Cowboys hope to bring NCAA playoff games to Dallas


To little surprise, the biggest NFL stadium will be trying to finagle an opportunity the biggest games in college football.

Officials in Dallas-Fort Worth already have formed a new entity, dubbed the Stadium Events Organizing Committee, for the purposes of competing for the NCAA semifinals and/or championship game, according to the Houston Chronicle.  And, naturally, the Stadium Events Organizing Committee includes Cowboys Stadium and Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

The bad news for Dallas is that Houston and San Antonio plan to get in on the action as well.  The Texans are directly involved in the process to bring either or both games to Houston.

The semifinals will rotate among the Rose Bowl, Orange Bowl, Fiesta Bowl, and Sugar Bowl, with two more locations to be determined.  The title game will rotate, in the same way the Super Bowl does.

Maybe the Cowboys also can qualify to play in the tournament.  It might be Tony Romo’s best shot at a championship.

13 responses to “Cowboys hope to bring NCAA playoff games to Dallas

  1. i wouldn’t expect anything le$$ from jerry jone$, it their i$ money to be made, then he want$ a piece of the pie!!

  2. JJ is the new Al Davis, great minds that go down hill in their old age.
    Big giant building small peepee? I’m just sayin

  3. Cotton Bowl has been rumored to be added to the BCS rotation ever since it moved to Cowboys Stadium.

    if there are two games being held in Texas, i think it only makes sense for one of them to be at Jerry World.

    Reliant is a beautiful stadium as well…. cant see a national championship being held in san antonio.

    also, nice jab in the last sentence. its nice to know there is unbiased journalism on this site.

  4. Hate all you vagina’s want but fact is Romo is a top ten qb year in and out. Only 2 teams make it to the SB only ones wins… We are Cowboy Nation. You will apologize on Air when Romo does it again

  5. Need to play this college title game in the elements, tired of these Pac-12 and S.E.C teams playing near home or in great weather, much like the NFL, football needs to be played in rain, wind, snow, and mud also to neutralize these fast teams so big ten teams can play smash mouth football. Ah well.

  6. Pac-12 and the SEC represents the 3 largest, most populated states in the country, 20M in Florida, 26M in Texas, and 38M in California…

    Those 3 states (84 Million residents) have more residents than the entire population of all 9 Big 10 states.. (71 Million) (Pennsylvania 13M, Illinois 13M, Ohio 12M, Michigan 10M, Indiana 6.5M, Wisconsin 6M, Minnesota 5.5M, Iowa 3M, Nebraska 2M)

    So yeah.. The SEC and Pac-12 are more popular. 😉

  7. Located in the center of the nation and close to a major airport, so it offers easy travel. Hundreds of hotels in a huge metropolitan area. Casinos within an hour’s drive. 100K seats and about 300 luxury suites in the finest football facility in the world.

    Nope. I can’t think of a single reason why the NCAA would be interested in playing at Cowboy’s Stadium.

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