DeMarcus Ware: Dallas has a totally different, much better defense

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Cowboys outside linebacker DeMarcus Ware says the team’s first season with Rob Ryan as defensive coordinator didn’t show what Ryan’s defense is really like.

Ware said on NFL Network that last year’s lockout canceling Organized Team Activities and minicamps meant that he and his teammates never really knew Ryan’s system, and that’s not the case anymore.

“With not having OTAs last year and a new defensive coordinator, now we’ve had the OTAs, we’ve had minicamp, we’re a totally different defense,” Ware said.

Ware also said the Cowboys’ personnel will be better, mentioning the addition of cornerbacks Brandon Carr and Morris Claiborne, and saying that his fellow outside linebacker, Anthony Spencer, has shown improvement this offseason.

“We’ve got Brandon Carr, Claiborne, he’s coming in, Spencer, he’s really stepped up a lot, guys are really stepping up, improving and taking on that leadership role,” Ware said. “From a defensive standpoint, we’re going to be a lot better, playing a lot more aggressive. We’re going to be a lot better.”

At the very least, Ware seems to have learned to emulate Ryan’s confidence.

46 responses to “DeMarcus Ware: Dallas has a totally different, much better defense

  1. When it comes to the Cowboys … ‘totally different’ and ‘much better’ … are redundant terms.

  2. The NFC East will be scary this season, as all 4 teams could be fielding defenses that could easily crack the top 15 in total defense. As a Panthers fan, I’ll be happy to win 2 games versus those defenses.

  3. Yeah sure, here’s how Rob Ryan Defenses usually pan out.

    1st quarter – D gets a sack or two maybe a turnover looks great
    2nd and 3rd quarter- OC figures out the scheme, running game picks up, defense constantly bites on play action and big plays left and right
    4th quarter – Offense looks like it’s running 7 on 7 practice.

  4. Go figure another defensive player that plays for a Ryan is running their mouth. Ya DeMarcus your the only team that’s gonna improve this offseason. I would think that’s obvious. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I bet the other 31 teams will benefit from a full offseason as well. Besides your not going anywhere with Romo at quarterback and that’s a fact not opionion.

  5. It’s never too early for annual Cowboys hype. Good to see we’re getting off to a strong start here.

  6. Wow 1 rookie mini camp, and 1 OTA. No scrimmages, no contact drills, no preseason games and already making that judgement?

    I choose to abstain on judgement until we actually get to play a game or hit someone.

  7. Ware is a standup guy. Shows nothing but class and great work ethics. Regardless if his defense got a lot better or not, Cowboys will always have a chance as long as he is in the line up.

  8. Funny…Niners didnt coaching staff and system no ota s and it worked out fine for them…Cowboys need to quit making excuses and just produce on the field..

  9. Easy to say when you haven’t even had contact in practice yet. What eles is going on inside Jerry-world’s head?

  10. Ugh…here we go again. Another Cowboy telling the world how good they are. Usually it comes from Witten, but I suppose they’re mixing it up.

  11. That new, better DEF will play just good enough to MISS the playoffs again. Of course this will be after Robby the Hutt proclaims them the BEST DEF ever to suit up.

  12. I guess they are finally gonna stop giving up big plays down the field? Haha yeah right, wait till Oct. 21st when “americas team” plays the Panthers and we will see how good their “D” really is.

  13. Please! We are sick of it. Cowboys promise another great season only to miss the playoffs by last game of regular season. Quote me on that

  14. Yeah … 17 weeks of the season plus some pre-season wasn’t enough to ‘grasp’ that D … but a few OTA’s this year, and they’re good to go … yeah.

  15. Oh look another pro athlete giving a cookie cutter answer! what he really wanted to say is:

    I wish Haystacks Calhoun (Wade Phillips) was our DC because Rob Ryan is lost in the NFC East

  16. Let’s see how well you learn on the fly when every misscue hurts as opposed to learning in a controlled setting

  17. Cowboys D will be better with the additions of Carr and Claiborne. But they also got younger at Safety and Linebacker. The BRUCE LEE (Bruce carter and Sean lee) Combo will be stout in the center of the field. This D will fall more on the shoulders of the line. If the ends and Ratliff can bring a three man pressure package, this will be the cowboys season.

  18. If Kieth Rivers pans out for the G-men? You just might see the 85 Bears resurrected in blue!! A 73 Sack year!!!!

    JPP, Tuck, Canty, Osi, Boley, Kiwi, Shaun Rodgers,…….. plus the best secondary the Giants have ever had

    JJ having nightmares already!!

  19. The Defense lost them five games last year, where they had a lead in the fourth quarter. That’s the difference between 8-8 and 13-3.

    The question is, will the focus of building the “D” in the draft help or hurt the Offense?

  20. Cue the “look there they go again pre-season Super Bowl because they said something positive in June and are talking about improving, how dare they, I’m sick of this overrated team being talked about” comments. seriously lol. What else is he supposed to say? “We haven’t improved and we’re going to be worse”?

    but good, I hope the defense is getting some confidence in itself and improving. And if there’s one guy on that D not to criticize- it’s DWare.

  21. I’m tried of hearing pre-season predictions from the Cowgirls. Deliver on the field or go home.

    ….they usually go home.

  22. The amount of hatred in these posts is absolutely amazing.

    Of course Cowboys’ players believe they are better. Every team in the NFL and I mean every team believes they get better every year.

    They have to believe, whether it is true or not, because if they do not believe then they will definitely fail. At least with some belief there is always a chance.

  23. We will see on opening day as the banner is raised and someone has to explain what the banner is all about to Romo and Garret

    Bring it baby bring it

    Another Ryan run team running at the mouth

  24. Why does this sound familiar? Oh yeah, because we heard it for five years in a row in Oakland…

  25. If they play Carr at the #1 they’ll be toast.

    He’s solid, but far from elite and can’t handle #1 WR’s.

    Better hope Claiborne learns fast.

  26. Man… We sure have some haters around here. Only thing I worry about is can our “improved” O-line keep Romo off of his ass, if so I don’t see too many teams having a chance. DBacks clickin’, Totally sick line backing core, possibly the best receiving core in the league a back that is fully capable of 1500 total yards and a top 7 QB. If the o-line holds up and safety play is at least average…NFC east will be owned by those who wear the blue star. Bet.

  27. I hate all these noncowboys fans on here talkin crap worry about ur own team and get a life or find somethon useful to do with urself

  28. Warning guys if you say anything too harshly about the administraters beloved Cowgirls you post will not go through!!!!
    Not true.

    As a Cowboys fan I try to defend them all the time. I am never vulgar or disrespectful, but my posts get deleted all the time.

    The admids on thi site HATE the Cowboys.

  29. It’s really amazing how NYG, eagle, and skin fans can post whatever they want on a Cowboy article, but a Cowboy fan can’t do the same on any other teams’ articles, or even their own.

  30. And any of you posting negative comments on this article would give just about anything to have D-Ware on your team. If you say no, then you’re lying to yourselves.

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