Ex-NFL player Corwin Brown enters guilty but mentally ill plea

Corwin Brown, who played in the NFL for eight seasons and also had two stints as an NFL assistant coach, has pleaded guilty, but mentally ill, to confining and battering his wife last year.

In August of last year Brown barricaded himself and his wife in their home, leading to a police standoff. He shot himself in the abdomen before police entered the home.

Brown’s guilty plea to two Class D felonies means he could be sentenced to up to six years in prison, but his attorneys have requested that any prison time be suspended. He will be sentenced in August.

Brown, who played for the Patriots, Jets and Lions and was on the coaching staffs of the Patriots and Jets, claims not to remember much of what happened during the incident in question. His family has said it believes brain trauma suffered on the football field led to his actions, and has noted similarities to the suicide of Dave Duerson.

10 responses to “Ex-NFL player Corwin Brown enters guilty but mentally ill plea

  1. Tragic story. Can’t help but wonder if concussion syndrome played a role. The NFL has a great game, but the quality of life of ex-players seems to be really low.

  2. Great – so now every player that shows up on the police blotter has an excuse for their criminal behavior – it was the concussions! They want money (in addition to the rock star salaries they’ve already made) and the ability to use it as a cop out.

    I hope the courts don’t set a dangerous precedent.

  3. I wish him the best going forward and hopes this is the beginning of the healing process for him and his family. From all indications he’s a good man who maybe due to injuries suffered while playing broke down. Still wouldn’t allow him around kids to coach, because who knows the next time he wants to go batty. Good Luck Corwin!

  4. Only a large amount of money from a lawsuit can help him now.

    Ahhh the NFL … play a while and get a free pass for life.

  5. Ok, I sympathize with this fella, however, one has to wonder is every NFL player past and present now going to blame the NFL/concussions on their problems??? Of course his family believes its from trauma on the football field $$$$.

    This is choice and a path they chose along with the big paydays they also have to accept the long term repercussions…

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