Demaryius Thomas has to brush off his route running skills

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We already knew that Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas is excited about playing with Peyton Manning this season.

Now Thomas is telling us just how different things will be with Manning running the offense than they were during Thomas’ first two seasons. During an interview with 790 The Zone in Atlanta, via, Thomas was asked about those differences and he pointed to something that’s usually considered a pretty significant part of a wide receiver’s job.

“So to get to play with a future Hall of Famer, I knew I had to step my game up and get in my book more, run routes more, because I never really ran routes much. So I thought it was gonna be a challenge, and it has been so far,” Thomas said. “But it’s been good, too. You’re gonna have to run the whole route tree now. The comebacks, the slants, the posts, the ins. And I didn’t have to do that much when I was my first couple of years in the league.”

Thomas missed six games in his rookie season and was able to rely on his physical skills last season because of the nature of the offense the Broncos ran with Tim Tebow at quarterback last season. Playing with Manning in an offense that is going to put a greater priority on timing will force him to step up the technical aspects of his play. It’s a good sign that Thomas realizes the need to do that, although it remains to be seen how much progress he can make on that front in a relatively short amount of time.

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  1. This kid is going to be a beast. He has the physical tools…..Pittsburgh saw that last year. Get those routes down and Manning throwing to him….going to be fun!

  2. Didn’t DT play 1.5 seasons with pocket passer, Kyle Orton, under center? If he’s just concerned with the playbook now, that’s his fault, no?

  3. Can’t wait to see him play. I think he has a ton of talent but there weren’t too many opportunities for him to show what kinda WR he really is with Orton and Tebow.

  4. I knew I had to step my game up and get in my book more, run routes more, because I never really ran routes much.
    Really you are in the league a couple of years an you mow realize you need to run more routes to become a better wide receiver? That seems to be the problem with many of the players now a days. Do only what is needed but don’t dare to work extra or push yourself to be the best unless someone pushes you to be better. Im a Denver fan an I can’t believe a pro player doesn’t do what was been needed until someone pushed him. So you play foe thru money not to be motivated enough to simply be the best.

  5. i’m not a tebow hater but how bad of a qb is he – the receivers never ran routes???

  6. A QB who expects his WR to know the playbook inside and out. What a novel bleepin’ concept.

  7. Thomas will disappear in that offense if he’s not where he’s supposed to be when he’s supposed to be there. I give him 2, 3 weeks max. If he’s not running crisp routes Peyton will ignore him.

  8. I wonder how Tebow feels knowing his #1 receiver didn’t feel the need to learn how to run routes. Isn’t that essentially the main thing you should be practicing?! Maybe with Manning as his QB now he will also work on staying healthy for a full season, I guess that wasn’t a priority with Tebow either.

  9. He played in a run heavy triple option attack in college at Georgia Tech. They didn’t make him run more than about 3-4 different routes there…..same as he had with Tebow last year.

    Just give him some time…if he stays healthy he can dominate.

  10. Eric Decker will have a better season and is a better WR. He does everything better but run a straight line but he is no sloth either.

  11. Coming out of college, I am pretty sure I remember his biggest weakness was his route running. Interesting how he is supposed to dust off his route skills, especially when he didn’t have any to begin with (if you believe what the draftniks were saying about him). If he doesn’t figure it out quick, he will be in Manning’s doghouse, which means he will be in the organization’s doghouse.

  12. I agree with ruggerland that Decker is better suited to accel with Manning. Thomas has never run good routes (was true at GTech too). He didn’t have to with Tebow – he and Tebow were a perfect match. They played schoolyard ball together… Tebow could extend plays and Thomas could find h is way into space. But precision route running – being in exactly the “right” spot at exactly the “right” time has never been his game… but it’s what Manning needs to succeed.

  13. radioactivechimp says:

    “It’s too bad Chad Johnson didn’t make the same realization when he played with Brady last year.”

    No, but he did play with Stafford, not much difference.

  14. @cavallininja he never played with anyone as talented as DT? GTFOH, U even said it Harrison, Reggie Wayne…huh Dwight Clark not to mention the receiving talent of Edge? U must be a homer 4 sure!

  15. I luv how how Decker is the gonna be the next big thing! Maybe not epic but fail…so much pressure on Denver to win! I love it…

    -AFC West foe

  16. LOL…
    Yet ANOTHER reason to pile on Tebow for everyone..

    Here’s something to consider:
    Tebow often drastically extended plays that resulted in a lazy route runner like Thomas to be able to get passes come his way. (Which he routinely dropped.. about 5 in one half of a game I recall once..)

    But with Peyton.. trust me.. there won’t be much “extending”of plays. If young “Demaryius” is not in the right place at the right time in the right position.. the ball is NOT coming his way from Peyton.

    Here’s my prediction. His numbers go DOWN drastically under Peyton. Because Manning will be throwing to people he trusts and can run routes… like Decker.

  17. Demaryius Thomas is a glorified Bryant Johnson…looks like he has the physical tools to be successful, but laziness and pancake hands limit his success.

  18. Its too bad Denver traded Tony Scheffler to Detroit. He’d be the ideal “Dallas Clark replacement” for Peyton in Denver.

    Most of Denver’s players and staff have been giving the high praise of Peyton’s work ethic this year so far, but this may be the beginning of seeing the Peyton Manning motivation going into full effect. Granted, the players have to work on progressing, but We’re starting to see that just having Manning on the roster makes the players want to get better.

    Peyton’s every definition of the word Professional, but he seems to have that rare ability that only the greats have in making everyone around them better as well.

  19. here DT goes again jabbing mr. tebow ……he never seems to miss an opportunity to do so, the same goes for the denver media for the most part ever since peyton signed…now we can do this, now we can open this up, now that peytons here….. bla bla bla. Tebow may not have been the best passing qb but he gave he broncos and his teammates all he had every time he went out there….guts and determination week in and week out. the broncos better hope peytons neck holds up…and D thomas better hope he can put up a big numbers this season because timmys not around to be his personal scapegoat anymore. PS. I’m glad that d.t. is now willing to practice his routes and study his playbook……now that tebows gone

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