NFL bumps late-afternoon kickoffs by 10 minutes

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The bathroom-break window between the early and late games on Sunday afternoon is growing.

John Ourand of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the NFL will move the kickoff time for the late-afternoon Sunday games from 4:15 p.m. ET to 4:25 p.m. ET.

The goal is to reduce overlap with the 1:00 p.m. ET games.  It’s an objective that becomes even more important, now that the postseason overtime rule has been shifted to the regular season.  In theory, the early games can now last longer, encroaching more deeply into the double-header broadcast.

Ourand doesn’t address whether regionally-televised games that currently begin at 4:05 p.m. ET also will be delayed.

It all makes sense, as long as you remember to DVR NBC’s Football Night in America, which begins at 7:00 p.m. ET every Sunday.

UPDATE 11:01 a.m. ET:  The NFL has announced the change.  The league explains that the change would have reduced overlap by 66 percent over the last three seasons, reducing the numbers of affected games from 44 to 15.  The league also said that the regionally-televised late-afternoon games will continue to begin at 4:05 p.m. ET.

43 responses to “NFL bumps late-afternoon kickoffs by 10 minutes

  1. Makes total sense brother. Since RGIII will eventually takeover the late game and primetime slots, it’s a good move to give folks time to prepare to see his greatness in all his glorious form. Thank god for Robert Griffin the 3rd brother.

  2. Football Night in America should move to 7:30 and request the NFL to start the Sunday night games 10-15 minutes later. As a Sunday Ticket subscriber I am not going to watch a highlight football show while real games are still going on — and now even DVRing Football Night in America and speeding through commercials won’t get me caught up until the evening game has already started.

    That being said, I like the move to 4:25. Too many 1 pm games were overlapping into the second tier time slot. Hopefully the NFL will start the 4:05 games later as well.

  3. Some of these rules are asenine. I remember when they broke away from a last second finish between the Texans-Falcons to go to pre-game of a Cardinals-Cowboys game. They break away from an exciting finish between to playoff teams in order to show two talking heads talk about a matchup between two non-playoff teams. Fix it NFL…

  4. Someone should look up the # of NFL games that last longer than 3 hrs and 15 minutes. I’m sure it’s not many. And even with the new OT rule it will still be hardly any. This smells like a way to get an expanded postgame show/more commercial breaks leading into the late doubleheader games.

  5. This is awesome for online gamblers who just went all in on a game at 12 and want to get action on the 2nd wave of games……I’ve been there ….plenty of times

  6. you have to dvr football night in america, it’s the only way to go. that way you catch all the good highlights, get to hear a little bit from florio and peter king, and get to fast forward through bob costas’ cheesy, tedious interviews

  7. If you can’t get direct tv like myself and you have to go to a sports bar to watch a 4:15 game, this news just made your day. Nothing grinds my gears more than having to wait for a bunch of people who’s game of choice has already ended, sit around taking up seats from fan’s of the teams playing next at 4:15. Move along people…move along! lol

  8. Works for me.

    Now I can watch that high-scoring game or overtime game end without worrying about missing kickoff. I like it.

  9. One thing the NFL may not realize, and they should…

    this helps Las Vegas (and local bookmakers). I know plenty of guys who are sweating out their noon games to determine their play on the 3 o clockers.

    Now if Joe Parlay knows he hit his noon win, he’s likely to let it ride at 3:25 instead of making perhaps just a modest wager right before kickoff, if the first game is still in question.


  10. Thank God. America would freak if they missed the first five minutes of the Cowboys or Jets game. I mean, they’re the only teams that get the late doubleheader game anyway.

  11. Darren Rovell tweeted that NFL says that, in the last 3 seasons, 44 games have overlapped. Adding a 10 minute pad would have reduced that overlap to 15 games. So basically it’s going to save about 10 games a year from being truncated — not a lot, but still an improvement…

    … that is unless they use the extra time to pad with more commercials.

    Gee, what’s the likelihood the NFL would do something like that?????

  12. They already start the CBS lineup 45 minutes late as it is. Now the local news will be coming on at midnight.

  13. This smells like a way to get an expanded postgame show/more commercial breaks leading into the late doubleheader games.

    This is ALL about money !..Always has been !

  14. I like how if your watching Redzone the late games would star kicking off, while the early games that went long would still be going. There might be less of that and more Scott Hanson completely JACKED on caffeine reviewing the early game highlights.

  15. What the NFL not saying its giving the ppl more time to place their bets on the 4pm games

  16. I don’t care when you start the games, can we just fast forward to September already? I just got the DirecTV dish specifically for the NFL Sunday Ticket and feel like I’m just biding my time until I can use it.

    Which is why I’m here, of course…

  17. This makes sense. Often you have compelling 1pm games that run over and people don’t want to miss the start of the 4:15 games. As a Raiders fan with NFL Sunday ticket this often happens with the Raiders playing late Sunday. I think it’s a good movie. You might have some games run to 8 or 8:15pm EST but it still won’t run into the NBC kickoff which is listed at 8:20pm but doesn’t actually kick off until 8:30pm.

  18. Here is another idea, how about 2 Monday night games every week, so the east coast can watch the game at a decent hour on a work night!

  19. “DVR NBC’s Football Night in America, which begins at 7:00 p.m. ET every Sunday.”

    Where can I go for an actual highlight show?

  20. You do realize that NBC’s Football night in America’s ratings are going to plummet, right? I mean you already miss most of the program by the time the late games end, now you will be missing a full hour. This is BAD news for NBC.

  21. Now if we could only get them to start the Monday Night Football game earlier… and on time.

  22. Only problem I have is, usually by the time the second half of the night game rolls around I’m too loaded to stay up….Moving the afternooner back 10 is a-ok with me………….

  23. Wonder what CBS thinks of this. It’s really frustrating for people who want to watch regular TV with the families on Sunday night to not know when the CBS shows are really going to start. Last year it seemed like they were always at least 30-60 minutes late, now they will be 60-90 minutes late.

  24. Great idea, 90% of my broncos games are played second . There’s times I’d miss half the first quarter because of long first games, not that it mattered with tebow because we all knew his time was the final five minutes of the game. With manning, I want to see every second

  25. Good, now I have time to run to 7/11 and get jalapeno cheddar cheese dip and spicy nacho doritos in between the action.

  26. I DVR the game, wife and i go to lunch for an hour, have her enter house first and rewind to beginning so i dont see anything, watch game and skip all commercials. i usually get caught up live around the beginning of 4th qtr. love it!

  27. It seems like every adjustment the NFL does in regard to scheduling is at a cost to the fans who actually go to the game. On so many levels going to games is a diminishing experience. Getting home ten minutes later on a Sunday night is not that big of a deal. It’s the pile on of all the little things that add up to a big thing.

    Of course some guy named Roger who gets a police escort to a luxury box will tell you the experience is better than ever…..

  28. Why not just make it 4:30, so their is zero doubt whether an early game is going to overlap into the late game. It helps gamblers decide whether they want to place a bet on the late game depending on how their early game wagers played out. It helps fantasy football players make a little better informed decision on who to play on the late games. And it also gives everyone watching football on Sundays a little bit extra time to go to the bathroom or grab something to eat. Win win all around.

  29. Did anyone ask the Saints or the great Drew if this was ok? I am sure he will say it was done to dis the saints.

    As far as Football Night in America I make sure I tune in to see Faith Hill as she is the only highlight of that show.

    Other wise ESPN or the NFL Network for postgame highlights.

  30. The biggest reason i believe for this move is overtime games. With the new format a overtime game will take longer. Last thing I want as a viewer is watching a great game only to have it change over to the 2nd game before the outcome has ben decided.

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