Drew Brees says Saints will never lose their positive attitude

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This offseason has gone about as badly for the Saints as any NFL offseason has ever gone for any team in NFL history. But the player whose absence is one of the issues affecting New Orleans says everything should be fine.

Drew Brees remains unsigned as the team’s franchise player, but he has made it clear that he’ll be with the team this season, and he believes the Saints will keep a positive outlook and perhaps even benefit from both his own contract situation and the mess that has arisen from having players, coaches and the general manager suspended for the team’s bounty program.

“It’s definitely been a tough off-season for everyone but in a lot of ways adversity and these types of things bring people together,” Brees told Parade. “We’ve always had a motto that if guys aren’t there, if the head coach isn’t there, if certain players aren’t there, it’s the next man up. The next guy steps up and it’s an opportunity for him to help contribute. That’s the approach we take. It’s a very positive one and it’s the only way we know how. We’ve done it that way ever since I’ve been there and that’s the culture and environment we created. I’m excited about this season despite everything that’s happened. It can’t get here fast enough.”

After so much has gone wrong, Brees finally signing is the one thing coming up this offseason that we can expect to go right for the Saints.

30 responses to “Drew Brees says Saints will never lose their positive attitude

  1. If they go 6-0 to start this season, it proves that this group of players and city work better with adversity and dysfunction. But if they start 0-4, they have their scapegoat.

  2. … and the league and commissioner hath bestowed upon their shoulders a chip as big as all outdoors. Can’t wait.

  3. Winning cures all ailments in this game, and that’s one thing Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints are well versed in_Who Dat!

  4. Is anyone besides me completely sick of hearing about the Saints and all their whining?

  5. Much has gone wrong, but….

    The stadium is sold out
    The fans have a new enemy and a ton of fire

    I would not want to be the Redskins on September 9.

    Good ole’ Roger could have issued fair penalties and gotten rid of Pay for Performance in the league. This whole bounty situation could have been over by the draft. But he decided to flex his chest and show everyone who is in charge. Now we will be talking about bounties until after the Superbowl.

  6. Someone once told me that you didn’t have to click the link to a news article if you didn’t want to read it. But that’s just crazy talk, isn’t it? Besides, it sounds to me from this article, they aren’t feeling sorry for themselves one bit.

  7. Gotta love Drew Brees’ positive outlook. Wish Saints would get it done ASAP. Haters will be in for a long season once signed. Can’t wait!

  8. @wideright

    you’re the only one whining; there was no whining in that article. If you’re sick of “hearing about Saints”, then quit clicking on Saints articles.

  9. Lets see if Brees is still positive after he gets that explaination he’s been asking for.

    He’s still unsigned for a reason. If things go south he has the perfect opportunity to jump ship.

  10. I wish the best for Drew Brees and the Saints. They just need to stop being in denial and accept the consequences of their actions. Put all of this aside and then they may have a shot at the Super Bowl.

  11. Yup I don’t know why people feel like our play caller is gone. Pete Carmichael was our play caller last year not Payton and the offense averaged 37.2 ppg in the 12 games he called. This team aint going anywhere I cant wait to run the score up on everybody we play.

  12. You guys are completely delusional if you think losing head coach, defensive coord. and offensive coach, and a GM is not going to have a significant affect on the teams success. Not to mention the opposing fan bases are going to be amplified when on the road, with I cant imagine the chants, surrounding this scandal.

    Sure there is talent there to get some wins but based on personnel losses you will be fortunate to have a winning record

  13. Good for them. It takes a lot to keep up a positive attitude after you’ve been caught cheating and your one Super Bowl win is tarnished forever. Now that is some “can-do” attitude we can all appreciate!

  14. we’ve had the year of the cat…..now we have the year of the saint. september, you cant get here fast enough.

  15. xxwhodatxx says:
    Jun 28, 2012 4:12 PM
    All this will be forgotten when the Saints start dropping 50 on every team they play.


    im assuming by this you are referring to the 50 bucks every saints defender will have to drop, with the total amount of money going towards the one saint who knocks out the other teams star offensive player??

  16. The saints may be keeping a positive attitude, but I have lost my positive attitude for the saints quite some time ago. This team just needs to keep quiet and stay out of the press and get ready for this season. The more they talk, the worse it gets.

  17. tatatoothy says:
    Jun 28, 2012 3:44 PM
    I just wish Brees would stop talking


    You watch David Letterman Bro?

  18. Drew. Tell us again about all the positive things with the Saints.

    Brees has lost it. I think his career is toast. No, really. Watch this season, if he plays.

  19. jdandcoke says:
    Jun 28, 2012 4:43 PM
    xxwhodatxx says:
    Jun 28, 2012 4:12 PM
    All this will be forgotten when the Saints start dropping 50 on every team they play.


    im assuming by this you are referring to the 50 bucks every saints defender will have to drop, with the total amount of money going towards the one saint who knocks out the other teams star offensive player??


    Pathetically unoriginal.

  20. All of Brees’s talk has reminded of the old saying

    Walk quietly and carry a big stick….

    Literally, you have to in New Orleans…

    And I thought the crime was bad when I grew up there…sheesh

    Seriously though…we’re gettin sick of it Drew

  21. Saints fans are just as annoying as any other teams fans that start following the team when they win..

    That said, the people that keep mentioning a “tainted” Super Bowl are idiots. A Super Bowl win is a Super Bowl win. A couple hard hits on a QB isn’t cheating. Paying a player to attempt to injury a player isn’t cheating, It may be a rules violation, but how is it cheating ?

    In the 1970’s/1980’s, the Raiders tried to hurt anyone and everyone without even a thought of a payout, did they cheat ? Do their 3 Super Bowl wins not count ? are they “tarnished” too ?

    The Saints won, The Saints got caught with a pay for injury system, they’ve been punished for it.

    MOVE ON.

    This stuff is getting LAME, I’m not a Saints fan in the least bit, but the haters are beyond stupid.

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