the game for five years at a high level then maybe you can be mentioned in the likes of Peppers . Ten good then we think maybe white but he would have to add about four more years of play to achieve that. Anything is possible ,and as far as brandon Graham we will see this year. It’s his year to make a play or be on his way.

  24. “He said that JPP was ‘no question’ better than Demarcus Ware who is unquestionably one of the top 5 defenders in the league… ‘Thats all’”

    What’s your point. Does it bother you that JPP finished ahead of Ware in DPOY voting last apparently Canty wasn’t the only one who shared that opinion…considering that JPP is 22 years old and still learning, and is already at Ware’s “level” I think it’s a fair statement..especially since he’s played right next to both players.

  25. JPP is a physical freak, and in that way he’s very difficult to compare. Those characteristics do, perhaps, make him more versatile than Ware, so in that Canty may have a point.

    But as a player? Technique, physical characteristics and overall quality and consistency of play? JPP doesn’t even deserve to be an accidental belch at the end of a sentence that includes Demarcus Ware’s name, and he doesn’t deserve to be on the same page of paper as Reggie White’s name.

  26. He didn’t say he was like Reggie for everyone quoting the word’ve failed.

    If you are going to use quotes, then quote what Canty actually said.

    “The only person that kind of sticks out where you can compare him to — and I can’t believe I am saying this — but he reminds me a lot of Reggie White. ”

    No one even mentions that he prefaced it by acknowledging “I can’t believe I am saying this”, or “Maybe this is the bath salts talking, but…”

  27. “But as a player? Technique, physical characteristics and overall quality and consistency of play?”

    No, as a player..impacting a football game…see the Dallas games…the ones where you really did notice Ware’s consistently having no impact on the outcome of the game. Contrast that with JPP.

  28. comparing JPP to reggie white?

    please! canty just proved hes just as dumb as their fans.

    this idiot probably doesnt even know that reggie was voted as a top 6 player of ALL TIME.

  29. Except you’re leaving out that Reggie White had already played a few seasons in the USFL before he was a “rookie” in Philadelphia.

    Also, considering how much the game has been tailored to passing the ball, the early comparison is pretty fair.

    Of course, he has a long way to go but you media people are the ones always obsessed with the “comparison” question, which was why it was posed and why it was answered in the first place.

    For a guy who everyone called a workout warrior most likely to be Al Davis’ next pet project, I think he’s done pretty well: Super Bowl, important anchor on the best defensive line in football, defensive player of the year consideration, best yet to come. Now, just avoid the Jevon Kearse cliff to your career.

  30. White’s last season was in Carolina, no?
    One of my greatest mental images is of a play where Reggie picked up a Vikings receiver (C. Carter iirc) and THREW him at Warren Moon. May be some “scene creep” in that, but it’s the way I’ll always see it in my mind’s eye.

  31. Chris Canty should be worrying about his own play instead of praising his younger bailout. For the money NY gave him, he should be embarassed to say anything.

    JPP is a great player. His highlights and stats justify that. However, 1 great season does not make him a future HOFer nor make him relative to players who have been dominant consistently every year (ex: RW, Peppers, D. Ware). JPP is still a baby in this league and how he performs against teams who will actually prepare for him in years to come will determine if he is an elite player.

  32. thegronk87 says: Jun 27, 2012 12:41 PM

    i’m surprised that canty even knows who reggie white is given that canty is of marginal intelligence and only scoring a 34 on the wonderlic.

    “Only”? The Wonderlic is scored from 0-40. 34 is pretty fantastic. And probably about 33 more than Gronk scored.

  33. Big fan of JPP. Comparing him to RW is premature. Comparing him to Demarcus Ware is understandable. The only problem i have with that is DW is alot like A-Rod. His sacks, like A-Rod’s homers, are usually immaterial to the outcome of the game.

  34. This is absurd and bizarre.

    There is no “like” “almost Like” or any comparison what so ever with Reggie White.

    The mere mention of Reggie White being compared to any current NFL Defensive Line fixture is down right disrespectful.

    Reggie White on every play, when he was on the field was relevant and noticeable. Every play where Reggie was on the field, whether he made the tackle or not Reggie’s contribution was a highlight to see.

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