49ers sue Santa Clara County over $30 million renege

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At a time when the NFL and its teams are being sued with increasing frequency, it makes sense for the NFL’s teams to do a little suing of their own.

The Bills kicked it off earlier this week, suing over an alleged shortfall in payments for their radio rights.

Now, the 49ers have launched the process of legally forcing Santa Clara County to follow through on a commitment to contribute $30 million to the $1.2 billion stadium effort.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, a judge in Sacramento has issued a temporary restraining order blocking Santa Clara County from spending the motion.  A hearing on a motion filed by the 49ers to freeze the funds pending the outcome of the litigation will be held on Tuesday, July 3.

The problem arose after California disbanded local redevelopment agencies and gave their funding to the various counties in which the agencies were located.  Santa Clara County decided to spend funds that had been earmarked for the stadium on other projects.

The 49ers have said that the project will proceed without the missing money.  But they still plan to try to get the cash that they believe was promised to them.

45 responses to “49ers sue Santa Clara County over $30 million renege

  1. I wish I had a billion dollar company so that I could receive 10 of millions of dollars in welfare to help build my facility and make it better..

  2. I am not a 49ers fan but I hope they win the lawsuit. SC agreed to put 30 mill in. The obviously wanted the bennafits of having an NFL team in SC and waited for the project to be started before backing out.

  3. Fudge that! If you can afford to build it on your own, do so. Why take taxpayer dollars to begin with.

    Stupid 9ers.

  4. I hope that we found out that schools, police, fire or other essential services are in the red for budgets in Santa Clara so that we can find out how petty millionaires are being.

  5. Of course the project will proceed, they’re already building it. But thanks for not rehashing the “bound for LA with no credible source” angle again

  6. How about we start taking monies from player salaries to fund stadia, rather than tax payer dollars.

  7. There you go… Tick off all the taxpayers by suing their city… Then when you finally play in the stadium, only out-of-towners will pay for a ticket and show up.

  8. Not to mention, the owner either has the money or can get a loan for it. I say this as a Saints fan who has watched Louisiana subsidize my team for years.

  9. I’m not a Niners fan, but I do live in the Bay Area. I do believe Santa Clara has a responsibility to pay the team the money it promised. If it was a normal person living in the client and they failed to make a payment on something the city enforced onto them (say a parking ticket), then the city even has the right to raise the amount due + take it out of their paychecks. Now the shoe is on the other foot. -_-

  10. Wow, this is crazy. Imagine the county would rather pay its teachers than give $30 mil to a billion dollar fund.

    I’m pretty sure Santa Clara can deny permits to build the stadium.

    There’s other places that the team can get money from.

  11. santa clara doesn’t want to pay the 30million but, i bet they wont mind receiving the millions that will come from fans going to the games, such as snacks & drinks bought before &after games, fans filling up their gas tanks before & after games, fast food restaurants being visited by the fans, public transit that will be used by fans, hotels being used by fans, adding jobs to the community, & the millions that will come from hosting a superbowl!!

    stupid9ers??? you sure sound like a oakland haider fan that is mad your team has a dump of a stadium your stuck in & upset big brother of the bay just got himself a BRAND NEW FAT HOUSE!! look @the bright side when they move back to LA in a couple years, NO more tv blackouts!!

  12. Hope the Niners get it!SC wants all the benifits of having one of the greatest franchises in sports in there city,gain tax revenue and tourists money but dont want to pay for it!Screw you Santa Clara hope you lazy ignorant polititions get what you deserve…

  13. SC agreed to pay it..it needs to be honored. They chose to commit those funds in lieu of other places…that was their decision, you back out of a legal agreement..you lose

  14. in the next 5 years Santa clara will make 3 times those 30 mil in revenue/hotel tax/tourism/events thanks to the stadium.. is not like they are just giving the $ to the 49ers and they are running away with it, its called an INVESTMENT ..

  15. I get it. There’s no way you could possibly build something for 1.17 billion that you can build for 1.2 billion.

  16. $30 mil is less than 3% of the project. It’s not about the money, it’s about a commitment from SC county. It’s an investment for the area. Bringing the franchise to the area will bring more than 30 mil in revenue to the area in a short amount of time. Not being a partner in the endeavor isn’t smart for business.

  17. Leave it to the liberal 49ers to sue a city b/c they did not just roll over and do what the 49ers wanted.

    And people wonder why costs keep going up

  18. “How about we start taking monies from player salaries to fund stadia, rather than tax payer dollars.”

    The NFL and NFLPA agreed to exempt a certain percent of revenue to go towards things like stadium costs. Didn’t you pay attention last summer? The players are already contributing, so you’re gonna have to look for another scapegoat.

  19. I have no problem with them spending 30M earmarked for the stadium on teachers as the school system there is woefully underfunded (I know this as my two best friends are teachers) but backing out of 30M after the 49er’s have already spent the 30M (which was supposed to be later paid back by the state) is pretttty shady. Typical politicians trying to have their cake and eat it too.

  20. Surprise surprise- Ignorant people talking about things they don’t understand.

    The CITY of santa clara made the deal with the 49ers. There money was yanked by the state of California- and any money left was held by the COUNTY of santa clara that never made the commitment.

    So let the city raise the 30 million to pay for it- or the niners can sue the state of cali for yanking its money. But the County is likely not obligated.

    And I am always amazed by the pro-billionaire segment of the writers on this site- yea- lets give more money to the owners and screw over the little kids getting an education. Crazyness on this board.

  21. @cali49er707

    If Al (rest in paradise) would have sued again, I’d be the first to say F the Raiders too.

    In the financial times that we’re in and considering the billion dollar industry that the NFL runs, I’m sure they can get the money without having it come from taxpayers. But then again, I don’t expect someone like you to comprehend on that level.

    Since when do they black out sold out games?

    Finish your summer school homework and go to bed. My boys hate to pull their kuya rank on you.

  22. The NFL and the owners should pay for new stadiums. Ownership and the NFL benefit directly($$$) from new construction/ stadium renovation.

    The fact that they raise ticket/beer/food/parking prices immediately is borderline criminal. Taxpayers fund the stadium and then are forced to “back into” the concessions.

    Just another case of the masses paying for the lifestyle of the few.

  23. The new marriage is off to a great start. They should have stayed in the Rainbow City by the Bay.

  24. There’s other places that the team can get money from….

    Yep, in Los Angles, California. Lots of promise for money there until you try to collect it, that is.

  25. You people are missing the point. SC said they would give $30 mill towards the stadium so the 9ers would pick there county to build it in. Then once they broke ground they back out of the deal knowing the team can’t /wont relocate. Trust me when i say that the county will make there money back in all the taxes they will recieve and they (i am speculating ) will get monies on
    top of taxes as in any “partner” would. So get your “there rich they can deal” attitude outta here cuz what they did is plain wrong moraly and business wise. Go Leos. Hail MEGATRON

  26. Since most of you aren’t familiar with what actually happened, let me break it down.

    The CITY (actually town) of Santa Clara earmarked the money last year after the State eliminated redevelopment agencies.

    The money then went to Santa Clara COUNTY, who never made an agreement with the Niners, and decided get this, that the team should use their own god damn money!

    As a Niner fan I’ve despised the Yorks ever since the reneged on SF, who voted twice to build a new stadium on the new Hunters Point/ Candlestick redevelopment, because the City didn’t want to pay for it. You reap what you sow.

  27. Bet Santa Clara won’t mind raking in the dough when they get a future Super Bowl in this glorified suburb of the Bay Area.
    See them put up a fight when all the out of towners are in their hotels, stores and resturaunts for Super Bowl weekend.

  28. I am a 49ers fan but I hope they lose this lawsuit.

    It’s fascinating to me that the same people who are against the government spending any kind of money on healthcare are so in favor of the government spend the money on a football stadium.

    And people saying that a stadium will increase revenue for a city need to do some research. I’m not saying they are incorrect, but it’s a much murky discussion than it’s being made out to be.

  29. I’m by no means pro billionaire and I’m glad they did what they did, I also understand the dynamics as I live in California myself and have friends in the bay area. But the stadium will generate revenue for them and the county officials did this against the wishes of the politicians who actually approved the stadium so it’s not like they could by any means play dumb. Seems pretty stupid to get a partnership like this off on the wrong foot just from the get go.

  30. I just met you, and this is crazy, but Santa Clara, would you please pay me?

    Pay what you promised, SC!

  31. Would people please read the story before commenting. Santa Clara never promised the 49ers anything, a development agency that was disbanded made the promise and the money that was to be spend by the now non-existent agency was given to the County, who wisely decided they should spend tax payer money on things the tax payers need rather than as welfare for a billionaire.

  32. This should be a slam-dunk in court: a local Govt (city/county/who cares?) made a $30 million funding commitment, but now refuses to honor that commitment. They start a b.s. sympathy story about spending the $30 million on schools. That’s totally irrelevant. The money is owed, and the locals will have to cough it up unless they join Stockton in declaring bankruptcy.

    I hope hat court will also nail these sleezeball politicians with attorney fees.

  33. I can fully understand that the money could/should be used more appropriately elsewhere, but a deal’s a deal. Santa Clara County should never have thrown the $30mil out there if they were just going to take it back. They apparently REALLY wanted the 49ers there and perhaps that was a bit on enticement. They’ve got to know that by having the 49ers in their city, they’ll be reaping the financial benefits for years to come. To back out now that plans are official is pretty chicken squat.

  34. SC wanted the team,they made the deal,honor it.
    As far as the need of money towards education.
    They will make it and then sum from the revenues
    brought in by having the stadium and the 49ers
    in Santa Clara.

  35. I hope the iners sue and win. Santa Clara County overcharged me $20,000 in property tax charges over twenty years by overstating my home square footage (their error). They refused to pay me for more than four of those twenty years.

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