Josh Scobee admits frustration with Jaguars stance


Franchise-tagged Jaguars kicker Josh Scobee called this “a long, frustrating offseason for me,” and accused the team of not negotiating in good faith.

His agent said this week he hadn’t heard from the Jaguars in months, but Scobee himself hadn’t said anything to this point. Staying away from OTAs and minicamps since he hasn’t signed the $2.88 million tender has made the low profile easier.

But Tania Ganguli of the Florida Times-Union talked to him Thursday, and said his frustration was evident.

“I just don’t see a point in showing any good faith to the team if they’re not going to negotiate,” Scobee said of his absence. “There’s no reason for me to show up on my good faith being that I’m the player, I’m the employee, when they choose not to speak.

“I don’t expect them to reward bad behavior and I won’t reward them with the behavior that they’re treating me with.”

Scobee told Ganguli he didn’t expect to miss any games this year, but wasn’t sure he’d be there for the start of training camp.

Jaguars GM Gene Smith said the goal is to still reach a long-term contract before the July 16 deadline to do one. Maybe if he’d pick up the phone, that process would get easier.

8 responses to “Josh Scobee admits frustration with Jaguars stance

  1. Yeah, I really don’t understand the lack of negotiation coming from the Jaguars side on this. To get a deal done, like they say they want, they have to start talking at some point, especially with 7/16 coming quickly.

    I could understand contract negotiations going slowly, but this is no negotiation at all…just wasting time.

  2. I think the Jaguars made their offer when placing the Franchise tag on Scobee. They didn’t want to put up a long term contract, thats why they went the route they did. The Jaguars don’t want to lose Scobee, but they must not think that highly of him if there is no progress toward at least talking about it. Get on the field, quit sulking, you will either get the new contract you want by the end of the season or you’ll be finding a new home. Either way, holding out isn’t going to change anything, just the Jags and players respect toward you.

  3. Questor711….mediocre kicker? You are nuts, go back and see his stats, top 5 kicker. Obviously you are the typical Jags hater, you must be a fan of one the teams we beat. Jags step and pay him as a top 5 kicker.

  4. FYI that alleged ‘Mediocre Kicker’ was #3 in the league last year and did not miss anything under 40 yds last season. They show the same lack of Respect that they did to Podlesh, and we all know how that turned out. Great Job learning Nothing Jaguars. Its to re-sign 40% of last years Scoring. Do the right thing thing and sign our guy Looong Term.

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