Chris Kluwe appears in ads supporting same-sex marriage


Vikings punter Chris Kluwe has never been shy about expressing his opinions about big issues in the NFL and his willingness to speak his mind doesn’t stop at the locker room door.

Kluwe has filmed three ads for Minnesotans for Equality, a group fighting against a November ballot initiative that would change the state constitution to define marriage only between a man and a woman. Kluwe told that the group sought him out and that he helped write the ads himself. Kluwe said that he has a gay brother-in-law who would like to marry his partner in California (which does not permit same-sex marriage), but that he would be helping the cause even without such a close connection.

“I would definitely still be signing up for it. One of the things my parents brought me up with is that you should have equality for everyone. I would like to think I have a pretty strong sense of justice and right and wrong. [The proposed marriage amendment] is just blatant discrimination and that’s not right, that’s wrong. … One of the best things parents can teach their children is to have the courage to go out and find your own answers in life. While we can give you a framework, it’s up to you to live your own life.”

The interview, all of which is worth a read, moved on to discuss the possibility of a current NFL player coming out. Kluwe said he thought views were changing and that he hears fewer gay slurs than in the past, but that it would still be difficult for a player to come out in the current locker room culture. Like Texans linebacker Connor Barwin, though, Kluwe thinks that things would get easier over time because the only thing that ultimately matters is whether a player can help the team win on Sunday.

32 responses to “Chris Kluwe appears in ads supporting same-sex marriage

  1. I’m looking forward to a very intelligent discussion about this in the comment section!

  2. Love this story. Never thought I’d say this, but I think I’ll be purchasing a punter’s jersey – even though my team sucks right now, we can at least be proud to have such a class-act on our team.

  3. it doesn’t take long for the Christian haters to show up, does it. Please don’t lump us all into the same narrow-minded and judgemental pile.

  4. Maybe I’m not reading the article right or something but how does one have a gay brother in law but not a gay brother?

    Unless he has a Sister that married a man that ended up coming out of the closet and it’s now more of a “brother in law”?

    Anyhow…good by him. Any argument against gay marriage is just ignorant. Especially if that argument is for the sanctity of marriage. If any group of people has ruined or is ruining that it’s us straight men and women.

    Michael David Smith: His wife has a brother who is gay. Therefore he has a gay brother-in-law.

  5. Didn’t know this guy from Adam (or Eve for that matter), but going forward Kluwe has a new fan pulling for his success!

  6. Kluwe is spot on, and I am all for equality of basic rights. However…

    The word “equality” is a slippery slope. I think the country as a whole would be in much better shape if people pushed for “fair” instead of equal. They are not the same thing. Keep in mind, for two things to balance equally, one thing has to gain and the other has to lose.

  7. It doesn’t take long for the Christian-bashers to show up, does it? It also doesn’t take long for anyone who opposes gay marriage to be labeled as bigot, regardless of his reasons.

  8. The only thing I find disgusting about this article is that in 2012, we still have to talk about granting people equal rights. Why talk about it? How hard is it just to start living that way or treating people with respect. Bravo to you Chris Kluwe!

  9. @revered5150

    Tolerance, freedom, equal rights for all, except for Christians, right?

    If you express your faith, then you’re probably a Bible thumping bigot that believes in spaghetti monsters and all the evils of the world are attributed to you.

    If two gay individuals want the right to be married and have the legal priviledges and protections that affords, then go for it. And I’d rather see a child brought into the loving, caring home of a gay couple than abused by a heterosexual couple.

    God loves everyone. Equally. Christ died for everyone. Equally. It’s probably time we treated everyone equally.

  10. reverend5150 says:
    Jun 28, 2012 10:34 AM
    it doesn’t take long for the Christian haters to show up, does it.

    Its not the “Christians “that the “Christian Haters”, are going to have to worry about !

  11. @shackdelrio: “Bible thumpers”. Way to elevate the conversation, man.

    That being said, good for Kluwe. He’s standing up for his principles, which everyone should do.

  12. Even if you don’t agree with his stance, you have to admire his willingness to publicly state his views knowing he may suffer a big backlash professionally. Chris Kluwe is possibly my new, favorite NFL player.

    It doesn’t hurt that he’s 100% absolutely correct.

  13. I steer clear of what this guy says or tweets but this seems to be a good. Kudow, Kluwe.

  14. I may be in the vast minority among my peers, and I really wish I wasnt…..but I’m a Christian, Southern Baptist born and raised….however I am a firm believer that Love was meant for everyone.

    I don’t understand why these so called “bible beaters” will throw someone under the bus for two men or women who love each other dearly, respect one another and treat each other the way they should…they throw them under and say its immoral, yet the same people will turn around slap their wives, cheat, and be a father/mother who is non exsistant in their kids lives and say that their Marriage is the way God meant it to be….

    Really you expect me to believe that sh!t?

    Ill get off my soapbox. Just don’t believe all Chrisians/religious people alike will be against this. I’m sure not.

    Anywyas good for Kluwe…..respect.

  15. Minnesota used to be such a tolerant state. Now all their elected officials are extremists. Hope this gets voted down in November. Good for you, Kluwe.

  16. It’d be nice to see more MEN standing up for this cause. Especially ones who don’t have a close-to-home reason for it.

  17. reverend5150 says: Jun 28, 2012 10:34 AM

    it doesn’t take long for the Christian haters to show up, does it. Please don’t lump us all into the same narrow-minded and judgemental pile.


    It’s hard not to lump people together when a prevailing attitude of a group is strong enough….for example, not ALL black people like Tyler Perry and not ALL Yankee fans are jerks….but enough of them are to taint the entire group.

  18. Kluwe is nothing but a class act. The man stands up tall for what he believes in regardless of what others may think. Proud to have him as not only a Viking but a member of the community who is trying hard to do whats right.

  19. @oldschoolomen

    Thank you for completely missing (and now proving) my point.
    What I am saying is that I stand with the side of equal civil rights….don’t lump me into what you and others think of as “Bible thumpers.”
    I have gay friends who are doing a much better job of raising their kids than many straight parents.
    Please don’t assume that because a person believes in Jesus that they all agree with the “religious right.”

  20. “The smallest minority on earth is the individual. Those who deny individual rights cannot claim to be defenders of minorities.”

    ~Ayn Rand

  21. Supposedly Lombardi made rules in his locker room that forbid gay bashing along with the other bigoted behavior he forbid.

    This is something long time coming … and as for the “Christians” who claim to be victims of “bashing” … remind me your brethren hava a long history of quoting the Bible to support their own bigotry.

    For centuries Christians have been quoting the Bible to justify slavery, oppressing women, and to try to make mixed race relationships illegal (Google (Loving vs. Virgina).

    Christian conservatives in Texas are trying to ban the teaching of critical thinking and objective reasoning skills in public schools.

    You folks are not victims.

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